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Published Angry White Pyjamas is a book written by Robert Twigger about his time in a one-year intensive program of studying Yoshinkan aikido. Summary[ edit ] The book is set in Tokyo in the mids. Twigger is living with two friends in a tiny apartment near central Tokyo. They all decide to enrol at the Yoshinkan Hombu Dojo in order to get fit and break out of their sedentary life-style. Soon after beginning regular training, Twigger decides that the only way to truly experience aikido is to do the Yoshinkan Senshusei course , [1] a gruelling month program to train up instructors of Yoshinkan aikido. The course consists of four hours of training, five days a week, in addition to dojo-cleaning duties, special training weekends and demonstrations. Twigger spends most of his time describing the rigor and sometimes agony of the very intensive course. He refers to doing kneeling techniques, or suwari-waza, until his knees bled, only to practice the next day and in so doing tear open the scabs. He describes techniques being performed with such vigor and intensity that smashing one's head into the mat was a frequent occurrence.

It is unfortunate that Mustard sensei is a big guy, because people naturally assume he is using his size to throw or pin people. It couldn't be further from the truth.

If he were half that size, people wouldn't believe the things he could do. I remember sitting in his living room, watching a video of Shioda kancho.

[PDF] Angry White Pyjamas: A Scrawny Oxford Poet Takes Lessons From The Tokyo Riot Police Full

I asked him if he could do a certain technique, and his reply was "I don't know. I've never tried it. Let's give it a go. I felt powerless -- I am not using that expression as an adjective to describe someone much stronger than me; rather, he took away my ability to be able to pull, push or even to let go.

Mustard sensei has always said to me we have our training way and our fighting way.

Robert Twigger - Angry White Pyjamas (1997)

He uses an analogy that "if you want to learn to slip a jab your partner can't throw hooks. He is very particular about how one should train both as shite "doer" , and uke. Every movement must have a purpose. It has been likened to how one trains in a Japanese koryu school. In one session, Mustard sensei told us that we could resist at every stage of the technique, a style of practice that is very rare when he is teaching.

I was training with a very credible and strong high-ranking aikidoka. We were resisting each other and not having a lot of success in making the technique work.

Mustard sensei watched for a brief moment and then asked me to take hold of him while telling me to resist.

I thought, "This was my chance. I'm not moving for him," although I had failed on every other occasion I had tried.

He executed the technique with only his index finger, and I hit the floor as hard as when he had done it previously using both hands. Once again I sat there laughing, thinking, "How does he do that!

He is able to communicate the answer at a level the person will understand, something that is fantastic for both beginners and senior students.

Some of most enlightening moments for me have occurred around his kitchen table talking about martial arts, the next moment adjourning to the living room going through some of the finer points we have been discussing. He is like that with everyone; if they have a question he will do his utmost to help them. I recently asked him if he still thinks about aikido, considering he has been training in martial arts for over forty years, thirty-five of which in aikido.

His answer was, "Yes, 25 hours a day. These days, some things are certain when you are on the mat with him: you will train extremely hard, you will laugh until your stomach aches, you will have a fantastic time and you will want more.

For those inclined to post, please re-read the introductory column before doing so. The rules for contributors, in short: Only people who have actually taken ukemi the teacher who is the subject of this thread, may post Simply post your direct experience of taking ukemi.

This can include the nature of your relationship with them, as ukemi is more than merely taking falls. Do not engage in back-and-forth with other posters, disputing their experience, or trying to prove why yours is more real.

Perhaps to someone without that experience the writing might see overly critical or whiny, as the other reviewers ha Reading other reviews I was ready for a sexist, racist drone. Perhaps to someone without that experience the writing might see overly critical or whiny, as the other reviewers have mentioned, but to me it seemed about right.

Angry White Pyjamas: A Scrawny Oxford Poet Takes Lessons from the Tokyo Riot Police

I feel like Twigger would be someone who I might understand very well if we were to ever meet. As a newer student of aikido after years of Okinawan karate, I especially appreciated the art being treated as a self defense intended to protect and to damage, if necessary , rather than a wishy-washy, overly precious philosophy.

Regardless of how interested in aikido you might be, this is an amusing, at times fascinating, depiction of Japanese martial arts culture from the perspective of an outsider. Robert Mustard in particula I was recommended to read this book when I started Yoshinkan Aikido last year.

Angry White Pyjamas - Wikipedia

Robert Mustard in particular tours quite a lot and attends seminars internationally. I have read other reviewers say that the book is boring and repetitive, but I didn't think so. The characters were quite funny especially Fat Frank ; the sports angle was well done - not too much triumph over adversity, or at least it's not cheesy.

I suppose as a sports book, triumph over adversity is kind of the point of this: Twigger begins the book describing how he is a soft, unfit, bookish type who wouldn't know what to do in a fight.

He then begins training at Yoshinkan style Aikido with his flatmates and they quickly become hooked on it.

Twigger decides to enrol on the gruelling 'senshusei' course, and much of the book is concerned with his struggles.