LivrosCdC/Falando de Grails - Altíssima produtividade no desenvolvimento Find file Copy path. Fetching contributors Cannot retrieve contributors . Aprenda, com este livro, como usar o Grails e Groovy, scaffolding, GORM, camada web, Falando de Grails Altíssima produtividade no desenvolvimento web. Download falando-de-grails-altissima-produtividade-no-desenvolvimento-web. pdf, Size: MB, File name.

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Apostilas e Tutoriais Groovy e Grails! sobre o que eu acabei de descobrir que o Groovy pode fazer Estou falando do Multiple Assignment. File name: falando-de-grails-altissima-produtividade-no-desenvolvimento-web. pdf. Upload Date: TZ Size: Falando de Grails. By Henrique Lobo Weissmann This is the best reference on Grails and written in Portuguese. It's a great guide to the framework, .

Real, up-to-date code examples are provided, so you can easily follow along. Klein Ikkink Experience the Grails framework through code snippets. Discover hidden Grails features through code examples and short articles. The articles and code will get you started quickly and provide deeper insight into Grails. Grails in Action By Glen Smith and Peter Ledbrook The second edition of Grails in Action is a comprehensive introduction to Grails 2 focused on helping you become super-productive fast. Programming Grails By Burt Beckwith Dig deeper into Grails architecture and discover how this application framework works its magic.

We will go over battle proven deployment and operation scenarios. Here is where we will use everything we've learned in previous sections to build out a more complex web application.

Eric is a developer who has been working with Grails from 1. His experiences include building, maintaining, and operating massive web API system built around Grails as well prototyping sites.

Download falando-de-grails-altissima-produtividade-no-desenvolvimento-web.pdf

He is currently consulting on Grails 2 and 3 applications as well as running his own startup - which of course is built on Grails 3. This book layed out into 6 sections with multiple chapters.

Introduction to Grails In this section you are introduced to the basic concepts behind a Grails application.

Plugins Plugins are a huge part of the success of Grails. Reactive Grails Reactive is all the hotness right now. Grails By Example Here is where we will use everything we've learned in previous sections to build out a more complex web application. Next, create a controller which consumes the service that we just created.

Santo Grails | Apostilas e Tutoriais Groovy e Grails!

Our index will leverage our custom findAll to return a complete list of books while our show will make use of the data services findById. Sometimes, when using a Grails plugin you want to upgrade a transitive dependency which the plugin author has not yet upgraded. If you run the gradle task dependencies , you will see the next dependency graph.

At this point go click around the app and then return to the JavaMelody home page and expand details to see that it has caught your activity in the app. If you do not want to get separate statistics per book, but an aggregate of the book detail endpoint, you can tell JavaMelody to report on requests in aggregate. In our application.


Now once you have restarted the app so it picks up our config changes, do the same as last time, navigate to a few different books then return to http: From the home screen you can easily filter your application statistics over different periods of time by selecting Day , Week , Month , Year , All , or define a Customized range in which to view stats.

Additionally if you want to get a copy of all JavaMelody metrics for offline viewing click the PDF button to download a copy. If you want the ability to enable and disable JavaMelody easily just add the following to your application. Add the following to your application.

Adding the previous configuration to application. Improve this doc.


We have already placed the base app in the initial folder for you. To quickly cover how to create the app, we first need to add a Book domain. Service import grails. ReadOnly import groovy. CompileDynamic import groovy.

CompileStatic import org. BuildableCriteria import org.

Then we need to actually create the book data with our Bootstrap.

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