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Khushwant Singh was an Indian author, lawyer, diplomat, journalist and politician . in readership. In Khushwant Singh enters Limca Book of Records as a tribute. . Archived from the original (PDF) on 15 November Retrieved. journey that Khushwant Singh has taken in fiction-writing. Train to Pakistan . different in details.' (23) From Dhanno he moves on to Sarojini, the book-loving. Introduction. Khushwant Singh is undoubtedly one of the most reputed and At the age of eighty-seven he wrote his autobiography - 'Truth,. Love and Little.

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Khushwant Singh Autobiography Pdf

if you go for the hard copy. You can get this book for NO COST from MyPustak Khushwant Singh books are available along with other collection of books. 1. The company of Women . How can I download an eBook in PDF? 41, Views . Author of Train to Pakistan, Train to Pakistan, Delhi, The Sikhs today, A history of the Sikhs, A history of the Sikhs, India, Joke Book. PDF | On Jan 1, , Ira Sarma and others published Khushwant Singh's approximately three quarters into the book, when Singh switches.

Truth, Love and a Little Malice: Penguin Books India May 30, Language: English ISBN With this book, this particular aim was achieved. Yes, I was interested in the account of one man who was witness to Independence and Partition but what fascinated me was the very personal account of one man who, with his words, showed me his compassion and indeed, great courage. From the very start, what drew me to this particular autobiography was this one sentence in the inside cover of the book:. I knew from that moment on that I wanted very much to read the story of a man who had the courage to return an award which stands third in hierarchy of civilian awards to recognise distinguished service of a high order to the nation. What was his background? Who were the people who provided him with such a sense of identity and pride in the man he had become? What manner of courage was this? Born in in pre-partition Punjab, Khushwant Singh has been a witness to most of the major events in modern Indian history — from Independence and Partition to the Emergency and Operation Blue Star. He came into contact with not only political leaders of the time such as Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi, there were also meetings with people like Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

In a career spanning over five decades as a writer, journalist and editor, he also came into contact with some of the more interesting people in the arts field. The writing style, from the moment go, has been one of the most forthright, honest and above all, compelling.

Khushwant Singh writes with unwavering honesty, with deep perception and the tales he tells are most entertaining indeed.

He talks of his first awkward sexual encounter, his phobia of ghosts and his fascination with death. He talks of the friends who betrayed him and also the ones he himself failed. I would unreservedly offer this book as a gift to anyone interested in a good read but in particular, the following three sets of people:. Firstly, the lawyer who has become disillusioned with legal practice and needs some words of comfort; Khushwant Singh writes:.

The most important thing that happened to me with the partition of India was that I was able to get out of the legal profession.

I swore I would never back to it. Some temptations to continue were thrown my way … My view of the legal profession and those who live by it has not changed. The poet Akbar Ilahabadi summed them up neatly: Paida huaa vakeel, to Iblees nay kahaa: Among those who greeted me at home was a one-month old Alsatian pup … I decided to name him Simba … He was as human a dog as I have ever known and shared our joys as he did our sorrows.

By the time we moved into our own ground-floor apartment in Sujan Singh Park, he had got over his frisky puppiness and grown into a powerful full-sized German Shepherd. He still shared our bedroom, where he had his own cot. And for his sake more than ours we had an airconditioner put in the room. Often at night, he would sniff into my ears and ask me to make room for him. I did. He would heave himself on to the bed with a deep sigh of gratitude, and take over more than half of my bed for the rest of the night.

We never kept another dog. I was not very eager to see it published as it was about the sexual fantasies of an octogenarian i.

Khushwant Singh on Women, Sex, Love and Lust

It earned me more royalties than any of my other books. So much for the critics! The Fiction of St. Ravi Dayal Publisher. The Indian Express. India Today. Retrieved 18 September The Economic Times.

The Library of Congress New Delhi. In Nandini Mehta. Not a Nice Man To Know.

Penguin Books. On 25 July , one week before he was to retire, he was abruptly asked to leave with immediate effect. Khushwant quietly got up, collected his umbrella, and without a word to his staff, left the office where he had worked for nine years, raising the Illustrated Weekly 's circulation from 65, to , The new editor was installed the same day, and ordered by the Weekly 's management to kill the "Farewell" column.

The Illustrated Weekly of India". Retrieved 9 August Limca Book of Records. Retrieved 20 June Retrieved 5 November When Israel was a distant dream".

The Tribune. Retrieved 27 March Hindustan Times. Archived from the original on 5 December Retrieved 20 March The Avenue Mail. Outlook India.

Retrieved 23 March Khushwant's epitaph for himself". The Hindu. The final homecoming". King's College London. The Cricket Country. Open University.

A History of the Sikhs. Princeton University Press. A History of the Sikhs 2 ed. A History of the Sikhs: Oxford University Press.

Retrieved 7 July Third World — Free Press? Modern Sikh writers to date. Indian philosophy Indian religions Sikhism. List of modern Eastern religions writers List of writers on Sikhism. Sikhism Portal Indian religions Portal. Sikhism portal Indian religions portal India portal. Padma Vibhushan award recipients. Balamuralikrishna T. Pattammal K.

Truth, Love and a Little Malice : An Autobiography by Khushwant Singh

Shantaram Shivkumar Sharma Umayalpuram K. Sivaraman M. Subbulakshmi K. Dhar Jyotindra Nath Dixit M.

Gill Hafiz Mohamad Ibrahim H. Krishnamurthy P. Rajeswar C. Krishnaswamy Rao Pattadakal Venkanna R. Rao V. Narayan P. Parameswaran Amrita Pritam K. Raj C. Jasbir Singh Bajaj B. Goyal Purshotam Lal A. Lakshmanaswami Mudaliar S. Sunderlal Bahuguna B. Banerji Mirza Hameedullah Beg P.

Truth, Love and a Little Malice : An Autobiography by Khushwant Singh | How To Tell A Great Story

Ranga Ravi Narayana Reddy Y. Sangma M. Patel Venkatraman Ramakrishnan K. Ramanathan Raja Ramanna C. Rao C. Sreedharan M. Srinivasan George Sudarshan M.

Narayana Murthy M. Reddy J. Tata Ratan Tata. Portal Category WikiProject. Padma Bhushan award recipients — Kelkar M. Wagle Prem Nath Wahi Yashpal. Patel D. Krishna Murti T. Ramachandra Rao A. Muthiah Chettiar M. Husain Pothan Joseph N. Gundappa V. Sivaramamurti E. George Sudarshan. Srinivas Thenpattinam Ponnusamy Meenakshi Sundaran. Posthumous conferral — — — — — — — Sahitya Akademi fellows. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan D. Trivedi T.

Raghavan , Mahadevi Varma Umashankar Joshi , K.

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