The Caster Chronicles Complete Collection - 5 eBooks -. Editorial Reviews. Review. Ethan Wate is struggling to hide his apathy for his high . She and her kin are Casters, beings who have supernatural powers. Getting to know her exposes Ethan to time travel, mortal danger, and love. Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles, #1). Ebook Detail: Author: Kami Garcia Pages: pages Publisher: Little, Brown and Company.

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Caster Chronicles Ebook series is also known as:* Caster Chronicles* Beautiful Creatures* Le Livre des Lunes* Las Dieciséis Lunas. The Caster Chronicles is a four-book series written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. It was published by Little, Brown on December Beautiful'Darkness'(Caster'Chronicles,'#2)'ebook'download'epub'pdf'audiobook. Zajanxis; 5 videos How to Load ebooks on your site Kindle e-Reader.

It was just Chaos. When I first met you, that's what I remember. I looked up at the sky and thought, I'm going to love this person because even the sky looks different. Its just I'm exhausted. I'm drained. I just don't care anymore. The mortal world is in a state of Beautiful Chaos and destruction, which will ultimately lead to an exquisite end. All of these plots are b 2. All of these plots are blending together - there's hardly any distinction between the books and we keep circling the same problems every time. But they still make out all the friggin time I needed to touch her, like I needed to breathe.

It cleared up a little bit, but not a lot. When a Caster turns sixteen, he or she must choose to become Light or Dark.

And he is obsessed with her from the first time he lays eyes on her.

Garcia, Kami - BPL-YA-Series

They soon discover they have a connection neither can deny. Ethan is an outsider looking in.

When Lena shuts Ethan out, we the reader are shut out of the story because the plot surrounds Lena. Lena was cold and standoffish. If I could see in her head, maybe I would like her more.

But as is? She was honestly pretty boring. She had cool powers, but she was so depressed about her pending claiming, it was really hard to like her. They had the spark that kept the story moving for me.

When I read this, I really was hoping to experience more details about the ending.

Beautiful Chaos

The movie ending. Yes, I saw the movie first.

Lena is withdrawing from him. They both experience crazy fits of jealousy and love. Honestly, the only thing keeping me going is Link.

I love absolutely everything about this kid. He was just bitten by an incubus and now is a quarter supernatural.

Beautiful Creatures

He's renamed himself the Linkubus. The Linkubus. And despite feeding off people's dreams and being a creature of the night, he's still the best dang thing about this series.

The one I gave you in second grade, the day we met? I made that part up. I could care less if anyone dies in this book. Here comes the real question: Is he worth suffering from this level of love? She closed her eyes, and I closed mine, and even though we weren't holding hands, it felt like we were. The Linkubus makes every last word worth it. Not you, Slush Queen.

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Link is my true love. Audiobook Comments.

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