1 Give students the title of the book and show them Christmas in Prague. Joyce Hannam. Introduction. The story. Jan and Carol Vlach live in Oxford, where. Christmas in Prague book. The way the story was told is really good, really sensible and smooth, the . This passage is from the very beginning of the story. Read Christmas in Prague English book and Listen to audiobook. Author: Joyce Hannam, Publisher: Oxford University Press - Oxford Bookworms Library.

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Christmas In Prague Story Book

Christmas in Prague is available on audio CD isbn 0 19 3. Printed in Hong . 4 Read the story introduction on the first page of the book. Are these. Title of the Story: Christmas in Prague A. Write the summary of the story I think the book, “Christmas in Prague”, is telling us about a warm and touching story. Christmas in Prague - Book (1) - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

Subscribe to RSS Ever since Czech fairy tales were first adapted into feature films more than 60 years ago, watching them on TV has become an essential part of Czech Christmas. Some experts even believe the medium in fact saved the genre as we know it. So what are the main ingredients of Czech fairy tales? Did communism affect them at all? And is there such a thing as a typical Czech fairy tale? Find out more our special Christmas Eve programme. This is the highlight of the holiday when the family Christmas tree is first lit, Baby Jesus brings everyone presents, and people sit down to the traditional fare of fish soup, carp with potato salad and cookies. Ever since television became commonplace in Czech households some 60 years ago, a new Christmas tradition developed — watching fairy tales throughout the entire holidays.

Christmas in Prague by Hannam Joyce

He sat down at a table near Kate and ordered drink. When the serving maid brought the beer, he reached over to Kate and asked her to drink with him. At first she was much taken back at this attention, then she pursed her lips coyly and pretended to refuse, but finally she accepted. This is for Kate and me alone!

TV fairy tales a must for Czechs at Christmas

The Prince of Hell punishes him by sending him back to earth to find a way of getting her off him. Fortunately, he meets a wise shepherd. Catch hold of me!

Now the young shepherd soon found that the long shaggy coat and Kate made a pretty heavy load for walking. In a few moments he was sick of his bargain and began casting about for some way of getting rid of Kate.

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He wondered how he could do it. Perhaps he could manage it by throwing in his greatcoat with her.

Very cautiously he slipped out one arm. He slipped out the other arm. He unlooped the first button. Kate noticed nothing.

He unlooped the second button. Still Kate noticed nothing. He unlooped the third button and kerplunk! There are 2, tales that can be found in every Indo-European country, from Ireland to India and the Urals. But it would be difficult to find a typical Czech fairy tale. We can find the most popular tale now but a hundred years ago, it would probably have been a different one.

If we go further to the east, even Slovakia, they have more archaic fairy tales, many more magical beings and features like dragon and witches, and that goes all the more for Russia.

In the UK, they have almost no fairy tales because of the early start of the industrial revolution. But originally, all fairy tales in Europe were basically the same.

Do Czech fairy tales stand out for being funny and humorous?

That is typical; when we compare these with the Brothers Grimm, their tales appear to be much grimmer and darker. But the plots are the same. Maybe the supernatural beings are not that scary but the same is true in Germany and Austria. They served as moral tales to illustrate Christian teachings so they served a different purpose than fairy tales do today.

But we have collections of fairy tales from other cultures, and we can distinguish one common and most important function which is entertainment. There is a book called Panchatantra which contains some pedagogical Buddhist teachings for young princes, and most of the best-known European fairy tales are already there. Because of that, fairy tales are full of tests, contests and fights with monsters. He has to prove his worth to get the girl, the fields, and the land.

His road led him through a forest. Here he came upon a bush under which some shepherds had kindled a fire. Sparks were falling on an anthill nearby and the ants in great excitement were running hither and thither with their eggs.

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Help, or we shall all be burned to death, we and our young ones in the eggs! If ever you are in trouble, think of us and we will help you.

But he must prove himself worthy before the king allows his daughter to go away with him. She was walking in the meadow over yonder when the string broke and the pearls rolled away in the tall grasses. Now your first task is to gather up every last one of those pearls and hand them to me before sundown. However, he got down on his hands and knees and began to hunt.

Midday came and he had not yet found a single pearl. I can't find one of them. Here's the last pearl! Then she sprinkled them with the Water of Death. Instantly the wound closed and soon it healed so completely that there wasn't even a scar left. Then he opened his eyes and sat up. Life poured through his veins and he sprang to his feet younger, fresher, handsomer than before. The old king was filled with envy. The executioner did as he was told. Nothing happened.

Christmas in Prague

But of course there was no life in them. And of course there was no possible way of putting life into them because the Water of Life was all gone. So the old king remained dead.

The second half Iwas very surprised. One day She saw her husband. However, he was not her husband…. I didn't predict the end of story until I finished read it. And , his secret made me surprised. I am interested in this book. So she wanted Jan,her husband and Josef,father to go for Christmas travel. But Josef wouldn't go there. She met a man who alike Jan and involved in a traffic accident. Then the secret why Josef is afraid of Prague is revealed This story is sad at first,but happy ending,so I moved.

You can learn history and the importance of family!