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Aulia Allah Book

Awliya ALLAH If you would like to help spread the deen of Allah swt to others, or if usaascvb.info has benefitted you Vote for this Book: (2 votes). Bazm e Aulia (Aulia Allah ki kitabain) urdu pdf. Pdf Book · Allah Islam · Allah · Cover of "Rohani amliyat naqs" Pdf Book, Allah Islam, Allah. More information. Jun 18, Auliya Allah Ke Mushkil Kusha Wazaif Urdu Islamic Wazaif Book Free Download.

They are the one who have drunk from the fountain of eternal life during their lifetime on earth. They are those devotee and sincere bondsman on the earth who remember Allah ceaselessly and spend their life seeing inner purification through endeavor, toil, abstinence and prayer. Their journey is endless. They are shore less sea with out any bottom and craving for Allah with out any limits. Each part of their body is completely rid of non-divine influence. Their heart become like a clean mirror reflecting back the reality of things. Their judgment does not err. Being giving the divine light, they see the things in their true perspective. They see the past, the present and the future before them. Holy Prophet S. And when I love him, I am his ears so that he hears Me, and his eyes so that he sees Me, and his feet so he walks by Me, I am his hand so that he do work by Me. Hundred of people have been declared as dead have been brought to life by these Aulia Akram back to life again. Dead animal and birds has been also restored to life again although their bodies have been deteriorated since long. Thousand have been cured by them with out medicines including those living far away from them. Prophet like Hazrat Easa and Hazrat Moosa would envy their super-natural phenomena.

So I have collected these narrations in this booklet to be of benefit.

And know that the denial of the stubborn is not to be given any weight or importance… So I say, it is authentically narrated from and then he lists 18 Companions and Followers , and those after them, innumerable reports which attest to the above. Proof in the Sunna 1. Some of the people of Makka will come to him…and swear allegiance to him between the Corner Rukn and Maqam. Not one of them dies except that Allah replaces him with another one to take his place, and they are now the supports of this earth.

The hearts of 30 of them contain the same certainty yaqin which Sayyidina Ibrahim asws had.

They did not succeed or rise above the other people with much fasting or prayer…but rather through being truthful in their scrupulousness, having noble intentions, having sound wholesome hearts, and giving all the Muslims sincere counsel, desiring by that the Pleasure of Allah, with patient forbearance, and a merciful core of being , and humility without being meek.

They do not curse anyone, or harm anyone, nor do they see themselves as being higher or nobler than anyone under them, or envy those above them. They do not fake their humility, nor fake their being dead to the world, nor are they ostentatiously impressed with themselves.

They do not love the world, nor love for its sake Whenever one of them dies, Allah substitutes another in his place. By means of them, Allah brings down the rain, gives victory over enemies, and diverts punishment from the people of Syria. By them rain falls and victory is granted. Not one of them dies except that Allah replaces him with another. Whenever one of them dies, Allah substitutes another one in his place. By them, the earth is established bihim taqum al-Ard , and by them you are sent rain, and by them you are granted help and victory.

He was bald and maimed, and was carrying a container of water on his head. By means of them, you are given rain, victory, and protection from enemies, harm, etc…. These are the ones whom I would bring to My attention when I wish to punish My creation, and then I divert My punishment from My creation because of them. And the Abdal occupy the great countries of the earth. They only occupy a country one after another, so blessed be the people of a land among whom are two Abdal.

And Allah causes the Qutb to travel the four horizons of the Earth, just as the constellations travel their course across the sky. And the states of the Awtad are revealed to the elect. And the states of the Abdal are revealed to the elect and the Gnostics who are under the elect.

So when the Qutb dies, Allah replaces him with the best of the four Awtad. And when one of the four die, Allah replaces him with the best of the seven Abdal…and so on. And when Allah desires to start the Day of Judgment, He takes the life of all of them.

To make Fateha on Niyaz is allowed. If it were not, then the Prophet S. For the person to obtain the Sawaab, it is not necessary to feed the Niyaz first, but Dua can be made before this since the Prophet S. They then continue making Dua for him and they continue asking blessings for him until the morning or afternoon. When Hazrat Anas radi Allahu anhu used to complete the Holy Quran, then he would call all his family and friends and make Dua.

When making the Fateha, send the Sawaab to the Prophet S. This is the prescribed method, and this is the method that the Ahle Sunnah has always followed. By making Esaale Sawaab, it gives comfort to the deceased, pleases them, saves them from the torment of the grave, elevates their status and causes benefit to the sender as well as the receiver.

Surah Al-Imraan, Verse As we have explained earlier that the Awliya are those who have attained nearness to Allah.

Intibah fi salasil awliya Allah.

Attaining this nearness is not easy because there are certain obstacles. This concept is derived from the popular Hadith of the Most Beloved S. They are joyous of what Allah bestowed upon them of his favor and they give good news to those who have not as yet reached them. As we were setting the final rocks, one rock accidentally fell into the grave.

You have given certain of your creation the permission to perform their salaah within the grave. Give me also this same permission. The Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamaat believes that it is permissible to call to the Aulia Allah for assistance or help as this is not associating partners with Allah Taala.

We believe that Allah Taala has given the Aulia Allah special powers to assist the creation with His permission. The Holy Prophet S. People will call to them in their times of need. O servants of Allah, assist me! He suddenly threw his wooden sandal into the air. It disappeared although there was no way for it to exit through the room.

He gave the other sandal to his disciple and asked him to keep it until the first one returned.

100 Auliya K Wazaif

The actual incident, which occurred, was that once when a thief sat on my chest and was about to slaughter me. Remember between you and me, there is merely a handful of sand, and how can a mere handful of sand be a screen between a Murshid and his Mureed. If the sand does become a screen, then the Murshid cannot be a perfect Man Insaan-e-Kaamil. If, therefore, you have any wish or need come to my grave and facing me, mention your requirements.

I will fulfill them. A year latera man arrived and described a strange incident. It is recorded that a Mureed of Sayyidi Mohammed Khawri radi Allahu anhu was once passing through the market, when the foot of the animal he was riding slipped. He inquired from the Mureed as to who was Sayyidi Mohammed. When he was told who he was, he asked permission to use the name of the Murshid so that he could also be released.

As soon as he had proclaimed the name of the great Wali, the spiritual master appeared and driving away the capturers, freed the ruler. The Shaikh then blessed the ruler, and thereafter departed. Before the passing away of Hazrat Moulana Rumi, he revealed to his Mureeds a startling secret. In this world I have two types of relationships, one with my body and the other with you, and when, with the Mercy of Allah I am freed from this contact with my body and the world of loneliness is exposed to me, I will divert the attention of my soul to you.

On return Prophet Musa, peace be upon him, requested the Messenger of Allah, May Allah bless him and grant him peace , to return to Allah and ask for a reduction in prayers.

He did so and by doing this, the number of times was reduced to five prayers a day. I asked him, if you are the messenger of Allah, then supplicate for me that I may speak Arabic.

This is a very authentic narration. There are numerous true narrations similar to this. This narration is authentic. Before the passing away of Hazrat Moulana Rumi , he revealed to his Mureeds a startling secret. The following verse proves that one can seek a Wasila when approaching Allah Taala. Fear Allah and search for a Wasila mediation towards Him and strive in His path on that hope that you will gain refuge. They should come to you and then beg forgiveness from Allah, and the Messenger should intercede for them, then surely, they would find Allah most Relenting, Merciful.

We ask to you through the mediation of the unlettered Prophet that You may grant us victory over those Polytheists. Send down that a Prophet who will make justice between us and the people and those people used to gain victory and help against the others through his mediation. Pray for me that I may regain my sight.

O Muhammad! Verily I turn through your Wasila to Your Creator for my needs so that my needs may be fulfilled. O Allah, accept the intercession of Muhammad S.

This command is that during his life, but also after his demise. Forgive me with the Wasila of Muhammad Mustapha S. Hence, the Holy Prophet S. Grant Islam respect through Umar ibn Khatab. They are forty men. Through their blessings it rains.

Through them victory is gained over enemies and through their blessings punishment is moved away from the people of Syria.

Hazrat Khalid bin Walid radi Allahu anhu was the chief commanding officer. When they came close to the Dajla, there were no ships or boats to cross the river. You are flowing through the Command of Almighty Allah. Thus, we are giving you the Wasila of the justice of Rasool S. Do not become a stoppage between us and our crossing. Then the troops crossed the river with their horses and camels. They reached the other side of the land in such a manner that their horses and camels hooves did not even get wet.

Ar Riyaadhun Nadhra In the above narrations one sees that the Sahaba-Ikraam used various forms of mediation as solutions to their problems. It also includes seeking support, recommendation, help and cure illness etc. To a wali, death is the culmination of a lifelong yearning to meet Allah and His Rasool S.

In terms of the dictionary it means wedding. In Arabic, the bride and groom are called Aroos. Hence the word Urs is traced to a Hadith. Annually on the day or month on which the wali parted from this world and entered into the hereafter, the mureed and followers and general public gather at the gravesite, recite Quran, Zikrullah, Khatme Khwajagaan and render Esaale Sawaab to the soul of the wali. The life of the Wali is presented as an example for other Muslims to follow. People are encouraged to emulate the Imaan, Piety Taqwa , sacrifices and services of the wali.

The roots of Urs are also traced to the actions of the Prophet S. He used to send Salaams to them. The four righteous Khulafa upheld this Sunnah also, who used to visit the graves of Shuhadae Uhud Those companions of the prophet S. Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddith of Delhi son of Shah Waliallah writes in his famous Fatawa Azizia, page Secondly, many people must assemble, recite the Holy Quran, recite fatiha on something sweet and other edibles and then distribute it amongst those present.

The Chaadar and Sandal procession is a public event designed to reflect love and respect of the soul of the wali. It is an event whereby homage is paid to the wali, and to his success in the hereafter. Trays are decoratively laden with many Ghilaaf sheets of material used to cover the grave of the wali , flowers, Itr, Niyaaz and sandal powder.

These trays are carried on the head as a mark of respect This does not constitute Ibaadat in any way. The mureedeen and other devotees of the saint normally prepare the trays.

A Shaamyaana roughly translated as a four — handled shade, awning or umbrella usually in the colours of the Silsila to which the saint belongs; is held aloft by those who are taking part in the procession. It is there to shelter on from the natural elements, viz. The sun and rain. Salat o Salaams and Zikrullah are also recited in some countries.

These processions differ in different countries in presentation and style; as, the cultural flavourings and influences differ.

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Chaadars are placed on the grave of the Aulia Allah. This is an act of Sunnah. After the demise of the Prophet S. Sayyidah Ayesha Siddiqah R. The sahaabiyah became very, very emotional, wept beyond control, finally collapsed and passed away. Baihaqi Shareef. Fatawa Shami, Volume 5. The grave is then sprinkled with sandal, Itr and covered with flowers.

To place flowers and other fresh branches on the graves is also a Sunnah. Bukhari Sheriff Vol. Itr is sprinkled onto the grave, as perfume Ittar , has a certain degree of affinity with the rooh and spirituality. One of the three things made for Huzoor S. The sprinkling of Ittar is for our benefit. It tends to purify our thoughts and is also synonymous with the state the wali is in.

Aulia Allah is a special servant of Allah. Their graves are covered with a Ghilaaf just as we cover the Quran and Kaabah with Ghilaaf. The heart of a believer is the throne of Allah Hadith. Even up to this day the walls housing the grave the Prophet S. This Sunnah is in practice from the days of the sahaaba and maintained even by the present Wahaabi regime. The Fuqahaae Kiraam has stated that the intentions behind covering the graves of Aulia Allah is love and respect for their spiritualized souls.

It also displays recognition of the achievement and success of the departed soul. It also dawns on the observer that this is the grave of a beloved of Allah who has reached the ultimate goal of nearness to Allah.

The Fuqaahae Kiraam Islamic jurists have stressed that chaadars should not be placed on the graves of the general Muslim public. A deep understanding of these sayings reveal that ziyarat purifies our heart and deeds and enables one to get salvation.

She used to offer salams to them often. Allama syed Amir brings many proofs to say that weshould not act by relying on a weak hadis.

Many ullamas of Ahle-sunnat are also in agreement with this view. May Allah subhana wa taala shows the straight path and put Love for his messenger an Prophet swallalaho alaiwassalm.

Ziyarat comes from the Arabic word zur meaning to visit. It can also be transliterated from Arabic as ziarah. It is a heart-to-heart core of existence — to — core of existence communication that physical senses and the intellect fail to register. In day-to-day life, we are able to notice light coming out through the openings of a well-lit building at night.

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