Voodoo IslandOxford University PressWalton Street, Oxford OX2 6DPOxford New York TorontoDelhi Bombay Calcutta Madras KarachiPetaling. Full text of " Voodoo Island Pdf". See other formats. * _ 1 _ Island in the Sun James Conway put away his business papers and sat back in his seat. Voodoo Island Pdf. by dede rahmat. Publication date Topics english, voodoo, stage Collection opensource. Language English.

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Voodoo Island Pdf

Voodoo+usaascvb.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Voodoo usaascvb.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Voodoo Island. Michael Duckworth. Introduction. Background to the story. Haiti is the western part of an island in the Caribbean. Many tourists go there on.

After he died, they made a new graveyard on the other side of the village. That's why nobody comes here now. Nobody remembers the old people here. I could never forget my grandfather. He taught me about voodoo, about the spirit of the rain and the spirit of the wind.

She has to work in the hospital at Port au Prince. Karen Jackson gave him a photograph that is the one of her books about voodoo. There is a coconut, and someone has drawn eyes, a nose, and a mouth on it. A few days later the man died because of someone was using voodoo against him.

While Karen away he looked at the open book on her seat. There was a picture on the page which showed a black man with open eyes and bright white teeth.

Then he read the words below the picture that talk about the man name Baron Samedi. He is the strongest and most dangerous of all the voodoo houngans. Many people. You've reached the end of this preview. TERM Spring ' Share this link with a friend: The men gave him a small piece of paper. He looked at it. I want to see Conway first. I'll tell him that he can't build shops here. We'll 'My grandfather's grave is here.

No, 1 don't know who he is. He's an old man.

He bought a for you,' she said. During the journey he looked Kee walked to Conway's door and went in. Conway out of the window. There were new houses and offices smiled and said, 'Good afternoon, Kee. My name is all along the road from his village to Port au Prince. Please sit down. Can 1 help you? Then he said, 'Yes, Mr Conway.

My name is the address. It's very nice. We're building a new town there. Very important. Rich, too. And they 'Yes, 1 know,' said Kee. But you must not build them on 'I know,' said Kee. He sat back in the taxi as it drove the graveyard. It is a very important place. After a long time, they arrived at the office of Conway Construction. Kee paid the taxi driver, and went in. Conway's secretary, Marie, was sitting at a 7 desk. She looked at Kee. Kee looked at Conway. He said, 'I am a houngan, and 1 'Kee,' he replied.

Then she picked up a and you Americans do not believe in things like that. Voodoo Island Conway's Hopes But 1 can do many things that you do not understand. Just wait for a few days, and you will see. I'll give you everything that you want. But you must 'Oh, but 1 want more than that. Do you want lots of people to clean the rooms and bring me understand?

Oh, 'Yes, yes, yes, of course 1 understand,' said Conway. He was beginning to get angry. Thank you very much for your help. Now, please, get out.

I'm a busy man. But don't forget, Mr Conway, you must not do these things. If you do, you'll be sorry.


Now go! Kee turned and went to the door. For a moment, as the old man was walking out of the door, Conway remembered the face in the book on the plane. Suddenly he felt cold and afraid. He talked to Marie. He was very, very mad,' he thought.

Then he started to laugh. Ha, ha, hal' my office? He's mad. Coming in here talking about The telephone rang again.

Conway picked it up. Telling me he's going to give me a lot of 'Pierre, Henri, listen,' he said. I don't want to see him again. Do you old man came to my office. He doesn't want any shops understand? If you make a mistake like that again, or houses in the graveyard.

Voodoo Island.pdf

It's possible he'll try to stop you'll lose your job. I don't know what he can do, but perhaps he'll go 'I'm very sorry,' said Marie. Perhaps he has important friends. So you 'Good. Now, I want to talk to Pierre and Henri. Get must start building the shops and the hotel today. Take them on the telephone for me. Cut down all the trees. You must telephone and sat back in his chair.

I'll finish building my town and then I'll be a rich man. He thought, 'I'm happy that I went to see Conway. He's a good man. He's not going to build shops and 'J don't want to see that mad man again.

The people in the graveyard 26 27 are dead, but their spirits are not dead.

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The spirits will help him. The spirits will give him everything he wants. The spirit of the wind will bring him good luck and the spirit of the rain will make him happy. There were no trees. There were no stones. There were no graves. But there were a lot of men in the graveyard. They were from Conway Construction and they were building the shops and the hotel. When Kee saw what was happening, he became terribly angry.

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His face went white and his hands began to shake. Kee ran up to the men and said, 'What's happening? Why are you building here in the graveyard?

This isn't a graveyard any more. We're building shops for the new town.

Go back to your village and be quiet. Kee was alone outside his house. In the garden there was a small fire and the yellow and orange flames danced in the dark, throwing strange black shapes across the ground. Kee took a stick and drew a circle in the ground.

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