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The Savage Grace book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A troubled soul. An impossible choice. A final usaascvb.infoing. Start by marking “Savage Grace” as Want to Read: A spellbinding tale of money and madness, incest and matricide, Savage Grace is the saga of Brooks and Barbara Baekeland beautiful, rich, worldly and their handsome, gentle son, Tony. I'm paraphrasing a review here on Goodreads that. Savage Grace: The True Story of Fatal Relations in a Rich and Famous American Savage Grace and millions of other books are available for site Kindle.

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The Savage Grace Book

In the boldest and most daring book either author has ever written, Andrew Harvey Savage Grace and millions of other books are available for site Kindle. Savage Grace: The True Story of Fatal Relations in a Rich and Famous American Family [Natalie Robins, "This is a daring, delightful, and transformative book. "Oh my goodness, talk about a book that had everything I wanted: a bad boy with a dark, tortured past, a complicated romance, and a mystery that made my.

A lot or a little? The parents' guide to what's in this movie. Much is made of the differences between the well-off and the less-fortunate. A character quotes their great-grandfather's axiom that "One of the uses of money is that it allows one not to live with the consequences of our mistakes. Violence Guns are fired; viewers see the aftermath of a suicide attempt, including bloody wounds; a character is fatally stabbed. Sex Lots of graphic discussion of sex, and extensive male and female nudity including full-frontal female. Moore's character actively seeks out random encounters with strangers and is seen in lingerie; in one scene, her hand is shown on a partner's pants fly as she prepares to manually stimulate him the actual act isn't shown on screen.

The transcripts of interviews are presented without comment - very much like Jean Stein's great Edie and Please Kill Me by Legs McNeil - and the speakers reveal far more about themselves than any narrative could.

If there is a villain in this story, for me it wasn't Tony Baekeland, who clearly suffered from serious mental illness but his father Brooks Baekeland. Rarely have I come across a character in fiction or nonfiction who made me want to slap him so hard or so often.

Early on one former friend of the Baekelands' talks about wanting to kill Brooks in the street with a brick. By the end of the book you may, like me, find this to be a perfectly reasonable response because Brooks is a piece of work.

In fact, he's a complete jerk. If I'd been Tony's lawyer I'd have used the fact that Tony had the opportunity to kill his father yet didn't as Exhibit A in the fact that Tony was insane. Whether he's yammering on about how much he was like his brilliant grandfather, complaining about the fact that Tony couldn't stick with anything this from a writer who only managed to write one short story and didn't finish his PhD!

Book review: 'The Savage Grace' brings the werewolves to battle

His blatant homophobia and sheer lack of compassion will take your breath away. Other characters come across as clueless or careless but Brooks is downright diabolical in his self-absorption. Jun 04, Andrea rated it did not like it. The whole death dogs, Shadow Kings, and lost boys thing was really juvenile. And Grace called her mom and dad mommy and daddy, and I just lost it. Grace was still as unlikable as in the last book.

She used to not cuss, I remember, but in this book she spent the whole time cussing, when it was mostly unnecessary and excessive to cuss. I really hate that. Gabriel and her dad immediately shoot down that plan, and Grace just accepts it.

I am so sick of her listening to everyone else like a mindless little baby instead of just taking action on her own. Who does that? Her dad gets hurt in the bomb, because we needed another accident in this series, and Gabriel tries to send him energy.

She thinks negatively and ends up hurting both Gabriel and her dad, proving to me that this girl cannot do a single thing right. What a crappy female lead.

She sucks in every way. And they call her the Divine One, because she withstood the wolves.

What wolves? When did she withstand anything? Maybe my memory is a little fuzzy on that particular detail, but I do no one thing for sure. She is undeserving of any kind of title except idiot or any number of name calling, and using a prestigious title for her is an absolute joke.

Grace is always crying and bemoaning her life like a total baby. Everyone else can just risk their lives protecting them, or else they serve no use to her. Talbot loving her is just ridiculous. Anyone loving her is ridiculous, actually. She offers absolutely nothing in the way of comfort or compassion.

She knew how Talbot felt about her, so why is she leading him on every chance she gets? But what Grace did was overkill. She pushes him and seems pretty happy about the fact that she broke his ribs. Grace goes home after being at the hospital and all her neighbors congregate at her house, and she has the gall to get mad at them.

Another thing that annoyed me was the setup of the book. It was so annoying. Of course. Another thing that annoyed me was that every time Daniel in wolf form was mentioned, it was to say he was the great white wolf.

Every single time it was the white wolf. I really hate how manipulative and cold Grace was being. She would physically hurt Talbot at the slightest thing, and girls beating on guys like that is very unlikable and just crazy. How disgusting. The love between Grace and Daniel seemed to be entirely one-sided. It just seemed forced. Are you freakin kidding me?

His girlfriend offers to trade her life for his, so he can be let free, and he just stands there as a quiet as a mouse, completely accepting? Just wow. But Daniel, the boyfriend. What does he do? He says if she wants to fight, she should be able to fight. Oh my god. The challenging fight was really disappointing, and as soon as they even made that decision, the novel steadily went downhill.

I expected a lot of action, some cool fighting scenes and whatnot, but the whole ceremony was a waste. It went something like this: The wolf did this. Daniel did a somersault. The wolf grabbed him with his paws. Daniel did a karate chop and spun through the air, did a twist and a leap and kicked the wolf through the air.

It was pathetic. And all the while Grace is doing pretty much nothing. She gets a few kicks in, which was pathetic, and then just watches everything happen. Which leads me to the worst part of the book. The deaths in this book really bothered me, starting with Sirhan. He just dies, and that was shocking and disappointing. Then Brent dies trying to fix the bomb he had made.

The Savage Grace: A Dark Divine Novel - AbeBooks - Bree Despain:

I was really mad about that one the most. That was tragic and I was so upset at the author for doing that. He spent much of the first novel only being mentioned that he had ran away from home, I believe.

He was actually coming around and appeared to be on the right track, only to die. What a total waste. When you can't think of anything just fall back on old plot devices, or just have someone hurt or kidnapped. Really smooth. Talbot being evil was just pure lunacy. The guy spent the entire book being nice, insisting he loved Grace, and helping out in fights. Then he just does a complete and it turns out he had this evil master plan that had been going on for quite a while, where he wanted to play Daniel and Grace against Caleb, and become alpha himself.

It was just so crazy, and I feel like it was a copout, like the author took the easy way out. Just take someone that used to be evil and make them evil again. It takes less time than writing a complex plot.

I would have appreciated a new character having this plot, anyone else except Talbot. It was just ridiculous and didn't compute at all. And I really didn't like how things were left off. He wasn't dead, and we don't know when or how he will die, just that he will.

In a novel of almost pages, you can't do a conclusion better than that? That's stupid. Everything should have been wrapped up much better than it was, and I'm finding it hard to swallow that I read a book almost pages long with an unfinished ending, and I'm trying to remember what the book consisted of. I'm having trouble because not a lot happened, not nearly as much as what could have. And I was also very mad that stupid Katie ended up getting with Slade. I expected Daniel and Grace to have a romantic time together, or just a sweet moment with some attraction or chemistry, but this author couldn't pull chemistry off to save her life.

Their "love" was boring til the end and they get engaged, with a bossy, attitude-y moment from Grace, who puts her hand on her hip and says "after Trenton" meaning she'll get married after he finishes art school.

Talk about passion. The heat between these two couldn't even melt ice cream, which is extraordinarily easy to do. It's very simple and is definitely geared more towards a younger audience, like teenagers or something. It was so simply written and I just wanted there to be a scene that was written well, or just one sentence that got me hooked and was inspiring, but there wasn't.

I can't stand when the writing is so dumb I'm craving something intelligent to come along. Except teenagers that are too young shouldn't read this because of all the language. Grace was quite the cusser during this whole thing. Another fine quality to add to her repertoire. Also, there were so many typos I was getting seriously annoyed. Words would be left out, making me trip and stumble through unfinished sentences, or there would be words that didn't belong, confusing me and further annoying me with their wrongness.

I can't stand typos, and this thing had so many it's like no one reread it before it was printed. View 2 comments. Apr 07, Ashley rated it really liked it. Well, every hero has a nemesis. And I'm yours. Mar 07, Anjali Joseph rated it liked it. The beginning of this book was pretty good and had me interested in it, but the middle seemed pretty boring and not really what I want to read about.

Sometimes the author wrote stuff which i though was repeated a lot or nobody would really care about. Though in the end, it was a good conclusion and the villain was kind of a surprise and not at the same time, you might have to read the book to understand that. In my overall Opinion I do suggest reading the first two books in the Dark Divine series and to know how it ends, read the third book, even if it wasn't as interesting to me, but maybe you will have a different look on the book which is understandable and might not like Grace.

Still i believe you should read this book to know how the series end and to see what you think about it. Feb 22, Grace rated it really liked it Shelves: I received this book first from winning it from Bree's blog, and then I received it again from Random house. I put off reviewing this until the release date was a little closer, and I had some time to think over the events of the book.

This is one of my all time favorite trilogies, and I wanted to give it a fair review. There were a lot of things I really like about this book that made it quite different from other YA books, but there were also a bunch of things I didn't like and made this book I received this book first from winning it from Bree's blog, and then I received it again from Random house.

There were a lot of things I really like about this book that made it quite different from other YA books, but there were also a bunch of things I didn't like and made this book my least favorite in the series. So I'm gonna start with the things I liked: Grace was less human physically in this book than she has been in other books, yet she was the most human emotionally in this book, and that was something I really liked. She was sort of weak and emotional, and even though Grace hated feeling all these emotions and feeling like she was a weak link I felt like she was more relatable in her weakness.

When Grace is missing Daniel, you really find yourself missing Daniel too. The way Bree Despain explains the pain and yearning for Daniel you really start to feel it too, you start feeling desperate for his return and nervous it might never happen.

There were little moments between Daniel and Grace that were just so cute you couldn't help but smile and wish you had the kind of relationship they have. One of these moments happens when Grace goes to visit Daniel in the basement bedroom he's sleeping in and she's hears him whisper her name just as she's about to leave and he says " I hoped you'd come" Grace explains how even though they're two floors apart with their connection they feel like they're in the same room.

Grace had a lot of fights with her inner wolf, and that was always an interesting battle to read. This book unlike the other two had A LOT of action. The book started out a little slow but around page the action really started to happen, and never stopped. It just kept getting more and more action packed.

Savage Grace: Living Resiliently in the Dark Night of the Globe

Without giving it away, I will just say the part when Daniel turns back into human for the first time I liked how the book includes church and religion in it, I feel like lately a lot of people are afraid to put religion into things to keep from upsetting people, so to have it so important in this book was really refreshing.

I also really like how Grace and Daniel waited to have sex.

Grace said from the start she was going to wait, and even though they became so close and so involved they still waited. That doesn't usually happen in YA, they almost always give it up pretty quickly.

Now on to things I didn't like and there isn't much. I was like WHAT?!?!? It was truly a heartbreaking moment in the book, I cried and cried. A character I was just beginning to love died too. There was just too much deaths from people I liked.

Something was left open at the end, very open, and the curiosity of what that will lead to will kill me every time I think of it. Quote I liked: Go back to the previous book and brush up on the characters you met in the last book. The shadow kings and the lost boys. Feb 01, Carolyn rated it really liked it Shelves: I am so glad I waited and read all three books together. I know that some of the other series I have read recently have done this to a certain degree but to kill off Jude was just a brave thing to do.

But the way she did it was just awesome I am so glad I waited and read all three books together. But the way she did it was just awesome and showed that he really had forgiven Daniel for infecting him in the first place by saving his life and sacrificing his own. Grace actually got to focus on the bigger picture for a while. Not sure how exactly she can do that without raising questions and suspicions but hey if a vampire can be a doctor then anything can happen in the paranormal world!

Loved how Daniel is now a super Alpha Hound of Heaven and not suffering from the angst of having a demon inside of him. Also glad that he has embraced the new role and is willing to fight for and lead his new pack. Talbot has always been one of my favourite characters even if I never totally trusted him. I always thought deep down that he had an ulterior motive and I guess he really showed that. I love the text he sent to Grace saying that every superhero needs a nemesis and that he was going to be hers.

Does that mean that there will be a future book or novella? Every time I thought I was going to start disliking him, his eyes would be mentioned and I would just melt again. I did feel sorry for April as she really did have deep feelings for him. I also loved the lost boys. Each had their own uniqueness and brought something to the story. But I really do have to ask, what is it with Baby James that makes everyone want to kidnap him?

Geez the kid must be really really cute or have a hidden superpower? May 30, Lucy rated it really liked it. I enjoyed The Dark Divine trilogy. The characters show growth throughout the books, and there is a good mix of romance, suspense and paranormal intrigue, along with spiritual themes.

The final installment The Savage Grace is action packed and bittersweet, and delivers an emotional punch. The conclusion gives some closure to the werewolf curse storyline while I enjoyed The Dark Divine trilogy. The conclusion gives some closure to the werewolf curse storyline while also dropping some intriguing hints about the future. The curse threatens Grace herself and her family, and wolf enemies emerge to cause even more trouble.

The characters must battle internal and external demons to save their loved ones, and find a way to balance their human and wolf nature. I recently listened to the audio of the previous book so I was all caught up with the story. Grace continues to come into her own in this book and is ready to kick some demon butt. Grace has a new mentor to guide her decision-making, and to develop her own hidden talents, all while trying to graduate from high school.

The beginning addresses more personal demons than fight scenes, but that is in keeping with the series theme. Not to worry, there will be action aplenty. Daniel emerges as an alpha wolf, and more strong and confident this time around. He even has a wolf posse to lead, and he seems to have more inner peace overall. Though it is interesting to see Grace manage things alone, the book is more exciting when Daniel shows up to help lead the pack. His character is much improved over the last book.

Jude is not forgotten and also has a standout role in the conclusion. The action in the last third of the book is intense as the conflict between good and evil comes to a head. I was surprised with how it all went down and the emotional impact. There is a twist that makes me a little uneasy with the ending but I love that everything is not perfectly tied up in a way.

If you like paranormal romance, werewolves, and action give The Dark Divine trilogy a try. The spiritual themes also add a refreshing dimension to the series and set it apart from the average paranormal romance. Feb 05, Danushi rated it it was amazing Shelves: D Let me just tell you some of the things that made me fall in love with this book and with Daniel: So…yeah, thanks Grace for actually using your brain!

Some authors are really afraid to kill their characters. Although I felt sad that some of the characters in this book died, I thought that Despain was pretty gutsy to kill some characters and somehow it felt right for the story.

Daniel should have played a slightly more active role in the pack as their Alpha. D This book is definitely one that you should read! Side note: Why does the book end with a slight cliff hanger?

Is there going to be another in the series!?!?! Sep 22, Carolina rated it it was amazing. Dark Divine empieza su rollo con la llegada de Daniel Kalbi, un amigo de la infancia de Grace Divine y su hermano Jude. Si bien Daniel llega cambiado, sus sentimientos con Grace florecen aunque fuera en contra de varios miembros de su familia.

En el segundo libro, The Lost Saint, se integran personajes nuevos, algunos de los cuales ya se han hablado. In the end, this was my terrible gift—my savage grace. Creo que son mi pareja favorita, I love Daniel. Gabriel, tkm pero no me interesa mucho tu vida. Aug 26, Pricky rated it it was amazing Shelves: What happened to the gorgeous covers of the first 2?! Don't get me wrong; it's a "nice" cover but there is some awkwardness to the image. And why the hands when the first 2 didn't?

And that darkish coral-colored dress? Okay, maybe it's a bit more vibrant than actual coral, but I need to ride up to the top of a skyscraper and confess my adoration I certainly saw Despain's talent and storytelling grow with this series.

I could picture the fight scenes in my mind, the pain of the characters, and even connect with the metaphor of the wolf. The conflicts and solutions were so seamlessly stitched together to an ending that wraps everything up in a nice bow almost-- view spoiler [ unfortunately, Talbot's still out there hide spoiler ].

She kept me guessing with several of the characters: I could feel the conflict Grace felt from within and the scenes between her and Daniel The only things I was slightly annoyed about were: So yes, I am tiny bit worried about Grace Divine's choice of favorite color I've seen coral-colored bed sheets and they remind me of an year-old woman's house.

I think it would have been easier if I read each book right after the other. Overall though, I'm just a sucker for paranormal romance or for wolves or butt-kicking chicks or childhood loves But whatever the reason, The Savage Grace left me with that heart aching feeling you get after reading a story and wishing you could live in that world just a little longer.

Those are my 5 STAR books. Mar 05, Sherie Davis rated it it was ok. Man, I was really hoping this book would have made the second one worth it.

I actually have to go back and write about that one now, because I left it alone out of deference to this first book which I really enjoyed. This book was just so hard to get through.

I'm going to have spoilers so if you read on, on your own head be it. So, things I liked: I was so scared it was going to be like the whole book and I'd h Man, I was really hoping this book would have made the second one worth it. I was so scared it was going to be like the whole book and I'd have to read a fourth one for Daniel and Grace to be together again.

Yay for forward plot movement! That was really lame in the previous book. Things I didn't like: This was stupid.

It's not like this was an artsy book of some sort that needed to be poignant. Seriously, it felt sort of gimmicky.

I could download that Daniel was a true alpha and one day would be the leader of a pack. But him straight up being in charge was just, come on. He's like Neither her or Grace were mature enough to handle that responsibility.

I know it is a teen book and we're supposed to suspend a certain amount of disbelief, but who in the world would think putting them in charge was a good idea? I just, I don't even know how to explain how irritating I found this. Preachy as hell man. I mean it would have been a lot more believable if she got super angry because of her wolf and had to be calmed down.

The whole blaming herself made her seem weak and sort of whiney. And on top of all that I didn't like the big show down and I just think there were a bunch of places where the writing was subpar. I think the big fight was supposed to be like epic or something, but it just felt tired. Nothing that happened was the least bit surprising or clever, it was like by making people die and building up tension with two days of preparation the author thought we'd all be really emotionally invested.

But I was like "meh". So sad because the first book was so good and the series seemed to have so much promise. I guess that's just the way it goes sometimes. Jun 09, A rated it really liked it. Wow umm.. Despain really has made this trilogy my favourite series so far. After the Lost Saint's cliffhanger, i was frantically trying to turn the last page to see if there was more.. That was back in but 4 days ago i remembered that the Savage Grace was now out so i ordered it of course.

Without giving any of the book away however predictable it is i'll just say.. I admit the beginning was slow but i was happy that the whole book wasn't about bringing Daniel back from his wolf Wow umm.. I admit the beginning was slow but i was happy that the whole book wasn't about bringing Daniel back from his wolf form. I could really feel how Grace was missing him. Then of course there were the lost boys.. I was sad that 2 died even though you don't really get to know the first one. Their different personalities matched perfectly together.

I was really happy when Grace was so strong in this book, and never turned wolf once. Also, Daniel and Grace's love was unwavering which was satisfying,as i didn't want more rows between them.

There was also so much action in this book, waay more than the first 2. The most action was at the end, a giant battle scene. Usually i'm not into stuff like that but i actually really enjoyed the fights! I was really annoyed that one of the main characters died, even though he would have deserved it in the first 2 books.

He really changed in this book, and to me this seemed like a very unnecessary death. Why didn't Talbot die instead?! Other than that, i was happy with the ending. Was very closed, which was nice. It wasn't unexpected though, but i was happy to see it worked out for Grace and Daniel. But Talbot should have died.. Oh yes. Another bad point.. I was also surprised that Daniel didn't heal Grace from the curse.. But no.. I gave it 4 stars only because those annoying details could have been picked up on easily.

Oh and. You might want to flick through the last 2 books to remember what happened. I read the first 2 then there was a 5 month interval before i read this one, and as the lost saint was probably my least favourite, i'd forgotten some of the important details that link on to this one. What do you all think?

Bree Despain | The Savage Grace

The Savage Grace-book 3 1 14 Oct 31, Readers also enjoyed. Young Adult. About Bree Despain. Bree Despain. The Short: Bree rediscovered her childhood love for creating stories when she took a semester off college to write and direct plays for at-risk, inner-city teens from Philadelphia and New York. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention savage grace dark divine bree despain lost boys inner wolf previous books lost saint divine series wolf form grace and daniel back into a human white wolf even though well done twists and turns stuck in wolf peter pan change back well written loose ends.

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Hardcover Verified download. I'm glad that I finally had a chance to finish this series. I enjoyed watching the characters grow and come into a future they never thought the see. The plot moved quickly. If you have not read the first two books, I suggest you do. Since this book dives in right where the last one left off, its important you read the other books so that your not confused. Still, the plot has lots of action, fights and a lot of solving mysteries. Back Round History.

This book contains lots of history dating back to Egyptians times. I enjoyed all the history that is mixed in with the present tense. Still, at times I felt like some of these parts through the present story off. Like, you had to have know what happened in the past in order to know whats going on now.

Know what I mean? I get that you had to go back, still I felt like it took away from what was happen with the characters now.

Love Interest. No insta-love. Instead this love grew over three books and left me very satisfied I like that despite all the trials they went through, they always made it. Parent Involvement. You know, not that many YA books have their parents involved. I like that in this story, the parents helped.

They were involved in every step of the way. I adored that. It's not a HEA but it left off on a realistic note that I can enjoy. The ending to a great series is satisfying and fun. Impressive and action-packed, The Savage Grace fulfills an ending that is intense. Consuming and moving, The Savage Grace is great! Werewolves are tricky business. They are right up there with vampires in the "played out" category. But Bree Despain got in before the market was flooded and gave us a different kind of werewolf book.

She gave us one full of mythology and faith and curses and real wolves. Grace has sacrificed everything for Daniel.

She has been infected with the Urbat curse werewolfiness , she has forsaken her family granted her brother just tried to kill her , and she was forced to kill Daniel, the man she loves. Of course she only killed his wolfie, evil half, but now he has transformed into a giant white wolf and he can't shift back into a human.

As each day passes, Daniel, the pack's true alpha, loses more and more of his connection to humanity and gets farther away from Grace. Not to mention he has left her with the "Lost Boys", the boys from Grace and Daniel's pack, now that Daniel has claimed Grace as his mate a fact her father was NOT thrilled to learn about. Grace throws herself into finding a way to bring Daniel back to the two-legged, less furry kind of boyfriend, but she is so concerned with saving Daniel, she doesn't realize how much danger she could be putting her friends and family in.

Not to mention, she has two crazy packs after her for two very different reasons. Caleb, Daniel's insane father, has a pack of Urbats, demons and vampires ready to overthrow the pack and kill as many people as he can.

That doesn't even consider Sirhan's ancient pack, who want Grace because they think she is the Divine One. But Grace feels like anything but Divine. She feels like she has failed everyone she has ever loved.

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Is redemption even a possibility at this point?

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