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Loose Weight Ebook

Claim your free 60 page ebook below and learn once and for all how to lose weight with ease & keep it off for good!. See the Best Books of the Month Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month? Browse Best Books of the Month, featuring our favorite new . Results 1 - 20 of 86 Explore our list of Free eBooks, Diets - Weight Loss & Weight Control, Diet & Nutrition, NOOK Books at Barnes & Noble®. Shop now.

No more yo-yo dieting, depriving yourself, losing weight, gaining it all back. Get it off and maintain your ideal weight forever. Stop depriving yourself! Drop the pounds easily as you learn to nourish your body with the right foods at the right time. Discover your type by taking the questionnaire and reading the detailed descriptions of each type.

How long you need to work out for — major area of debate for which I can finally give you the answer! The eBook consists of 5 sections.

The first tells you the best way to lose body fat. Part two of the eBook is about diet. Like it or not to lose weight you will most likely need to make some adjustments to your diet.

The third section is about supplementation. I have broken this down into 20 tips as to which supplements work and which are a waste of time. For the Work Out part of the free weight loss eBook I have designed training routines that will burn fat for everyone.

You will enjoy these nicely presented, easily explained yet challenging workouts. With these workouts you can lose up to 40lbs 3stone 18kg — Many of my clients have lost this amount after the first 12 weeks of using this free weight loss eBook. Eat More in the Morning If you step back and think about it, the way we eat our food during the day is crazy! We give our bodies no choice but to store this food as fat.

In western society our energy intake is pretty much in complete opposition to our energy use. It's upside down, back to front and inside out. I have no idea how this came about, but I do recall my grandmother telling me about "how it was in her day". Breakfast and Lunch were the big meals. What we now call dinner was a meal called "supper" - an end of day snack. So why should you care? In a recent ground breaking study two groups of people were put on a 12 week diet.

Discover the secret and you'll never diet again

In this diet both groups had calories a day. One group the big breakfast group had calories for breakfast, calories for lunch and a scant calories for dinner. The other group did the opposite and had , , calories for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And the results?

Weight Loss

The big breakfast group lost an average of 8. The big dinner group lost only 3. What is remarkable about this is that most diets end up with an average kg weight loss. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Exercise Getting some regular daily exercise has a lot of health benefits. Unfortunately losing large quantities of weight is not high on the list. Yes it will help, and every little bit does help, but don't let the fact you can't find minutes a day 5 days a week stop you from doing the 5 minute a week exercise program described in the section on Muscle Mass below.

Light aerobic exercise burns a bit of energy while you are doing it but to really get the weight off you need to leverage the power of your BMR. Dangers of Ultra Low Calorie Diets Ultra low calorie diets promise rapid results but come at a very high price. Another issue with ultra low calorie diets is that are bodies adaptive and when faced with lower energy availability enter what is known as starvation mode.

Live Lightly – The Sustainable Weight Loss System

Starvation mode is where your body "voluntarily" reduces your BMR. You don't want this to happen. As we have seen we are depending on our BMR to do most of our weight loss work for us. Ultra low calorie diets are also unpleasant to be on and remember you should be having a life while you are on your diet as well as putting you at risk of a variety of adverse health effects.

Consistency and time are the key to your new thinner future, not radical calorie restriction. Muscle Mass One of the real keys to long term sustained weight loss is not to lose muscle mass.

When you lose muscle mass your BMR will go down and your diet may well see you end up fatter rather than slimmer. As we age we all lose muscle. We all know older people are less strong.

If we can stop or reverse this muscle loss we can also aid weight loss and prevent the "middle aged spread" so common in our society. Building muscle is actually very simple and takes very little time.

How to lose weight without staying hungry

Here's how to do it: You know that if you go out into the garden and start digging you will probably get blisters. If you do that a few times you will find these develop into calluses. In essence your body goes "hey, this skin is to thin, let's make some more". The same thing happens with muscles, but only if you work them to failure. Body builders build muscle by lifting very heavy weights, not very many times usually They carefully set the weight so they can only lift it times.

While this number has been proven via experimentation to be optimal it's not the key part. The key part is this: the last 2 times they lift the weight are the last 2 times they could lift the weight. In other words they have worked that muscle group to failure, and as a result their body says "build me more muscle!

So what we need is a simple exercise you can do anywhere, with no equipment, that preferably targets the biggest muscle groups in your body so we get the greatest benefit in the shortest time. That exercise is squats.

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To do a squat simply stand next to a table and rest your hands on it for balance. Squat down as low as you can go and then stand up. Try hard.

Having done that your exercise program is over for the day. It should take you less than 1 minute. How good is that?

The next day your thighs and buttocks will be sore, and probably the day after that too. Wait until they are not sore then repeat the exercise. Not only will this build shapely muscle on your thighs and buttocks it will cause your body to build new muscle and increase your BMR with the result that if you did nothing else I have suggested but ate exactly the same amount of food you will lose weight.

If you can do more than about 30 two legged squats we need to make it harder. Do your squats, have a break, then change legs. As your strength builds you may well end up being able to do squats one legged.

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