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4 days ago English study notes for all Bank Exams, Bank PO, IBPS PO, Clerk, IBPS Articles : English Language Notes for Bank Exams (Download PDF). Quantitative Aptitude · Reasoning Ability · English Language · Computer · Marketing · Banking · Static GK · Insurance · Vocabulary. Study Notes. We will be covering all types of Error correction questions introduced in the banking and insurance exams so far in PDF Format. English.

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Prepare English section for Bank Exams with BankersAdda study notes. Notes for Bank and Other Competitive Exams (Download PDF). English Grammar How to Learn English. English is an excellent language to learn, whether it's for business, travel or personal reasons. Learning any language. Launching Adda App (The Bankers Adda App) - Must have App for all Conceptual PDF, articles, lessons etc related to IBPS, Bank Exams, SSC, LIC, RBI, English, Banking, Current Affairs, Computer Knowledge, General Studies etc.

The rich hate the poor Wise think before they speak The wise think before they speak Rule 8: With certain adjectives indicating nationality. Rule 9: Before only and ordinal numbers, such first, second, millionth etc. All the students of first year are invited. All the students of the first year are invited Second example is not correct The second example is not correct. He is only one in the class who got selected for Google. He is the only one in the class who got selected for Google. Today is sixth day of the month Today is the sixth day of the month Rule Before a noun when special emphasis is needed.

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With an aim of providing all useful materials and free of cost content thus helping the readers to achieve their goals of joining the Public or Government sector, Bankersadda has been working effectively since February Being one of the largest and most sought online portal, Bankersadda provide the updated and adequate information about all Banking examinations to students.

What Bankers Adda Do? The motivational stories provided on the page boost the disheartened readers. The notes provided for each section asked in the exam help students in their preparation for their exam effectively.

Bankers Adda, Bank Exam Study Material Adda - Jagran Josh

In addition to notes, you get articles dedicated to Banking Awareness and Current Affairs that keep you updated with the current changes in the field, if any.

Your mind collects data of random details in the form of keywords and memory maps visualized during preparation.

Study notes not only help you learn effectively but also play a crucial role during last minute revisions. The word or words — e.

They indicate location, direction, time, space, purpose, contrast etc. For e. Moody is someone with whose opinions I cannot agree. Also, Mr. Moody is someone whose opinions I cannot agree with. His team has been hell bent upon participating in the tournament. Kedar Jadhav seems to have the knack of picking up crucial wickets. Rahul loves Aishwaraya besides Ramita.

On the other hand, into indicates the movement towards the inside of something. Within means before the end of a particular time-limit. Here study is singular so singular verb "is" is used. Rule 5: When not only The following nouns are usually singular. In some cases they are plural if the sentence indicates that the individual members are acting separately.

If it is alone it is usually singular, if it is followed by a plural noun, it is usually plural. Examples: A number of students is going to the class picnic A number of students are going to the class picnic The number of days in a week are seven The number of days in a week is seven The number of residents who have been residing in this colony is quite small A number of the applicants have already been interviewed Rule Collective nouns indicating time, money, and measurements used as a whole are singular and take a singular verb.

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Examples: Twenty-five rupees are not such big amount for him Twenty-five rupees is not such big amount for him Two miles are too much for this man to run Two miles is too much for this man to run Rule When a lot of, a great deal of, plenty of, most of, and some of refer to number, a plural verb is used.

A lot of people was present in the gallery some of the students were absent A lot of people were present in the gallery some of the students were absent Note : If these expressions refer to an amount, the verb is in the singular number.

A lot of work has to be completed before we go A great deal of work has been finished Rule When the percentage or a part of something is mentioned with plural meaning the plural verb is used. Rule When the enemy is used in the sense armed forces of a nation with which ones country is at war, we have to use the plural verb. Examples: The enemy were forced to retreat.

Study Notes for All Banking Exams

Rule Whenever a number of adjectives qualify the same person or thing, then these may be placed after the noun and the verb must quality immediately preceding subject. You simply substitute the noun in this place and read the question. It is I who has to learn a lesson. It is I who am to learn a lesson.

English Language Capsule :Error Correction

It is they who has to leave this place. It is they who have to leave this place. One of the songs that has been broadcast is really marvelous.

One of the songs that have been broadcast is really marvelous. A girl or a boy who do not strive to gain their objectives, is bound to fail. A girl or a boy who doesn't strive to gain his or her objectives, is bound to fail.

There is not a single book out of the lot that are not interesting. There is not a single book out of the lot that is not interesting. C The quality of expenditure is more important than the quantity.

D The center spends Rs per year on a child while in cities like Mumbai; its higher than Rs E Yet independent studies have found that an average four years of schooling generates two years of learning levels across country. F How much government should the government spend on education?

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