Books shelved as chick-lit: Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella, Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding, Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kin.. . Lists about: Intense And Angsty Romance, Hottest Adult & Young Adult Romance Books, I AM IN LOVE!!!, Favorite Chick-Lit, Best boy hates girl then lov. Most women read either light-hearted fiction such as chick-lit or relationship dramas. Part of the joy of reading chick lit, was the fact that the books focused on .

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Chick Lit Book

As we head into , here are the books that the Chicklit Club has selected for its Ultimate Chicklit Collection. We asked ourselves - and you - over the past . Chick lit or chick literature is genre fiction, which "consists of heroine-centered narratives that Author Kim Gruenenfelder refused to continue labeling her books as "chick lit", seeing the phrase as dismissive of books written by women and. A master of the genre, Sophie Kinsella, recommends her own favourite Chick Lit books.

Search Colleges 50 Chick Lit Novels That Are Still Worthwhile Reads Chick lit has a bad reputation for being anti-feminist, trashy and unoriginal, but not all female-featured literature is a waste of time. From contemporary books that have been made into popular films to classic literature by critically respected authors, chick lit can serve to boost your mood, offer witty social commentary, and help you deal with real-life issues with a modern sensibility. Whether you're wanting to take a break from your online college reading list or need a fun — but substantial — beach read, here are 50 chick lit novels that are worthwhile reads. Historical Fiction Learn more about 19th-century China, WWII London, and other eras throughout history as you read these stories about independent women going against the grain. Emma : by Jane Austen. Matchmaker Emma Woodhouse is the popular rich girl in town but has no idea how to handle her own love life. This novel has been turned into several films and even adapted for modern-day audiences as the movie Clueless, starring Alicia Silverstone. Memoirs of a Geisha : by Arthur Golden. This hearbreaking story about survival in s Japan reveals the last days of the sometimes cruel but mobilizing geisha culture in Kyoto. Atonement : by Ian McEwan. The misinterpretations of a year-old girl turn an unlikely love affair into a hopelessly determined relationship for her older sister in this movie set in the s and during WWII. Gone With the Wind : by Margaret Mitchell.

Lou hatches a plan to try to convince an embittered Will that his life is in fact worth living.

3 Best New Chick Lit Books To Read In - BookAuthority

This uplifting book will make you grateful for all you have — and most of all that you picked it up in the first place! How We Met by Katy Regan Image Source: site The idea is fairly simple: a group of friends discover a list their dear dead friend wanted to achieve before she was 30 so they take it upon themselves to do the things on the list — an homage of sorts, be it learning salsa-dancing or swimming in the sea at sunrise.

But can friendship survive a death? Distance and time? This a novel for anyone who values friendship; who remembers the easy days of youth whilst they struggle in the throes of parenthood; for anyone who has loved, lost, and everything in between.

Most of all it makes you want to grab hold of every second of life you have left. download it — go on, you deserve it. The boy arrives safely, but he discovers his daughter has Down syndrome. David decides to protect his wife from what he perceives to be a tragedy, so he gives the baby to the nurse Caroline and asks her to take the baby to a home for unwanted children.

He tells his wife that the baby girl died at birth. Over the years the two families grow up, each living with the fateful decisions they made that night … Can things ever be the same again?

Enjoy every carefully selected word of this heartbreaking book. It begins when Dolores is a young child and her mother goes to the hospital to give birth to her baby brother, who tragically dies. Dolores parents split up and she and her mom go to live with her grandma. As Dolores grows up, life throws at her every tragedy that you could imagine, but she is a survivor.

When I finished reading this book, I wept.

Nothing has ever moved me so much. There is a Dolores in us all. If I had to read one book for the rest of my life, this may well be it. Number of times I have watched the movie: 3.

One of the largest collection of reviews of Chick-lit Books and Novels

Was it my life? Bad dates, ruined diets, career in TV, surrounded by smug marrieds? Hilarious and terribly British, this is a fun read not to be missed. Her love of a good time is about to land her in the emergency room.

It will also cost her a job and her hot boyfriend. Can Rachel face her demons and the past and most of all, learn to live in her own skin? A heroine you can really root for — Rachel you can do it! Aibileen and Minny are black maids whose lives are abused by the miserable women they wait on. Skeeter is a white college graduate who mourns the disappearance of the old maid who practically raised her and wants to do something more with her life than marry a local boy. But at what cost?

Think again. For most it describes a genre filled with silly, giggly prose centered around superficial women, with little depth and little impact. The best-selling author, who has penned successful novels such as Me Before You, spoke to the BBC about how the out-dated stereotype attached to this genre is holding back female authors and discouraging a potential readership from discovering the brilliant writing beneath a misleading book cover.

Could a chick lit be your next read? I want to see covers that are a bit more gender neutral. For too long has chick lit been considered the fast food of fiction. After all, the overwhelming defining characteristics of these books are that they are written with a female reader in mind, and boast women as central characters, which is a great thing.

Although some are undeniably frothy, many tackle much more hard hitting topics and give arresting analysis of interesting relationships. Dismissing chick lit on principle means missing out on laughs, complex stories and eminently loveable characters. To prove the lasting impression that these books can have, nine women tell us what they love about their favourite chick lit title. Also after looking at a screen for eight hours at my I love not having to look at another blue-light again all evening.

Spoiler alert: His love interest turns out to be a gal called Rosie. Great name choice, think we can all agree. It was indulgent in the way easy literature is, but well-written enough to keep the reader hooked throughout. The sequel however, not so great. And India. I cycled around the Gili Islands, flew up the east coast of Australia, jumped on a train ride around Sri Lanka and ate pasta in the piazza in Rome, and then went home.

9 chick lit books you have to read this summer, as chosen by Stylist writers

Not only did I want to live a life like Gilbert, but I wanted and still do to be friends with her. Reading the words of Gilbert turning a lens on herself as she traveled, ate and prayed away from her home in New York City, in turn caused other women to pursue similar experiences. In droves.

She muddles her way through the world, from sarcastic teenager to wisened, and somewhat weary, adult.

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