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Company Law (Executive Programme) (Edition) · Industrial, Labour and General Laws · Business Environment and Entrepreneurship-Foundation. Download CS Executive Study Material June New Syllabus. In previous post we have given details about How to switch over / convert. Students who made CS Executive Registration can get Physical text books from ICSI. Students can also download the CS Executive Study Materials in the PDF.

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ICSI New Syllabus Study Material for CS Executive Students. Accounts, Audit and Auditors: Books of Accounts; Financial Statements; National Financial. Checkout Best books for CS Executive,books pdf for december exam: Books play important role for exams, check Best books for CS. CS executive books pdf: Below articles provides complete details of CS executive registration exam date, admit card, syllabus details for.

Detailed Contents 1. Registers and Records : Maintenance and Disposal. Global Trends and Developments in Company Law. Dormant Company : Obtaining dormant status and dormant to active status. Strike off and restoration of name of the company and LLP. Insolvency Resolution process; Liquidation and Winding-up : An overview. B Customs Act Introduction to Financial Accounting. Deferred Tax. Cash Flow Statements : Preparation and their analysis. Ind AS vs. National and International Accounting Authorities. Ratio Analysis : Financial Analysis through Ratios

B Customs Act Introduction to Financial Accounting. Deferred Tax. Cash Flow Statements : Preparation and their analysis. Ind AS vs. National and International Accounting Authorities.

Ratio Analysis : Financial Analysis through Ratios Management Reporting Management Information Systems Hundreds of SRMs gave birth to an abundant problemset. Problems here are typically more challenging than others and Topcoder therefore appeals to many elite programmers. The competition consists of unique programming challenges which must be solved in a fixed amount of time.


Competitors may use any programming language and development environment to obtain their solutions. It's a global competitive programming platform and has a large community of programmers that helps students and professionals test and improve their coding skills.

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Its objective is to provide a platform for practice, competition and improvement for both students and professional software developers. Apart from this, it aims to reach out to students while they are young and inculcate a culture of programming in India. It holds a staggering amount of problems prepared by its community of problem setters or taken from previous programming contests, some of which are great problems for practice refer to the Problem classifiers section.

SPOJ also allows advanced users to organize contests under their own rules. It's home to many classic problems from the Chinese IOI scene. Study guides for each of the subject including practice test papers can also be downloaded for free from ICSI website.

CS Exam Strategies Strategies: Before the Exam Grasp the Fundamentals: Develop conceptual understanding of the subject matter instead of focusing on memorizing and adopt an analytical approach to learn better.

CS Executive Study Material December 2018 | New syllabus for CS Executive

Study extensively to cover all the major concepts instead of doing it on a selective basis. Practice holds the key to success: Practice as much as possible for calculation-based questions to be able to arrive at accurate results in the minimum time possible. Practice case studies based on the subject matter to develop a practical understanding of the ideas.

Practice with an eye on the watch, especially while doing practical problem solving, this will help save a lot of time during exam.

Adopt a Balanced approach and stay updated: Maintain a balance between theory and application while concentrating on any specific study area. Stay updated on the latest information on relevant knowledge areas through official publications and other sources. Focus on Legal Provisions: Acquire an understanding of the intricacies involved in Companies Act, and any modifications, regulatory changes related to company law.

Make an in-depth study of legal provisions and their practical applications to be able to support your answers with an emphasis on the legal aspect.

Be aware of pronouncements, legal provisions and case studies decided by judicial and quasi-judicial bodies. There is no negative marking for incorrect answers except for a deduction of 0.

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Strategies: During the Exam Start Easy and Stay Attentive: It is better to attempt more familiar questions first, tough questions can be attempted later. Read the questions carefully and analyze all the options available, if it is a multiple-choice based exam. For calculation-based MCQs, calculations should be made instead of making an intuitive choice.

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