English for international tourism upper intermediate teachers book


English for International Tourism Upper Intermediate Teachers Book by Peter Strutt, , available at Book Depository with free. Tourism textbook in English, learn about international tourism in English. There are model answers for all the wri ting activities in t he Teacher's Resou rce Book. .. Coordinated the show qua li ty, ensured high STandards of maintenan ce One of their staff has asked you to research a w inter-sun holid ay in Goa for. English for International Tourism Pre-Intermediate Teachers Book. Listening skills: Each unit contains These films give students the opportunity several listening.

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English For International Tourism Upper Intermediate Teachers Book

English for International Tourism Upper Intermediate Teacher's Book in the tourism industry and for students of tourism at upper intermediate level and above. Longman, — p. English for International Tourism is % new edition of a popular series designed to meet the English-language needs of. English for International Tourism is new edition of a popular series designed to meet the English-language needs of Teacher's Book Dubickа I., O'Keefee M. English for International Tourism Pre-Intermediate Students' book. pdf.

New Cutting Edge: Upper-Intermediate. New Cutting Edge: Upper Intermediate. The Double Helix reveals the excitement of the Nobel Prizewinning Crick and Watson as they beat Linus Pauling to the solution of one of the enigmas of science. Energy ensures that students have the tools and training they need to learn, remember and use new language. Energy is correlated to the Common European Framework. Unit tests are designed to test new language from each unit of Energy. Pupils work with all four skills but reading and writing take on more importance.

Writing 1 4 Work with a partner. You are research assistants for a tour operator called Exotic Dest inations. Write a report on the relationship between your management and resort hoteliers. Use the two articles "Hotel Contracting" and "When the welcome is frosty", your own id eas and the headings below as th e basis for your report. Most short formal reports have a format similar to this: Title page or heading - this should be clear but short.

Our hoteliers and our Tour Operations Department w ere approached and asked to complete the questionnaire. The findings were analysed.

Procedure - the method used to co ll ect information. Findin gs - w hat was discovered. Conclusion s and recommendations - a sum mary of you r report and suggestionsfor the fut ure. After drafting yo ur report, check it:. Does it have dear headings and a numbering system? Is all the information relevant and necessary? Is it logically organised? Is the language in the right style for the intended readership? Is it easy to read? Is the English correct? They are discussing a new package t our to Cuba.

How wi ll they compensate for thei r low profit margin? Il Why does Richard wa nt the f inal package prices? Contractions 6 listen to David talking at the meeting. What words are missing from the gaps? There is more than one word in each gap.

English for International Tourism Upper Intermediate Teachers Book

And e.. I have had to drop two hotels. She cannot have fin ished by now. Pass me th e ashtray, will yo u? Underline all the auxiliary verbs, the forms of be and have, and the negatives. Decide if they cou ld be contracted. Practise the dialogue with a partner. Simon Hello, Maria. I am sorry I cou ld not make the meeting. I sho uld have been there but my plane was delayed and you know w hat it is like getting back from th e ai rport. Th ere are never any taxis when yo u need them.

Anyw ay, w hat was it like? Maria Well, my secretary has typed up the minutes and you should have got a copy on your desk. Can you see it? She mu st have forgotten then. Anyway, I will f il! Urn, yo u know, do not you, that I have negotiated a site at Guardalavaca.

Well , we have now been ab le to squeeze some very competitive rates from the hoteliers. Simon Maria Good! And did you discuss how much we are charging the punters? Yo u cannot go as low as that' We can! J mean we have to otherwise the competitio n will take away ou r custom.

It is ve ry tight but w e have got no alternative! I see what you mean but I think w e had better t hink agai n. I w ish I had been there because I reall y do not agree that th e price is right. They should send the broch ures to the travel agents in October.

Th e information was give n to the managing director.

English for International Tourism Upper Intermediate Teacher s [50 книг]

It was stipulated that the agreement would allow for increases in the cost of aviation fuel. Modal forms can be used. Ve rbs with two objects can be made passive in two ways. Practice Complete this letter to Mrs Marinelli by expanding the followi ng notes. I remain I disposal I raise I further points. Speaking Putting Together a Package 9 Work in groups.

Look at the following steps in planning a new tour programme, and put them into a logical order. Add any stages which you feel are missing. Resort representatives are recruited and trained. Exchange rates and a selling price are fixed. The final destination is chosen. Economic factors are investigated; patterns of demand are identified. Are there any stages that could be done at the same time? How long do you think the whole process takes?

At what stage are Exotic Destinations in their planning of tours to Cuba page 39? What else do they have to do? Re-opening for the summer 10 Work in groups.

English for International Tourism

You are re-opening your hotel for the summer season. Decide what needs to be done. Within your group you will work in two teams of two people. Team A look at the text below. Team B look althe text on page TEAM A: You have just finished. You would make this payment monthly, worI: If they pay quarterly like all your other clients , you can offer 1. Use this outline as a model. If you haven't reached agreement, you will have to modify some of the wording.

Often a lot of time is needed to check up on all the facls. IIlem 7 You can offer an educational for the travel agency staff which. Yes, but. I'm afraid that's ou t of the question. We appreciate your position but Promoting a Destination Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of tourist destinations Giving presentations Writing brochure texts.

Why do people come to your country? What do they do when they are there? Is it the perfect place to come to or are there some disadvantages? Why do you think people want to visit Britain?

What do you think are the negative features of Britain? Reading 2 The table li sts so me of the positive and negative features of Britain as a tourist destination. Does this correspond to what you think Britain is like?

Is there anything you would like to add to the table or take away? Produet strengths Produet weaknesses. Lack of foreign language skills especially good-quality, on-site interpretation in other languages. Writing 1 3 Think of the strengths and weaknesses of your own country as a tourist destination and produce a similar table for it.

Listening 1 4 Does your country have a government organisation which is responsibl e for the development of tourism? If so, what does it do? Is her work the same as the work of t he tourist authority in your country?

Make three networks round the headings advertising. Use the words and expressions in th e box and add as many words as you can. Match the uncountable nouns on the left with the countable noun s on t he right which are associated with them.

Listen to Helen lee describing a familiarisation trip to China and follow the itinerary on the map. Then listen again. Which of these places are mentioned as part of the tour? Speaking 1 Fam itiarisation trips 9 Work w ith a partner. Arrival late evening in Havan a. City tour, includin g the Moncada barracks which Fidel Castro and a group of followers failed to storm in in an early abortive attempt to seize power. DAV 6. Explore H avana. Visit to a handicraft centre and the Guanahacoa museum on the outskirts of Havana, which has rooms dedicated to the influence of Mrican cultures on Cuba.

Free time to wander the streets of old Havana and appreciate the city's fine architecture. Vis it to The Museum of the Revolution, the old fort and the Cathedral.

Excursion to the Basilica in El Cob re, a village 18 miles northwest of Santiago. Transfer to airport and return to Havana. Accommodation in the Pla'la Hotel. Visir to a cigar factory. Transfer to the airport for flight to Santiago de Cuba in the east of the island, famed for its buildings and bea utiful settings.

Overnigh t scay in Las Americas hocei. Language Focus Referring to the future During her talk Helen Lee used a number of verb forms when referring to the future itinerary. I'm going to describe the iti nerary to you. As you can see, it is sometimes possible to use more than one futu re form although there might be a slight change in emphasis. What is important to remember is that will is only one way of referring to the future. Match each of the verb forms above with a description a-d on the right.

Th ere may b e more than one answer. Practice Study the following sentences. O h, that'll belis to be Rosa. She said she'd ring at I'm fed up with working here. Collect examples of language illustrating a grammar point you want to learn. You can find these examples in documents you read, in grammar books, or you may make a note of something you have heard. When you have collected enough examples you can try to work out the grammar rule s for you rself, discuss your ideas with other learners, and perhaps be able to teach them things they didn't know!

Vocabulary 2 Broch ure language 10 The brochure is probably one of the most important documents used in the promotion of a destination. Brochures use very descriptive language to make holiday destinations sound attractive. Read this description of Salou in Spain and pay particular attention to the highlighted words. With it s ma1Ye ll ou. But whe rever you stay in the Sa lou area you' ll have access to. Descriptive adjectives 11 Each of the groups of three adjectives below can be used to describe one of the nouns in the box.

Match each noun with a set of adjectives. Can you add an appropriate adjective to each set? Use a dictionary to help you. Writing 2 12 Th is text about a holiday complex is informative but not very descriptive.

Decide where the words in the box may be placed in the text to make the holiday complex sound more appealing. A 13 Work with a partner. Add descriptive words to the following passage, but this time choose the words you want to insert. Then compare your text with one written by another pair of students. Tangier with its bazaars and architecture provides a taste of the Orient. It has sporting facilities, including golf. Watersports can be enjoyed a long its coasts which have beaches.

The Mendoubia Gardens. You are preparing the soundtrack for a promotional video praising the attractions of the island. Below is the text you will have to read. Your text will have to synchronise with the video. Record your soundtrack in. Then compare your recording with the tape. If I mention D. Decide which resort you went to and which tour operator paid for your holiday.

Prepare a presentation. Talk about the resort itself and also about those facilities offered by the tour operator. Include the following: The language of presentations Introduction Good evening, everyone. Thank you for inviting me to speak on. Tonight I am going to talk about Introducing your talk I would like to start by.

I sha ll begin by. Then I w ill speak about. Thirdly I will talk about And lastly.

The main part of the talk Let us begin with As far as the accommodation is concerned. Moving on to. My third point deals with. And last but no t least Saying thank you and ending your talk Thank you all for listening so attentively. I hope I have been able to tell you a little about. Before I sit down I would first like to thank Does anyone have any questions? Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved. Reading 2 Thi s article was written for a magazine called Our Planet and, using the example of Waikiki, describes ways in which small island states can develop sustainable tou rism.

As you read, make a note of the things that a developer should and should not do. As they su ffe r fro m the continuing slide of internationa l commodity prices, Illany have no alternative but to offer their natura l heauty - and cheap laho ur costs - to attract the. Foll owing the ru les for sustainahle to urism",,,hile tough - cou ld red uce th e risks to the environment.

ES keep you profitab ly safe and s usta ina bl y beautifu l? The first ru le is: T he world's most re Now Waikiki ''''as not always a beach - it was a swamp before de"dopers trucked in white sa nd to create the fabl ed stra nd. Which neatly encapsulate s yo ur second rule of safe tourism: It is tough to find a n hotel. And there are no plans to. R RULF: A report co mrnissiollC'd oy the former H awa ii governor's o ffi ce found that the four million pcople who visited thC' islands in 4 spent an.

Not a good sign, hecause infrasrructura l eri ng nroLlnd t: And do not forger that close to 60 per cent o f the tourist receipts are imm edi;1teiy rep;1tri;1tcd off island. You Ci imagine the amount of water, energy, personnel, roads and th e like whidl h;1vc to be diverted to "lIch la rge con structions - paid for hr loca!

Buildin ; huge hotel s req uire " enormous ;ln10 unts of moner whi h arc av,lilahle on ly in the metropolit: By so doi ng, the resorts 3re sma ller, less nlsd y, a nd much more plea! Han a Malli Randl did ha ve a cultur: Yet it L'ontinlles to enjoy some of th e highest re turn rates an ywhere. TH AT l. Ens ure your success i'5 sh;Jred hy them. Offer local farmers and business folk the first opportunity to provide you r resort with food. A letter from your resort to a grower guaranteeing to bu y all the y can grow of certain vegetables an be lI '5ed hy the farmer to get a favourabl e loan from the loca l bank.

Instead of importing, f oc example, an arti st-i n-residence, which is fa shiol1i1 ble in tht: Also cons ider marine bi o l gisrs, mllsit: Tn other words try to im p ro ve thl' lot of the loc: If yo u d o not, rhen you arc sentencin g yourse lf to eventu: Wo rk in groups and discuss these questions. W hat advice w ould you give to a deve loping country tryi ng to en large its tourist industry?

Wh ich of these pOints co uld an overdeveloped tourist area take note of? How would you say them aloud? What happens when one word ends in a consonant and the following word begins with another consonant? Listen and check. These phrases are also taken from the article, Practise saying them aloud and compare your pronunciation with the tape. Listening Protecting the environment 6 Michael Leech is Managing Director of a company called Overland Encounter, which organises adventure holidays to remote destinations.

He is very concerned to protect the sites he visits and talks about the way he thinks the environment can be protected. Listen and answer the questions. What are they? Read these expressions aloud. What happens when a consonant sound is followed by a vowel sound? Take turns to be A and B. Read this conversation aloud. A OK, so tourism can have a beneficial effect by generatin g income and creating employment, but what about its effect on the environ ment? B Well, jf you're not careful it can cause serious prob lems.

A You mean allowing tourists to go to Antarctica, t hen letting them trample all over rare plants? B Yes, but it's no t only in remote areas w here this eco logical damage is be ing done but also in modern, highly technological countries like Britain. Listen again to this extract from the interview with Michael Leech. Write the words that are missing from each gap. Are these words pronounced separately or are they run.

You can't deprive people of their interest in wanting to travel. But what you can do is to c That means, for example, making sure that, on an adventure holiday, n o detergents are used in springs or streams and that no d It means, if you're visiting a e It means providing travellers with a pack with g A What do you mean? B In areas of natural beauty such as Snowdo nia; f irst, t he footpaths have been eroded away.

Secondly, w here the t ourist s have strayed off the paths the vegetation has not only been killed but the soil is now unfit for cu ltivation. A Mm - this is w hat's happenin g in mountain areas where there are too many ski slopes, isn 't it? Listen and check your pronunciation. They can be followed by a clause beginning with that.

For exam pl e: The protest movement claimed that the environment wou ld suffer but the chairman of the planning comm ittee. The protest movement has tlueatened to blow up the planned development. Some reporting verbs are followed by a person then to.

These include:. Practice Choose suitable verbs to complete the extract. Often more than one answer is possible. Alert a She b And she d She f And to prove it he i. Ho w man y. Vocabulary Meetings 11 Match the verbs in A with the noun phrases in B to make expressions which are often used in meetings.

Fi ll in the gaps with expressions from exercise 1. Mr Chairman, we've already debated these issues - we must now c I know we hold opposing views but perhaps we can d But if you want my op;nion, we must e But look, we're I I think we have discussed the matter enough. We must now h. A a foregone a fruitful a heated a key. Use the expressions from exercise There was a First read this newspaper article and summarise the main pOints.

The tourist development is planned to ce ntre around a "OlIarrytorium", with a guided visit down the mine, and a residential complex built around eight dry ski slopes, a tropical park with. The disused mine is at Glyn Rhonwy, less th a n a mil e from the vi ll age of Lla nberis, on the northern edge o f the Snowdonia Na tional P ark. It has been bought by Arfon Borough Council which has asked several develop ers to come up with plans for redeveloping the site.

Re ce ntly a company called LeisureLand has come up with a project whi ch, besides the Qyarrytorium, also includes hotels, conference facilities, shops and restaurants, and a sports. Most controvt.: However, since the proposals were published in the l ocal paper, peapk have started objeding.

Although cafeful to givt.: The matter is now being debated at an extraordinary cou n c il meeting in thl: Representati ves of all the viewpoints of the Your teacher will choose a chairperson w ho should use the role card below. Your teacher w ill tell th e other people w here to find their role cards.

You can add your ow n ideas to the suggestions on the cards. The chairperson You r role is to make t he meeting go smoothly and J et everyone have th eir say. Di scussions ca n get heated and you may have to remind participants to remai n poli te, not interrupt, not monopolise t he discussions and so on. Here is some useful language: Opening a meeting Right, shall we ge t started? Th e first thing we have to discuss I decide is.

Inviting comm ents I'd like to give the floor to. Mrs Olsen, is there anything you Could we stick to the subject under discussion, please? W ould you like to come in here? Are there any further points anyone wishes to make?

To sum up,. Are we all agreed on this? Shall we take a vote? All those in favour? All those against? I declare this meeting closed. Writing 17 Write a -word press release reporting what was said at the pUblic meeting about th e development at Glyn Rh onwy.

Transport Analysing transport requirements Planning a transport network Work in groups and list some different means of transport. Preview Then discuss these questions. Listen to Susan making the final arrangements for her. Write the dates, tim es and means of transport. I get up at six o'clock.

The plane takes off at 7. Can I have the bill? Sure, I'll make it out now. I took the book off the table. In this case, take and off do not make a two-part verb. The plane took off. He took off his jacket, In this sentence his jacket is the object of the verb. The object can be placed between the verb and the particle: The travel agent sorted out her itinerary.

These verbs take an object, but are inseparable. The object always goes at the end: A tour gUide wi ll look after the grou p. A tour guide w ill look after th em. Put the words in italics into the right order:. Th e bus broke down. We had to hang around for three hours while they mended it. Put the words in the right order to make correct sentences: The holiday didn't live up to our expectations.

The travel agent sorted it out. Which of these sentences are correct? Practice Replace the words in italics with a suitable phrasal verb , Do as many as you can, then listen to the tape Listening 1 again to check or complete your answers. I've been economising for this and I really don't want to lose the opportunity of seeing the Niagara Falls I really need to reduce costs so I'm hoping to be able to locate and see again some old friends.. I'll write the itinerary for you..

Add two more words to each set and co mpare your sets with those of other students. Write a short account of the trip using as many of the words in the box above as you can. Understanding rapid speech, announcements 6 It can often be difficult to understand announcements mad e in public pl aces, especially if the public-address system is poor. Wh ich wo uld yo u hear: Making announcements Your teacher will give you a number of messages w hich have to be given out over a public-address system.

Record the messages and play them to the rest of the class.

Did everyone understand? If not, what was the problem? The ones in the box below are all to do with travel. Find the pairs of synonyms and put them under the correct headin gs.

Word boundaries 7 liste n and notice w hat happens to the sounds at the word boundaries in these examples: Th e next time. The course includes authentic material taken from Dorling Kindersley's acclaimed Eyewitness Travel Guides which explore some of the world's top tourist MP3 Test Audio.

English for International Tourism Pre-Intermediate provides a multi-level series for students who need professional communication within the hotel and tourism industries. Explores top tourist destinations using material taken from Dorling Kindersleys Explores top tourist destinations using material taken from Dorling Kindersleys Eyewitness Explores top tourist destinations using material taken from Dorling Kindersleys Eyewitness Travel Guides.

Brings the world of work into the classroom. Provides effective Karen Alexander. File type: Pupils work with all four skills but reading and writing take on more importance. English Adventure: Starter A. By using familiar Disney characters that children know and love, English Adventure re-creates a fantastic world of discovery and adventure in the classroom that truly motivates and English Adventure: Starter B.

English Together: Starter Book is intended for young children taking their first steps in learning English as a foreign language. It is particularly suitable for those learners who need a gradual introduction to the English alphabet, simple words and sentences. Teacher's Guide.

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