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Here are the pages I made for my Evil Dead Necronomicon replica (from on of my favorite movies ever). Most illustrations are my re-tracing of screenshots taken from the movie. Evil Dead Necronomicon (PDF) MB. Here you can download the pages from the Necronomicon of the movie Evil Dead from All illustrations are my re-tracing of screenshots taken directly from. Necronomicon Ex-Mortis (Also known as "The Book of the Dead" and "Naturom Annie Knowby, holding the "missing" Necronomicon pages (Evil Dead II).

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Evil Dead Book Of The Dead Pages

Necronomicon Evil Dead Army of Darkness Ash Vs Evil Dead Book of the Dead with Pages. This necronomicon is inspired from all things Evil Dead. With Pages & art from the EVIL DEAD & Ash VS Evil Dead series. See more ideas about Evil dead book, Book of the dead and Sketches. Images For > Necronomicon Evil Dead Pages Evil Dead Trilogy, Evil Dead Similar to the one used the Necronomicon used in original Evil Dead movie trilogy.

If you want get in touch, please email. Interested in downloading the Super-8 Short films that started it all? Follow the Super8Shorts. You can also middle-click an image to open the larger version in a new window. For the post part, DVD screenshots have been upgraded to Blu-Ray, and various higher quality images have been swapped out for older lower quality ones. Images will open to a maximum dimension of px by px; ideally sized to fit on a p screen. Images which are smaller than this, will be displayed at their original resolution. Between this and the previous update, nearly four-thousand images have been updated so far. One new magazine scan has been added to the Magazines page in the Features section ; L'Ecran Fantastique 83 - August As well as a number of image upgrades mentioned above, two items have been added into the Evil Dead II Props page , While not strictly a 'prop', Ash's boots were identified by Mexican fan Beto Matali, so have been added here should any fans want to track down a pair for an Ash costume. Also a photo of a personally owned Westclox 'Big Ben' Style 4a alarm clock, as seen in the Workshed. They were drawn up by US fan David Bartrug back in while at the cabin location in Wadesboro, before the cabin collapsed, and workshed removed in Operation Uproot. Huge thanks to David for allowing their inclusion here. It's a guided look through Jesper's truly amazing prop replicas. You can now head over to the Features section to read an interview conducted with Theresa Seyferth.

One of these pages contained a spell which opened a hole in time and space, and another contained a prophecy describing the arrival of "The Hero From The Sky" in AD. Annie later used the page containing the space-time vortex spell to send the Kandarian Demon back in time.

The usage of this spell also caused Ash Williams to accidentally get sucked into the vortex also, thus fulfilling the "The Hero From The Sky" prophecy mentioned on the other Necronomicon page.

Ash vs Evil Dead: Exclusive pages from the Necronomicon

The Book In The 21st Century At some point after returning from AD, Ash Williams discovered another copy of the Necronomicon quite possibly one of the other copies he discovered in the graveyard since the one he left at the cabin was destroyed. Williams then sought the help of the employees of the occult bookstore Books From Beyond with translating some of the spells within the book.

This copy was then hidden away in a wooden trunk in Ash's Trailer for roughly 30 years, until while under the influence of marijuana he read aloud the spell that summoned the Kandarian Demon, once again throwing him into the world of Deadites and demons. When Ash returned to the Knowby's cabin to try to bury the book in the cellar which he believed would put an end to the demons once and for all , the blood of the deceased Evil Ash touched the book, and caused it to start talking.

The Necronomicon told Ash that without him, Ash is a nobody, but when the book unleashes its evil, Ash gets to play hero. Ash then placed the book in the refrigerator, wanting to ignore the fact that what the book was telling him was true.

The Living Manifestation of The Book When the book's creator, Ruby, cut the flesh face off the book using the Kandarian Dagger, the face flew across the main room of the cabin and landed directly on the face of Pablo Simon Bolivar.

Although Bolivar did not know it at the time, the book had chosen him to become the book, slowly transferring the spells and incantations from its pages onto his skin. Before his death, Pablo used his new powers "as the book" to try to send the demon Baal back to Hell , although Baal ended up transferring his spirit into Bolivar's body.

This was the passage read aloud and recorded on a reel-to-reel tape recorder by Professor Raymond Knowby while at his cabin. Another passage in the book allowed the reader to open a rift in time and space. Some accounts suggest that the reader's desired destination could be chosen by simply thinking about the destination while reading the spell, while others claim that the book itself chooses the destination. Annie Knowby read this passage in an attempt to put an end to the Kandarian Demon's assault on her family's property.

Funerary Incantations Not much is known about the funerary incantations found within the book, although they are most likely used to help the spirits of the deceased move on to another plane of existence.

Through means unknown, The Dark Ones received visions of the future or futures that could be. These visions were written down in the Necronomicon, some including detailed drawings such as the "Hero From The Sky" prophecy. Besides containing various spells and incantations, the book also doubles as a guide on various demons, their powers, and how to summon them.

Resurrecting The Dead Though it's famously known for being able to unleash the Kandarian Demon which then creates Deadites , the book can also resurrect a deceased individual as a zombie an emotionless corpse with no free will, obeying whoever possesses the book , or fully restore a corpse by repairing disintegrated flesh and the allowing the original spirit to re-enter the body.

The Ash Williams of Earth used this resurrection spell to bring Sheila's deceased brother back to life as a full human to protect her when Ash couldn't stay in AD. Transfer of Power To A Human After being "de-faced", the Necronomicon can transfer its powers and spells to a human being. This was done to Pablo Simon Bolivar while at the Knowby cabin, and slowly over time, Pablo's body became covered with the various spells and incantations contained within the original book.

Potion Brewing Instructions The Wise Man of AD discovered the recipe in the book for a potion that would allow an individual to sleep for a century with each drop they swallowed. This potion was given to Ash Williams so he could return to his proper time. Rewriting History The Necronomicon has displayed the ability to rewrite history to a certain extent. On Earth, this spell was only able to work when the blood of the Chosen One was used to create the page, and Ash Williams used his blood to undo Evil Ash's takeover in his absence.

In the "original" Evil Dead universe, The Dark One called Ruby used a somewhat similar spell to alter a predetermined destiny of a few individuals. The Book's Abilities Speech The book itself is capable of verbal communication.

Necronomicon Ex-Mortis

In the "original" Evil Dead universe, the book was only able to begin speaking when blood touched the cover, while on Earth, it always had the ability to talk, frequently telling that Earth's Ash how much it despised him.

On Earth, the book demonstrated the ability to take on the characteristics of a living creature it trapped within its pages in this case, a scorpion that had crawled across the open book. This was how it was able to go from Egypt to the United States to once again torment Ash. Concealment From Supernatural Entities The book's author, Ruby, revealed that it's location can be hidden from other supernatural entities in one of two ways: either hidden within a corpse , or using a spell.

Pages From the "Ash vs Evil Dead" Necronomicon! - Bloody Disgusting

There is conflicting statements on if or how the Necronomicon could be destroyed. During the morning of Ash's second day at the cabin, he tossed the book into the cabin's fireplace.

Shortly after the arrival of Annie Knowby and company, Ash was seen throwing a log into the fireplace, but the book nowhere to be found, so it's entirely possible this "cabin copy" of the book had a weakness for fire. More than 30 years later, Ash allegedly told Pablo Simon Bolivar that fire couldn't destroy the book that he now had in his possession. The Ash Williams of Earth made multiple attempts at destroying his copy of the Necronomicon.

Shortly after beginning his self-imposed exile from society , Ash attempted to cut the book in half with a chainsaw, but this proved to be ineffective.

Several years later, following the complete takeover of Earth by Hell's Prophet, the book simply fell apart into dust after all the evil contained within its pages was unleashed upon the Earth. In the world where Annie Knowby escaped Hell with a simulacrum copy of Ash Williams , she managed to destroy both the Necronomicon and Kandarian Dagger by throwing them into a fire pit, although this scenario was later revealed to be a simulation created by The Dark Ones.

Located in a graveyard in medieval England, two books were left to fool or potentially kill anyone who attempted to remove the real Necronomicon from the graveyard. One book had a large hole in the center of the pages that sucked in the potential thieves, while the other had the capability to fly and bite the unsuspecting individual.

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