Discover Book Depository's huge selection of fairy tale books online. Free delivery worldwide on over 17 million titles. Notes: The first of a collection of twelve fairy tale books, gathered by Andrew Lang from various sources. Published in , the Blue Fairy Book contains For centuries, fairytales have been shared with children as a way of teaching values, imparting wisdom and demonstrating the strangeness and wonder of the world. Reading classic fairy tale books to children at bedtime, or encouraging children to read along themselves, is a.

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Fairy Story Book

If your children love the magical worlds of fairies, check out these richly imagined stories of fairy lore in both picture books and chapter books. Fairy Tales genre: new releases and popular books, including Descendant of the Crane by Joan He, Little Darlings by Melanie Golding, The Princess and the. Children will be enchanted by these magical fairy tales and contemporary retellings. Featuring favourite classic stories, such as Cinderella, The Little Mermaid.

Let your kids library grow with interactive books and stories for kids! These reading chapter books for kids are useful for long trips, doctor's appointments and restaurants - Designed for children interface - Lots of games for kids under 5 years - Safe and kid-friendly - protection from unintentional downloads Read books and play educational games with your favorite characters! Best for toddlers and preschoolers. The professional narrator will read along bedtime stories. It makes a daily go-to-sleep ritual easier! Each fairy tale contains pop-up games to make reading books more entertaining and educative. Find following learning games for kids in these storybooks: labyrinth, cards matching, jigsaw puzzles, hidden objects. This app is a great collection of the high-quality short story for kids with childrens stories and learning games for toddlers and preschoolers. Magic moments with vivid illustrations, professional voice narration, interactive activities, amazing animations, colorful pictures and beloved fairytales will delight kids and parents. Feel the magic of a kids story by the perfect storytelling! Best preschool learning app with interactive educational books for prepare boys and girls for kindergarten and first grade. Your feedback is important to us. For any technical issues, please email us at info amayasoft.

She is 3 and loves the story. She could spell her 1st name before, but now she is seeing it on paper, not just hearing it. The illustration is beautiful. This is such a special and unique gift. My family bought one for my son when he was born and it has now become my go to gift for showers and first birthdays.

Little children love hearing their name read out loud. It's a very thoughtful gift and it makes the parents happy as well. It's made very well with bright beautiful pictures. It did come with a crushed corner but one e-mail and a new one is on it's way.

Great customer service! We received one as a gift and just gave two as gifts, amazing responses from the people we gave the books to. The product offerings are fantastic--something for everyone! This was like finding treasure and not having to dig it up! The ease with which a download can be made--including all of the available options--is greatly appreciated. The downloads we made for the 4th birthdays of our four-year-old twin granddaughter and grandson are perfect uncertain about who will be more excited: Grandparents or Grandchildren!

I ordered the Fairy Princess book for my niece's 1st birthday. What a beautiful book - and a great keepsake. In addition to the beautiful colors and artwork it will help her learn how to spell her name! Great Gift - made the mother cry: Everybody seemed happy with the books.

It didn't feel right to give this as a present to a black little girl. We are sorry you were disappointed with how the book turned out. We use a variety of different ethnicities that make up our 63 different fairies.

Based on your child's name, we are sorry you did not receive a variety of different fairies in your book, as that is not our intention. I love seeing my Granddaughters full name in print, as I know she will too.

The colors, illustrations and story is wonderful. I would definitely recommend this book as a gift to any age. My book arrived with pages out of order. I was very disappointed. Customer Service assured me another is on the way. This is my fifth book, the others were fine. I See Me Editor's Note: You are correct, another book is on its way. We are happy to hear your other books were flawless and we are very sorry for our mistake.

We hope you love the books. I bought the Pirate book for my 4 year old grandson, and he absolutely loved it. I just received the Faries book for my month old granddaughter for Christmas, which I'm sure will be just as big a hit! These books are wonderful gifts - what's better than receiving something personalized that you can keep forever?

I received one of these books as a gift when my now 3. Love it, and finally got around to downloading the fairy tale book for my 10 month old daughter. Great keepsake. I still have my personalized storybook not iseeme, but some other publisher from when I was a tiny one, 40 years ago! I was so impressed with the quality, the colorful artwork and the story in general.

I bought the books for my two granddaughters and I can't wait to give them as Christmas presents. Your customer service is also top notch! I wouldn't hesitate to download again or make a recommendation! My 5 year old grand daughter loved the story with her first and last names as the princess fairy! Beautiful pictures, I'll be ordering more! Love this book! This is the third one I have downloadd and they are a hit with everyone. It has become a tradition for all the new baby girls in my family!

These books are exceptional in their story and colorful illustrations. Every book the company publishes seems to concentrate on positive self-esteem and character traits. Many promote learning about animals associated with the letter. There are books that make wonderful unique gifts for youngsters. What child doesn't enjoy seeing their name in print! I hope that they develop more such stories, because if there are two boys or two girls in a family, one likes to have a unique story for each.

These have been wonderful gifts to give and well received. The "I See Me" books are my go to gifts for new moms and friends with young children. My friends all love the books and comment how it is the best gift they received.

It is a very thoughtful and personal gift. I love this book. The quality is excellent, the pictures are very attractive, and I like the wording.

I'm giving it to my great-granddaughter on her birthday and can hardly wait to see her excitement when she gets it. The Fairy Tale book for my daughter was perfect! It has beautiful illustrations and it's a cute story. Two thumbs way up!! I ordered this book for my granddaughter for Christmas. She is going to love reading about herself in her own fairy tale. Wonderful, positive book for a young girl. I downloadd the book for my granddaughter who will be 1 year old on November 1st. I can't wait to give it to her.

The quality of the book, the illustrations, the story line and of course, the personalization all add to the exceptional value of the gift. I will definitely download more products for I See Me I received this book when my daughter was born.

Now that she is 2 she loves to point out the letters and find the hidden fairies. I just bought two copies for a 3rd birthday gift and a baby gift. Love this book; adds such a personal touch by using the dedication in the front. I am so excited to have run across this website randomly! My only niece is turning 1 year old next month and I wanted one of the gifts from me to be really personal since she lives 6 hours away.

Even though she is so young, I just know my sister and bro-in-law will love reading it to her just as much as she will love all of the pictures and vibrant colors! Who wouldn't want a book about them being the chosen fairy princess!?

The shipping was so fast, too! It said to allow 2 weeks and I received it in days.

Fairy Tale and Folk Tale Books

This book is probably the 12th book I have ordered as gifts for friend's babies and babies in my family. I think these books are the most beautiful gifts you can give anyone. They are treasured for years.

The wonderful book is exactly what I expected from their website. I have bought this book over 8 times and will continue. Every time I download the book I am impressed with it more and more. Very satisfied. My four year old loved reading the fairy tale book about her big sister so when she received her own you can imagine the excitement.

The perfect gift for any child My 5 grandchildren each received one when they were born Big Brother I love this book -- it's perfect for a 6-year-old who loves fairies. It's for her birthday and she doesn't have it yet, but I know she's going to love it too.

Beautifully done, and clever rhymes. I have bought books for each Grandchild when they are born. Over the years as the kids grow, they are thrilled to read about their names.

Your books are the ideal present for new parents. It a such a special gift that not only will the child enjoy, but it will also serve as a keepsake for them to have for a lifetime.

I love it! Can't wait to give it my granddaughter on her 4th birthday in May. She is the middle child and this will make her feel extra special. Thanks for your originality.

I ordered this book for my niece's 1st birthday and it was the perfect gift! It was the most unique and personal gift I could've given her. My sister was impressed and touched by the personalization and I was thrilled that she loved it! I'm thinking of making this a birthday tradition for my niece and I highly recommend this for any child in your life! Thank you so much! Ordered this book for our oldest granddaughter when she was three.

Realized last month, when she asked me to read it to her said it was her all time favorite book and she is now 9 yrs old So I ordered two..

These books are so much nicer now Highly recommend this book for all your young fairies.

I bought this for my niece's 1st birthday and can't wait to give it to her! The book is just adorable.

Welcome to the online fairy tales page!

I would definitely recommend it. This was my 3rd download with I See Me and the process is quite flawless and the product is superb. I have an infant that I read this book to all the time and I can't wait for her to be able to learn her name this way and feel special. I had a book similar to this when I was a child and I remember how special and important I felt and Im so glad this book has enabled me to give my daughter the same feeling.

Wonderfully written and illustrated, will definitely be ordering more personalized books in the future! I have ordered multiple titles of personalized products from I See Me and have been impressed and pleased with each item.

They are beautiful, colorful and best of all, personal! I couldn't be happier with the products and the customer service! Ordered as a baby shower gift, and Boy what a hit it was.

The new mom had to stop opening presents to read some of it. I just wish I would have gotten the baby's middle name before I ordered to make the story longer. But wanted to surprise them and did not know it.

Love the fairies. Only Wish you could pick the fairies yourself. If you have repeat letters you get the same fairy more then once. This is the perfect gift for anyone!!!

And the idea is great. It's a special and unique present. I have ordered three different books at different times and all experiences have been great. No issues with the books themselves, ordering, or shipping.

I told a friend about the books and she ordered two. Every parent has loved these special personalized gifts. I would not hesitate to order again.

This is a great gift for new born, birthdays its the best gift i ever give to my love ones. I would recommend these books for any little boys and girls, they are the best. A great idea for kids birthday presents. So far I have ordered two books and plan to order a few more in the near future. The kids are enjoying their books! Ordered the fairy book for my daughter's 3rd birthday and she loves it! The book was shipped very quickly and the quality of the book is very nice.

I plan on ordering for other children's birthdays, too. Book was well received. Everyone who saw it loved it. Service was quick and accurate granddaughter has a long name.

Highly recommend. The best idea for a gift to a kid they will cherish all their life. My niece was so touched and I will give this to every friend's kid now. Amazing collection and work! I ordered this book for Christmas for my 18mo old daughter.

The book is beautifully done and very colorful.

I included her middle name and was worried that it would be too long for her but she loves it and will sit through the whole thing. She asks to read it frequently.

Thanks for such a great book, I know she'll love it as she grows! I first received this lovely book for my son on the arrival of his birth, in Have continued to download these books as nothing else compares.

Well done! When my daughter received this for her first Christmas, she was blown away, as I was. Thanks again. This is our second time to order from I see me and we are just thrilled! We use these books for presents from our staff to the new moms on staff and they love them!! Thanks for a great product that is a super learning tool also. Loved this book. I downloadd for my daughter but great as a unique gift too. I hope it lasts for many years to come.

It is truly my favorite gift for new babies and any other new children in our lives. My only suggestion is to consider making two options for both boys and girls so I don't give the same book with a different name to siblings ;. I love this book; however, I really wish that you could select the fairies. My daughter is biracial, and I don't see as many book characters that look "like" her. One of the M fairies very much resembles my daughter; therefore, I was hoping so much that this fairy would be selected, as my daughter's name begins with M.

Alas, it was not. Of course, she will love the book, but it would have been even better if I could have chosen the fairies to fit who my daughter really is. We are happy to hear that your daughter likes the book. Your feedback is very important to us. We are currently working on improving our current titles, so that our products are as personalized as possible! I am delighted to have found this website and have bought 3 books so far and with a new nephew only 2 weeks away, a fourth is definitely in the offing!

The service is efficient and you are kept up to date with your order every step of the way - I just need more children now to get some new ones! I will be ordering my 5th book after writing this review, enough said? The books are absolutely amazing. I have downloadd them for first birthdays, christenings, and welcome to the world gifts.

The Real Fairy Storybook

We received this book as a gift when my daughter was born. At the end of the book we have to go through the list of all the fairies and point out which ones were used in her name "yes, no, yes, yes, yes, no I hope she will keep this book forever and be able to remember our special time together reading this before bedtime.

Our received one when he was born and it is amazing to watch him enjoy it more and more as he gets older. Two days later I found out my granddaughter already had the book.

I emailed I See Me, and they allowed me to order another book without any hassles. I even received a credit. The book came in, and I love it. It will be so special to have all the names she will recognize when she gets older. I will be ordering more books in the future.

First time downloading a book from here! Very pleased! It is a beautifull book that my niece will be able to cherish for a lifetime!

What little kid doesn't want a book with them as the main character?! Very impressed and I will definatley be ordering more books for her when the time comes! I bought this same book for my first granddaughter about 5 years ago. It is such a beautiful, timeless treasure. I just bought this for her baby sister. I know they will cherish them. I was way beyond pleased!! AND my 2nd granddaughter has 2 middle names and it was no problem.

Beautiful high quality story book. Something she will have and enjoy for a long time. I would highly recommend this book. I downloadd this book for my 4 yr old daughter for her birthday.

She loves her book and I love the hours we spend snuggled together reading it over and over again. Our son has one he received as a baby gift and it was one of my favorite gifts he has ever received. They both LOVE their books and feel special to have their own. I have given these books as new baby and 1st birthday gifts. I can't think of a better gift - it is personal, beautiful and the memories they will share from reading it together over the years is priceless.

So beautiful and bright. My daughter loves being the STAR of her own book. The book arrived slightly damaged but a quick email to customer service corrected the situation and a new book was shipped and received within the week! Amazing service! This is a beautiful book I downloadd for my daugher the day she was born.

The book is very well written and illustrated. This is something my daughter will keep for the rest of her life. I like the fact that the author did not use the same meanings when letters in her name came up more than once. Fantastic quality. This is a gift for my granddaughter's 4th birthday. She will treasure it as it beautifully spells out her full name. I will order again! This is the nicest fairy tale book ever! Beautiful illustrations and even more beautiful words that describe the wonderful qualities of little girls Much better than the very commercialized princesses on TV and everywhere else these days.

I picked this book because we can't find things with my daughters name on them and wanted something personalized.

And she loves books, so this works out great. It arrived very quickly and is very nice. The only thing I would change is having something on the page with the letters of their name, maybe some flowers or fairies or scrolling or something instead of a blank page with a letter. Other than that, very pleased! I download "I See Me" personalized books for my nephew and niece for every gift-giving occasion, and they are always great--this one for my niece's 2nd birthday is no different.

My first download was through a Groupon idea as a Christmas gift, but as I reveiwed the multiple gift ideas, and had multiple children in mind, I wished I could've downloadd one for each of them.

The recipient, and all who read the book, just absolutely adored it. I forwarded the "I see me" link to many who wished I forwarded the Groupon link when it was available. If you consider another Groupon promotion, I will definitely forward that to everyone on my email list. I do wish they would of done more than just spell her name though, this one is not as personal as the others I bought.

My daughter Hailee received this book for Christmas from her uncle and auntie and she loves it. It the best personalized gift you could give any child. I will be ordering some for my nieces and nephews as well. Excellent quality paper. Cute, but not outstanding illustrations. Somewhat disappointed that the letter L fairy was repeated in spelling my granddaughter's name.

Pages with just the letter on them should be decorated with either a border or flowers or something colorful. Gave this one to our youngest Princess granddaughter.

She loves it and wants mom to read it to her over and over again! We absolutely love this book! Thank you so much: I am a teacher and book snob. I do not like cheesy children's books. So many of the personalized books out there are cheap-looking. These books are amazing! The illustrations are beautiful, detailed, and unique and the literature is comparable to award-winning authors. I loved the books I ordered and would totally order them again as gifts!

The book is gorgeous!

My only complaint is that the corner of the book was crushed during shipping. We are sorry to hear your gift was damaged during shipping. Please contact customerservice iseeme. Thank you for shopping at I See Me! My niece was so delighted with her book my gift to her for her birthday that she immediately wanted to read it, despite not having finished opening all her gifts. She also insisted on taking it to school the next day to share with her school friends.

My parents have downloadd 2 of your products in years past for our 2 daughters. I ordered one for my god-daughter, but have yet to receive it, shipping always takes a bit longer living overseas. In any case, I have seen the quality and creativity of your products and already know my friends and their daughter will love it!

Giving this as a special, one-of-a-kind treasure gave me great pleasure. Our ANNA will always know how much we love her. It's a lifetime memory maker. My daughter got this book as a gift for her 3rd birthday and I bought it for my niece this Christmas. Both girls loved it and all kids love a story about them! I remember the ones I got as a kid and still have them. I am absolutely thrilled with the Fairy Tale book I received.

The pages are beautifully illustrated - colorful and fun. We have a long last name so I never expected my grandaughter's first, middle, and last names to be included in the story. What a fun suprise. I wish I had ordered one for my older grandaughter Thank you, Jacque Sayotovich. I Bought this book for my niece. She loved all the vibrant colors and the story. To see her eyes light up as the book spells her name is priceless!!

The book was very cute and beautifully executed. I loved the book just was disappointed in the fact that it was shipped in a envelope, with no padding, so the corners of the book were dented in even before the book was used.

Didn't look so good when giving it as a gift. We are happy to hear that you enjoyed giving the book as a gift. We are currently working on changing the packaging that I See Me books are shipped in. We will contact you soon. This is my 2nd order.

Fairy Tale Books for Kids, Story Books of Fairy Tales- Hinkler Books

These are such adorable books and are so unique. This may become my "go to" gift for future little one gifts. Very well constructed and good quality pages. I do wish that I could have chosen which fairies wereused. Would have preferred a mix of ethnic groups. Even so, this will be something my granddaughter can keep for a lifetime. We ordered this for our daughter and the My Very Own Name book for a friend-- absolutely love both of them! It is a great keepsake and the kids love to see their name printed in a book!

It's a great way to give a personalized gift! I downloadd this for my 4 year old's birthday. She hasn't opened it yet, but I did. As I read, my eyes just teared up and I got choked up. The story is adorable, and the illustrations are beautiful.

I have to wait 2 more weeks to see her expression! This is a treasure! We haven't given this to our friend's daughter yet for her birthday, but I flipped through it and it is adorable! It will be a great book she will enjoy for years to come! This personalized book is a gift for my granddaughter's 4th birthday, and I'm more than sure she will absolutely love it!

Very unique and special! I didn't find these in time for Christmas, but ordered them a couple of weeks ago for our granddaughter and our 2 great nieces.

I am SO excited to give them as gifts this year. I only wish I had found this earlier. What a special, very personal gift. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous. The story is wonderfully told. I paid extra to have the middle names put in, but it was well worth the extra cost. This will become my go-to gift for new baby girls. downloadd this book for my daughter's 5th birthday as a gift.

She loves it.

The book is illustrated beautifully and my daughter loves the fact that it's all about her. This is a specific gift for any child, especially the little princess in your life. An absolutely beautiful book!!

My niece loved seeing her name spelled out and the story is enchanting. I didn't get to see the book myself as it was direct shipped, but my 2 year old granddaughter loves it as do her mommy and daddy. They said the colors are brilliant and it is the first book my granddaughter goes for when it is story time.

It was supposed to be for her second birthday in January, but daddy found the hidden book ahead of time. This was a wonderful idea as my granddaughter loves wearing her princess dress. Ever since we found out about the "name" books we have ordered them for all the grandchildren as well as other children. Having books for both genders is helpful. The Feedback is that children enjoy them and the parents enjoy reading them to the children.

In comparison to myths and legends, the time and place of occurrence in fairy tales are not defined. Their characteristics include the appearance of fantastic elements in the form of talking animals, magic, witches and giants, knights and heroes.

It wasn't until the 17th century that fairy tales in Europe were written down and preserved for future generations. The first to do research on fairy tales was the indologist Theodor Benfey during the 19th century. In the Finnish researcher Antti Aarne categorized fairy tales by their narrative content.

Her work was later translated and enriched by Stith Thompson, with the result being the Aarne-Thompson classification system. In the Russian scholar Vladimir Propp contributed with his structural study of the morphology of fairy tales - an important research contribution. Believe Me, Goldilocks Rocks! Really, Rapunzel Needed a Haircut!

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