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No longer a virgin, thanks to her ex-foster father, Holly and Jack are engaged and it's time for his bachelor party. But she's determined that he won't be putting his. Tempting Mr. Parker by Gia Blue by Gia Blue PDF DOWNLOADS TORRENT Author(s): Gia Blue Format: epub,mobi,lrf,lit,htmlz,pdb,azw. My Daddy's Best Friend (Tempting Mr. Parker _1) by Gia Blue - Ebook download as ePub .epub), Text File .txt) or read book online. normal.

This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, organizations, events or locales is entirely coincidental. A Coming Together Production. Smashwords edition. License Notes. Piracy robs authors of the income they need to be able to continue to write books for readers to enjoy. This ebook is licensed for the personal enjoyment of ONE reader only. This ebook may not be re-sold or copied. To do so is not only unethical, it's illegal. This ebook may not be forwarded via email, posted on personal websites, uploaded to file sharing sites, or printed and distributed. To share this book, please download an additional copy for each intended recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this—and every—author.

Smut Talk.

Bears Discover Smut. The Big Book of Breasts. The Big Book of Death. The Big Book of Marketing. Big Book of Windows Hacks. Big Book of Church Jokes. The Big Book of Concepts. Big Book of Science Fiction. Big Book Of Homemade Weapons. The Big Book of Lofts. Smut- Two Unseemly Stories. The Big Book of Packaging. The Big Book of Weirdos.

The Big Book of Cantrips. Big Resource Book. Velda's Big Little Book. The Big Little Book. I get a dozen flowers to tell me he's waiting at the Holiday Inn. That's what I have found today. I've just finished English Lit and tromp into my room, only to have a bouquet shoved into my hands while my roommate chirps like a bird about my secret admirer. The roses are the creme de la creme of any florist shop; red, large and intensely fragrant. Parker has never sent me the cheap stuff.

Always the best for his Jess.

I bet he's loaded. He's loaded, right? Trust fund kid. Or a fat guy looking for a sugar baby.

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Those are the kind of guys who do this stuff. You actually don't know who's sending these? I suppress the urge to roll my eyes. After my first round of fucking with Mr.

Parker, but before he returned for more, Jolene and I had been fuck buddies,,, experimenting on each other and getting off whenever we had time. But since Mr. Parker and I made the commitment thing, I only sleep with him. Jolene thinks I'm seeing someone and that I know who the roses are from. But I'm tight-lipped. Parker is my secret.

Besides, he isn't anything like Jolene describes. He parachutes from choppers with an ammo filled bag and an automatic rifle, just dives right into the heart of enemy territory, scouting and killing the big baddies. But with me, he's romantic. He knows I love roses, and never fails to surprise me with them, or other thoughtful gifts, when they're least expected.

He's a keeper. Jolene is still going on and on, but I ignore her, slip out of my frumpy clothes and hunt up something simple and sexy for my man.

A half hour later I'm out the door, heading to see Mr. Jolene gives me the third degree. Her suspicions grate on me, but I utter an easy lie, tell her I'm doing research in the library.

I giggle to myself as I head down the stairs. Oh yeah, I'm going to do some research all right. It's going to revolve around a fat cock, and how best to fuck. In moments, I'm in my car, squirming on the seat, anticipation building as I leave campus and head toward the hotel.

Big Book of Smut

My panties are damp; just thinking about Mr. Parker makes me wet and hot. It's been almost two months since I last saw him and I've missed him more than I want to admit. Miss touching him. Fucking him. Hearing his deep, baritone voice. He sends shivers down my spine with each syllable he utters. Out of everything, I miss his smell. Male musk, sweat, spicy cinnamon and Davidoff's Cool Water cologne. All of it together creates his distinctive scent.

When I pull into the Holiday Inn parking lot, I hardly give the car a moment to stop before I spring from my vehicle and head toward the lobby. I tell the lovely lady behind the counter that I'm visiting Mr. Parker and he's expecting me.

Of course, she shoots me the "I-know-what-you're-doing-naughty-girl" look and rings Joseph's room. She must think I'm a pro. My dress is cut low on top and short at the bottom, showing off everything I've got to offer.

I've topped off my dress with a black pair of "fuck me" boots. He loves these boots. I'm dressed to be fucked. Hard and often.

Make You Mine by Tia Louise

Hell yeah. The woman bobs her head a few times while she converses with Mr. Parker, a fake smile stretched across her face. Her painted lips are fire engine red and slathered with generous dollops of lip gloss. She looks like she just drank a container of oil. I itch to snag a tissue and wipe her mouth. Parker is in room one-thirty-four. If you take the elevator to your left and get off on the second floor, it will be to your right next to the vending station. You're a doll.

Parker's room. I knock gently on the door. I've just struck the surface when he wrenches the door open, hauls me inside and then shoves it closed behind me. For a moment, all I can do is stare, frozen like a deer in headlights.

It's obvious Mr. Parker just got out of the shower. Droplets of water cling to his chest, and he's clad in a white towel. He's darker now, tanned by Iraq's sun.

Dark Instinct by Jayne Blue (ePUB) - Epub Dump

Leaner, too. New sinewy muscles have been revealed to me, and I can't wait to discover them with my tongue. Parker is one hundred percent fuckably delicious. I lick my lips and jump on him, rip his towel from his hips and devour his mouth, our tongues twining while I search out the taste that's come to mean more to me than breathing. I wrap my legs around his waist, grasp his shoulders, and I distantly hear the hotel door thump close.

We maul each other, tongues and teeth, hungry and greedy for each other. God, I've missed him so much it hurts. In a few smooth moves, he undresses me, and then throws me naked into the middle of the mattress, body bouncing. My back hits the hotel sheets, cool surface contrasting with my heated body. I spread my legs wide, pussy already wet and ready for his thick cock.

Which he seems more than willing to give me. He strokes his stiff shaft, root to tip with a light squeeze just below the head. I know he likes that, loves it when I suck the soft underside, give him a gentle twist while I blow him.

I slip a finger between my sopping folds, tempt and tease him. Silently beg him to give me what I want. In a blink, he's on me, crawls between my thighs and shoves his dick into my pussy. I mewl. He groans. We don't need foreplay,,, the mental masturbation I went through on the way over, the anticipation thrumming through my veins, has made me more than ready for him. I wrap my legs around his lean waist, wrap my arms around his neck, hold him close.

He plunges deep, hard and fast, then stills inside me.

His cock throbs in my channel, pulses. He's humongous and stretches me beyond belief, to the point of pain, but I love it. God, I fucking love it. While he was gone, I'd downloadd an expensive cyberskin dildo I'd named Mr.

Parker Two. And used it,,, a lot.

When I was horny, and my roommate was at class.

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