Code Happy is the best-selling book for version 3 of the Laravel PHP Framework. It's available in a number of awesome formats including PDF and eBook. Laravel: Code Happy. Application development with the Laravel PHP Framework for beginners. Dayle Rees. Table of Contents. Laravel: Code. Nota: Code Happy fa riferimento a Laravel 3. Ti consiglio di comprare Code Bright, dedicato a Laravel 4. Questo libro è una guida a Laravel, un potente.

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Laravel Code Happy Ebook

Add Ebook Bundle to Cart. Laravel: Code Happy. Laravel: Code Bright. Laravel: Code Smart. Code Evolution. Books. $ Suggested Price. Leanpub helps authors to self-publish in-progress ebooks. .. Inside the extracted Laravel source code (you remember where you put it, right?). Add Ebook Bundle to Cart. Laravel: Code Happy. Laravel: Code Bright. Laravel: Code Smart. Code Evolution. Books. Add Ebook Bundle to.

API resources were introduced in Laravel 5. Prerequisites This tutorial assumes you already have the following: A basic knowledge of Laravel. Have the Laravel i nstaller installed on your computer. API resources is made of two entities: a resource class and a resource collection. A resource class represents a single model that needs to be transformed into a JSON structure, while a resource collection is used for transforming collections of models into a JSON structure.

The first thing that struck us about developing with Laravel was how simple it was. And other things along those oh so cynical lines.

But our experience was that it really did seem to make development more fun.

Laravel provides just enough built-in features that you can focus on the more interesting parts of your app without having to worry too much about the boring basics. So what are these features? But it does work well — and simply — while allowing for more advanced features like eager loading.

Laravel: Code Bright

Unless you have a really crazy schema the chances are Eloquent will work well for you. My point being?

Laravel has Redis support built in. How nice. Laravel does come with a handy db migration tool too. Added to this is the Schema class, which basically lets you very easily create database structure without coding any native SQL.

Laravel: Code Happy

Bundles An important feature of any framework is a community of developers who contribute extra functionality to the core through some form of plugin system. This means that the book is available in an incomplete state, but will grow over time into a complete title.

All future updates will be provided for free. It leads to less stress and better writing. If I think of a better way to explain something, I can go back and change it.

PHP Programming Language

In a sense, the book will never be completed. I can constantly add more information to it, until it becomes the perfect resource. Given that this time I am using the majority of my spare time to write the title yes, I have a full time job too!

I was told by many of my past readers that they found the previous title very cheap for the resource that it grew into, so if you are worried about the new price, then let me remind you what you will get for your 29 bucks. An unending source of information, chapters will be constantly added as needed until the book becomes a giant vault of framework knowledge. Comedy, and a little cheesy, but very friendly writing.

So authors can have a login, upload images of their book covers, write descriptions, enter in information for getting paid, etc. Libraries can log in to make downloads. The system even allows for download Orders. And Admins can go in to administrate the system, manage users, etc. It also allows us to control the checkout process. We can tell if a user has a book checked out and how many copies a library has available to them for users.

I think it is safe to say that this type of functionality would have been much more difficult in a Commercial Off The Shelf System. This was a unique problem, a unique application, and my only sadness is that I did not come up with it.

Laravel: Code Bright by Dayle Rees

I really think August and his team are onto something here. We are just happy they have allowed us to be part of the team. It is no secret that we are primarily an ExpressionEngine shop but we do work with other Content Management Systems.

And on occasion we know it is best to drop all of the CMSs and go with something that is custom.

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