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Like the Flowing River: Thoughts and Reflections Coelho, Paulo Like the Flowing River: Thoughts and Reflections Paulo Coelho Translated from the Portuguese. A breathtaking collection of reflections from one of the world's best loved storytellers, Paulo Coelho. In this riveting collection of thoughts and stories, Paulo . Download PDF Like the Flowing River: Thoughts and Reflections, PDF Book Details Author: Paulo Coelho Pages: Publisher: Harpercollins Pb Brand: English ISBN: Publication Date: Release Date: 3.

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Paulo Coelho Like The Flowing River English Pdf

This is a breathtaking collection of reflections from one of the world's best loved storytellers, Paulo Coelho. In this riveting collection of thoughts. Paulo Coelho's life remains the primary source of inspiration for his books. He has lost and recovered his faith and experienced the pain and pleasure of love. Best Free Books Like the Flowing River Thoughts and Reflections [PDF, Docs] by Paulo Coelho Books Online for Read "Click Visit button" to access full FREE.

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By being published first in Iran, the book falls under the national copyright law of Iran. This copyright measure created an unusual situation where a book is first published in a language other than the author's native language.

Like the Flowing River by Paulo Coelho EBook | PDF Free Download

However, the book was banned in Iran a few months after its publication, during the 18th Tehran International Book Fair. The story revolves around the life of the narrator , a bestselling novelist, and in particular his search for his missing wife, Esther. He enjoys all the privileges that money and celebrity bring. He is suspected of foul play by both the police and the press, who suspect that he may have had a role in the inexplicable disappearance of his wife from their Paris home.

As a result of this disappearance, the protagonist is forced to re-examine his own life as well as his marriage. The narrator is unable to figure out what led to Esther's disappearance. Was she abducted or had she abandoned the marriage? He encounters Mikhail, one of Esther's friends, during a book launch.

He learns from Mikhail that Esther, who had been a war correspondent against the wishes of her husband the protagonist , had left in a search for peace, as she had trouble living with her husband. The author eventually realizes that in order to find Esther he must first find his own self. Mikhail introduces him to his own beliefs and customs, his mission of spreading love by holding sessions in restaurants and meeting homeless people living in the streets.

He tells the narrator about the voices he hears, and his beliefs related to them. The narrator, who only too frequently falls in love with women, consults with his current lover, Marie, about his encounters with Mikhail. Coelho, here, offers an eye-opening realities of human life. Here, he selects no character or prefers no categorized events or incidents as a fictional element but uses the glimpses of magical words in the greatest, smallest or even simplest things of human life.

Impact Factor JCC : 6. Life seeks actions to make it successful as it is continuously involved in innumerable deeds by confronting various events and facing and receiving success and defeats, pioneering optimism, accepting the loss to assert the existence as the modern human being. All through the considered texts of this study encircles the Coelhoian philosophy, his vision of life and mission to make it successful and meaningful.

Being pragmatic and an existentialist he covers every nook and cranny of human life to reveal its meaning through his collections and experiences. But the interesting matter is, though he was raised in a Catholic family he left his faith in his 20s; however, he later returned to it and became a devout Catholic, and here in his thoughts and reflections a proof is found regarding his spiritual attitude and asserting himself as a transcendentalist.

Paulo Coelho starts his Like the Flowing River: Thoughts and Reflections with a preface where he justifies himself for his choice to be a writer going beyond the decisions and choices of his parents. To serve his purpose all through the stories and articles Coelho uses metaphors, images, symbols where necessary. The grandmother mentions five qualities of the pencil which give us lessons to find out our inner self.

So you, too, must learn to bear certain pains and sorrows, because they will make you a better person. In just the same way, you should know that everything you do in life will leave a mark, so try to be conscious of that in your every action. I can only conclude that worse www. This story is about the monastery of Mayu Kagi which teaches the Zen Buddhism. An old master used to bring his cat during meditation in order to enjoy its company.

When he died, the monastery continued to allow the cat to attend the classes.

[PDF] Like the Flowing River: Thoughts and Reflections by Paulo Coelh…

Generation after generation, people started believing that the cat is primordial to meditation and developed theses about that. This custom stopped when an allergic master decided to remove the cat from his daily practices. This phenomenon becomes more dangerous when these traditions are related to Religion. Indeed, the social, economic and political conditions in a country can influence people and make them use religion to invent new rituals which have actually no relation to religion.

While praying he addressed God as Lord seeking His protection of his humanly desire. It teaches to be proactive and do what we think we should do to help humanity and to maintain a legacy after our death. Rather we should utilize this fear as our motivation and a way out to pursue the dreams we kept aside for this unchanged reality. He reminds us to dream no matter how big, no matter how absurd.

In his stories, a Manuel series are there, where we find the character Manuel in three different stages of his life. Here, Manuel is the symbolic representation of the postmodern human being who starts his life from nothingness and gradually turns his life to keep pace with the situation.

Meanwhile, even though his life had a happy ending, his last days on earth were very complicated. Here, the author criticised the unworthy, illogical and whimsical decision that the then American government took against Iraq. This story also teaches us how to control our self by using words, behaving with others because these acts are like bows, while thrown can never get back.

This is the crude and irrational reality for 21st-century children. Through his stories, articles, thoughts, and observations Coelho tries to convey his philosophy of life concerning postmodern human nature and to assert their existence. Though regarding postmodernism existentialism resides far away back but it is the all-time related idea to establish a human identity as an individual.

Existentialism deals with the human conditions and their problems in this world. Jean-Paul Sartre philosophizes, in comparison with others only man is real andhis existence is superior to others. As a moralistic theory, Existentialism states, freedom and responsibility are interlinked and the freedom of human beings will be exacted by their actions.

As Coelho concerns mostly on the way and art of living in his writing, he suggests, like an existentialist, how we can make life more attractive and meaningful since all things in this world are interrelated.

To Coelho, life is a journey with dreams and desires and we should accept this journey with love and patience so that we can reach our goal because we know nothing about what is coming next or what is going to happen in our future. Sartre, As a firm believer in the power of love, according to Coelho, love is the only force which has the power to change the world.

He writes that those who love to conquer the world and have no fear of loss. Who takes the path of love always suffers but in every love there lies the seed of growth. True love is an act of total surrender. He makes the reader see the hidden and unseen stratum of visions and thoughts.

His book The Fifth Mountain too speaks about the faith conspicuously. Only a man who is happy can create happiness in others. The postmodern literary writers frequently select their subjects and components of writing like characters, historical evidence, religious events, and beliefs, and language and structural pattern not only from their surroundings or their own country but also include diversity throughout the world to make it international. Likewise, Paulo chooses people as characters to convey his message or solution from prostitutes to priest, common man to the king, children to superior and so on.

He as a supporter of multiculturalism covers the values from Buddhism, Hinduism, Zionism, Christianity, and Islam to bear the real delight of reading. He nicely applies abstract and concrete symbols which represent various disciplines like history, geography, theology, philosophy, psychology, mythology, science and arts.

He is not following logic or science as modernists do rather he prioritizes his senses, emotion and willpower.

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In some relevant cases, metafiction is found in his stories in the form of allegories, quotations and allusions that fulfill his Aesopian structural form. Like Aesop, he selects his language as simple and prefers everyday vocabulary so that the narrative style stays more close to the reader, and meaning and message of the story can easily be understood by every person as well. The outlook of Life is reflected in his stories.

He shows how the good aims, dreams, thoughts, and lastly the actions bring positive result and ultimately connect to the Soul of the world.

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