Hello, 1. Are you able to open PDF files on other browsers? 2. Is this a new problem? When did it start? One thing you can try is to configure the. I found that the solution put forward on usaascvb.info will-open-internet-explorer - which involved creating a new. Hey, Experiencing an issue with PDF's not downloading, or loading completely and stalling, causing the browser to hang in our company.

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Pdf Hangs Ie

Every time I try to open a PDF document my IE 9 crashes and gives me message that IE suddenly quit and we will try to recover web. Hi all, I'm having a problem opening PDFs from links in IE About 50% of the time, attempting to do so will crash the program. I saw others had this problem. The print options box appears when the print icon is clicked but the "page handler" section is garbled. No print preview shows. If the "print".

View Results. Remember Me. I noticed it happens on Windows , Windows 7 and Windows In Acrobat Reader XI the location hast changed to: With protected mode enabled PDFs will be opened in a sandbox. I just assume this was a minor bug or performance issue on my PC. This solves my problem of perma-stuck for about 10 seconds every time when i tried opening a simple PDF documents. This webpage should be stickied everywhere else on the web.

But in IE, there were multiple calls, and the really odd thing was that all of the content of the PDF was downloaded in the first response, while each subsequent request was for a few more bytes of the PDF - which don't exist and therefore never completed.

That left the browser hanging. After discovering that, I asked out network analyst to check there was nothing in his realm that was causing this issue.

He ruled out the firewall, group policy and IE's trusted sites vs. I finally realised the problem only existed with PDFs from our corporate website, and those seem PDFs opened without issue if copied to other website platforms SharePoint and WordPress in my case.

As a result, I isolated the problem in my case to the software that our corporate website is built in and runs on: Progress Sitefinity Telerik. Their technical support says the issue is fixed in version 11, we are running version The results are in!

See what nearly 90, developers picked as their most loved, dreaded, and desired coding languages and more in the Developer Survey. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Factory install of windows I Installed IE11 ver Any ideas on what might be causing this?

As a followup the solution I went with was to abandon any dependence on the adobe reader plugin and silverlight. Time to move on. Tom Benjamin Tom Benjamin 32 2.

We prefer that you quote the answer in enough detail to be usable i. That a good practice. I've waited until now to prove or disprove that as a solution since it appeared to work at first, but then the problem would reappear.

SOLVED: Adobe Reader X hangs after opening a PDF file - van Efferen

Now that I have finally tracked down the cause and therefore the solution in our case, I will add another answer. The lessons I learned from this were: Don't give up. Identify all of the pieces involved in getting a file from a website to a user's PC.

Ask people with expertise that I don't have to help.

Read other suggested solutions thoroughly before trying them out. Try all the solutions methodically one at a time , using different PCs, different browsers etc. If a proposed solution doesn't work, then remove it so you are back to a common baseline.

PDF files making Internet Explorer crash

Welcome to Super User. It sounds like you had a similar problem as the OP, however reading your answer it isn't clear how your solution applies to the OP's specific circumstances. Can you edit your answer to clarify how it solves the OP's problem? Sounds stupid but are you installing the bit version? Your description makes it sound like the problem is with Ninite packages and not the Reader itself since installing directly from adobe works fine.

IE 10 crashes when opening a PDF

That's what I'm thinking as well though I'm not sure why that would be. I'll shoot the Ninite folks a message as well.

The path in the key still points to Reader Change Thanks for those details, we're digging into this and we'll make sure our configurations handle this case properly. We haven't been hearing from other people about this issue, so it seems to only happen in a few cases. We'll make Ninite handle it right though. I wanted to mention that I have 16 users with the same issue. Re-installing Reader isn't a fix or changing the reg key.

These were all updated from Ninite Pro.

To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. Anyone else have any issues with XI and IE lately? Please tell me I'm not the only one Best Answer. Ninite Dec 21, at We found 3 helpful replies in similar discussions:. Fast Answers! CatatonicBug Oct 27, Here is the text from that: File Creation: Copy the. Create 2 new folders - "C: Open CMD as administrator and run the following to extract the.

When prompted in the installation process for a location, enter C: Update the. When prompted for a file location, enter C: Copy "setup. Open C: Was this helpful? Kristin Apr 03, See all 3 answers.

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