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The Witcher 2 - Game Guide - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Download: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Game Guide Strategy Game Guide and This PDF game guide is compatible with the free Adobe Reader format. This guide to Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings contains a very detailed, richly illustrated description of all the main and side missions found in the.

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The Witcher 2 Walkthrough Pdf

Come here for help with every story quest in the game, chapter by chapter. Don't forget that there's also a separate section for Side Quests!. Welcome to IGN's wiki guide to The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Inside you'll find walkthroughs for each chapter and tips for completing side. Retro Magazines, Comics, Game Guide, Game Book Scans» Game Guides» The Witcher 2 - Assassins of Kings Prima Official eGuide (website rip).

All rights reserved. The Witcher game is based on the prose of Andrzej Sapkowski. All other copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The Witcher 2 - Game Guide Cover. A Test of Fire. The Nekker Contract. The Endriag Contract.

A side quest described below Side Quest: Runaways deals with that. It leads to a backyard with a well at its centre. There, we will be attacked by several still surviving castle defenders.

The well turns out to be an entrance to the sewers running beneath the city [3]. Again, we should deal with them with the steel sword and the Yrden Sign. We exit the tower. After defeating them, we enter the temple grounds. We reach the courtyard and find ourselves on the other side of the gate we have to open. We defend ourselves against the last of the enemy soldiers. One of them should have the key to a room we passed by moments ago.

Now we simply use it. We meet Foltest and Roche on the courtyard. Vernon will interrupt our story again, bringing us back to the torture chamber.

It appears that the Temerian is slowly beginning to trust us. If we recounted all other events to him, we only need to finish our testimony… We resume the story from the moment of our meeting with the High Priest and Count Tailles, who will soon reveal that Anais and Boussy are in the hermitage nearby. We must be prepared for two QTEs that, if failed, will end our adventure with the Witcher 2.

Roche falls, wounded. We and the king reach the hermitage and find the children on the upper floor, accompanied by a monk. Foltest asks Geralt to wait, for he could scare the children. The monk proposes a joint prayer.

The court will surely sentence us to death. But how to leave the cell? Either way, a fistfight with two opponents awaits us. After defeating the guards, we find the cell keys on one of them. We can try sneaking to the exit, or just kill all encountered guards. After opening the door we should hide in the cell on the left and wait for the jailer to approach the door we emerged from.

We sneak behind him and over- power him.

Then we follow the stairs up [2]. Depending on the one we choose, and on the choice we made when facing Aryan the story will be somewhat different. We put out the torch nearby — that will draw his attention, allowing us to overpower him.

So we go left, to where the guard came from. Therefore we hide in one of the empty cells and sneak to overpower a guard. Then we sneak into the next room. Evading a guard, we crouch behind the barrels to the left. We put out a nearby torch, and when the jailer will come to light it, we dispose of him.

Then we enter the next room [4]. The nobleman overpowers them, and then Geralt shows himself. We then go upstairs and defeat the guards found there. After a while, we reach a spot in which the nobleman will tell us of a secret passage [5]. He opens it and tells us to flee; he will take care of the rest. He sets the barrels found in the room ablaze, cutting us off.

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We jump down to the garden and sneak towards the man. The girl tells us that Ves was taken to the tower [2]. We go upstairs. Pretending to be a prostitute. From there. Inside we see a bound Ves. Loredo jumps at us from the next room.

He will then explain it in detail to both Geralt and his unit. We should expect a QTE. A ladder awaits us there. We should expect a little QTE.

If we decide to help Roche. We defeat the assailant and release Ves. The tower door is locked. We check it out.

We go upstairs and open the door. It will take us to the ship. So we reveal ourselves and join the battle. But that will happen in Act II. If we waste too much time..

[PDF] Download The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Official Game Guide O…

Saving the women is a simple QTE. Sneak towards the town.

Approaching the wharf. Defeating more and more enemies. The Aard and Yrden Signs will also be useful. It seems the Com- mander is waiting for us. Approaching the river. The elves fish us out and we sail for the Kingdom of Aedirn.

He assigns his best scout and a few men to us. If we manage to save them all. We free the prisoners kept on the barge. In the last moment Geralt jumps to the pier. The plan is simple. We defeat the guards on deck and below. A unit of Squirrels will support us from the forest. We follow the scout further.

After talking with Iorveth. But it is too late to warn the other unit. The other elves will attack under his command from the river.. Making our way there through the forest. By the stairs to the hospital basement we face a nekker. We should use our medallion to avoid falling into any traps set in the ruins. The elf claims that two people have recently gone missing while exploring the basement of this haunted place.

As we explore the basement. We see the ghost of a Nilfgaardian soldier. For a small fee Margot will tell us that we. Someone took them and stored them in the chest by the window. Ves will try to calm both down. If we pick this option. A few rooms later. The girl. We lead the two men out of the basement and talk to them. In the next room we meet the Nilfgaardian ghost again. Then we return to Gridley. We take the medical journal fragments found in the chest and continue to explore the base- ment in search for Gridley.

We follow the ghost deeper into the ruins and enter a room where several ghosts attack us. If we accept their invitation and join them. To our surprise it is not aggressive. We find the medicine nearby. We defend ourselves with the silver sword and the Yrden and Quen Signs. A peasant will wake us up somewhere on the riverbank. After a few more mugs. We can find it in the room to the left. The unpleasant situation will end in a fight between Geralt and Roche.

If we bribe or intimidate the peasant. So we must find some tranquilizers and apply them to Gridley. After lifting the curse we have to decide whether we let Rupert and Gridley go or hand them over to Loredo.

After another mug of the golden drink one of the solders will suggest an armwrestling duel. However it asks us to bring it the hearts and eyes of those who tortured it — Rupert and Gridley whom it lured here.

A lot of them. At least our belongings were not lost in action as we have been. Ves will challenge us to a knife throwing contest. It would appear that the only way to bring peace to this place is finding the wraith that the tortured man has become.

The sole female member of the Special Forces will tell us that we tried to cross the river with her friends. Should we win. Party Visiting our friends from the Temerian Special Forces. After defeating the ghosts. After slaying slightly more than a dozen nekkers. The Endriag Contract Just like the nekker contract.

Once we collapse all the tunnels. Before we can take care of the nekker problem properly. To make them. We must be very careful and skillfully use the Yrden Sign to immobilize the creatures and finish them off one by one with our silver sword. After killing enough of them. Geralt will reach the conclusion that the monsters use a system of under- ground tunnels to move across the forest. Again like with nekkers.

Geralt will realise that getting rid of the endriags for good will only be possible after their cocoons — yel- lowish. The best way to destroy the tunnels is collapsing them. The Nekker Contract On the notice board standing in front of the Flotsam inn. If we can find and destroy all entrances to these tun- nels.

After we kill them. Practice is the best teacher. Destroying their nests. Once we defeat him. Einar Gausler and: Two Pairs. We follow him to the riverbank and. Bartholomew will mention Adam Pangratt. However to play against Sindram. Full House. Four-of-a-Kind and Five-of-a-Kind. Winning against Max will allow us to duel the local champion. Flotsam Armwrestling. After besting the dwarf. The winning rolls from lowest to highest are: After asking him about armwrestling.

Poker Face: Flotsam Dice Poker is a minigame familiar to anyone who played the first Witcher. After the first round. Max is a tough opponent. First we place our bet. Keep in mind not to throw them too vigorously. Six-High Strait. We should easily find the champion in the village. Casmir and Bendeck are the weakest in the Poker League.

After defeating Sten. When beaten. Five-High Strait. After defeating Sendler. Bartholomew Bargee. To face him. The opponent will always throw his dice after we did. The game requires us to throw five six-sided dice. Skinny Sten. We need but 5 orens to test our mettle against him. As Geralt grows more tired.

Then try to knock the remaining one with the Aard Sign and finish him off with the steel sword. If we want to take part. The guards placed them in a chest by the gate. When leaving the mansion. After reaching the place we still have a chance to quit. After that victory Ziggy King. When we win. Sheridan will give us something extra. If we talk to one of them. Before the championship duel with the fourth fistfighter. Ziggy will be waiting for us daily after As we visit the Flotsam inn.

Loredo will not share his winnings with us. Once the inn tournament is finished. It is a Quick Time Event using the A. Chorab [2]. Until now. After saving him from a nekker. The creature will demand a toll in alcohol. The peasant tells us that the area needs an intact bridge and a sober troll. But now the bridge is ruined.

In the forest. After a few of our blows. Because trolls are sentient creatures. Before we go looking for the troll. Worth a try. Maybe a mage or an alchemist? Thus we go to Sile; maybe she can give us a lead. After talking to the sorceress, we should also go the inn and talk to Zoltan. We can acquire the head from Sendler by winning at dice poker with him.

Now we only have to look for shady individuals around the inn after dark. After a short chat he attacks us. Knowing what our pro- fession is, the stranger will offer a huge sum of money for our help. Supposedly its fumes are poison- ous. The woman leading the group will ask us to do something about this shady business. The proprietor, of course, admits to nothing, but we can convince him to close his stall either through persuasion or intimidation if we properly developed these skills.

This will please the people gathered outside and bring additional orens to our pouch. We can get the real formula for the incense this way. We can also inform him about the offer Pugg made and get a false formula. With the formula in hand, we go to see Vencel. Never too careful, especially if orens are at stake. So we ask him to give us the formula back and agree to meet him at one of the town gates. When he reaches the gate, Vencel asks us to allow him to cover our eyes, as he wishes the location of his laboratory to remain secret.

The thugs will take our weapons and the incense recipe. With sword in hand, dodging enemy attacks, we should be able to deal with Vencel and his men. And so we go there [2]. Entering the cave, we find and examine bloody trails. Following the blood trails we find the corpses of the guardsmen. Before we can examine them closely, however, we must defeat a necrophage attracted by them. When the creature grasps its own head and begins to tremble, we should jump as far away as we can to avoid a lethal explosion.

Time to examine the corpses of the missing guardsmen. We return to the surface to confront her words with the facts we just learned. As it turns out she leads us into an ambush. Many dangers await us in the forest.

Finally, there are endriags, which, especially in groups, will be a real challenge. Overcoming the odds we reach the waterfall, where the graceful elven girl awaits us. The Yrden Sign will prove useful, as will blocking enemy attacks and the steel blade. The elf knows the Flotsam area better than we do, and she hid so well that nobody will be able to tell us where she might be.

When we ask about that ritual. After obtaining all four ingredients we talk to Anezka and agree to meet her at midnight at the altar of Vaiopatis to perform the ritual. If we agree to provide her with these. Anez- ka. The last ingredient should not be a problem. The witch wants to download it from us. Currently it only brings misfortune upon its owner.

Anezka will begin the ritual to lift the curse from the medallion. When all are defeated. We can obtain essence of death by killing wraiths. The eyes of an arachas can be obtained before our meeting with Iorveth during Quest Kingslayer. If we search the ruins above ground thoroughly.

The monument is deep in the forest. Now we only have to decide what to do with her. If we acquired the talisman as described above — see: There are all too many endriags in the forest. Be warned. We talk to her. We should meet the herbalist at the altar. The log also explains how the ships were destroyed. He seems to be more concerned with the wellbeing of Henselt. There are several Royal Mail boxes found in Flotsam.

Royal couriers use the boxes. We can ask him to modify the Armor of Ysgith using the Vran smiting components which we found in Aedirn.

This will bring us to a room containing a chest. Iorveth appears. The sorceress surrounds us with a magical barrier and fires lightning bolts at the demons attacking us. The road leads through gullies near the old dwarven town of Vergen. Once we reach the meeting Henselt reveals his offer: We witness them planning how to defend themselves from the Kaedweni invaders. We also have the occasion to behold the dwarven fortress.

Act II: The Priest of Kreve will try to interrupt the fight at one point. Yarpen Zigrin. The sky grows dark and a mist appears. Several times the owl leading us will be stopped by wraiths emerging from the mist.

During the council. He informs us that accommodation awaits us in town. Again playing as the witcher. After making a toast. When we get there. Following the owl. However something bad happens. After more bickering the king will either challenge us to a duel or order his men to capture us.

Philippa Eilhart. Now we only have to inform Philippa of our findings. We should also remember that necrophages explode when killed. Part 1. On top of that. So we return to the large hall and open the locked door. After we confirm our readiness to the alderman. Learning this. Their posthumous explosions should wound the Bullvore. In- fested Mine. We should get at least four Cat potions and.

The dwarven mines are a real labyrinth. Accompanied by the dwarves. We should be prepared to face necrophages. After dealing with the monsters in the corridor to the right. When we reach the first larger cave. Visiting the nearby inn. The sorceress pointed out the closed Vergenian mines as a probable site where the plant might grow. Zoltan and Yarpen. Royal Blood and Searching For Triss. Asked about an immortelle. Xenanthemum Like Philippa said. Immobilizing the creature with the Yrden Sign and finishing it off with a blow to the back should work.

Wading through the mines. Asked about magical stories. She also points to alderman Cecil Burdon [2] as the most knowledgeable person in the area.

Asked for any advice. Harpies living in the area will attack us as we venture toward the Place of Power. We wade through the river and go towards the hill. A teetotaler dwarf.

Disposing of the harpies. However the Vergen alderman locked the gate to the caves leading there to protect the area from the monsters. One of them will be placed in a magical obelisk serving as a projector of sorts. Wandering the caves. After examining the crystal. Only celaeno harpies turn dreams into crystals. Is that what Philippa needs? We return to Vergen to talk to the sorceress [1]. Knocking them down with the Aard Sign may also be helpful. When we have the advantage. On the crossroads with the wooden altar we turn left.

We are following the kidnapped Triss Meri- gold and the Kingslayer. Pangratt will surrender and depart after a quick chat. After the battle. If we killed her husband. Philippa Eilhart [1] will mention that drunkard from the local inn claimed he saw a redheaded woman falling from the sky.

Going through the gullies. We must find the female troll and acquire the ribbon. The dwarf Philippa mentioned will be talking with the innkeeper. Asked about our friend. The girl fled shortly afterwards. The creature will tell us the story we already know. So we go towards the quarry. Time to get back to Philippa [1].

Now our search for the sorceress has additional meaning. He agrees to tell us the story of the redhead for a mug of Mahakaman beer.

A nobleman will interrupt our discussion with the sorceress. The Yrden Sign will also be useful. The man left her wounded. Should we have problems with that. Having granted his request. What if either met Triss or Letho? We go to where the Prince barricaded himself. The peasants consider Stennis to be guilty. We can also talk with Stennis if we use the Axii Sign when talking to his guards. We can go see Stennis right after the council meeting The Council. These two will tell us about the situation.

As Philippa says. After we have three discussions and learn the stances of both sides. We should gather as much information as possible and pass judgment. The sorceress offers us her help in getting through the battlefield. We find a mysterious figurine by the border post [2].

When we visit the sorceress in her house [1]. We follow the sorceress. After we make it through the battlefield. We go past the burnt village and enter the mist. Philippa Eilhart used the ribbon we acquired to locate Triss. We must defeat them all to free Philippa and continue onwards. Despite his resentment. We continue our journey. We go north. After some climbing.

As we exit the caves [6] on one of the beaches. The entrance is hidden in a courtesan [4] tent opposite the Kaedweni fortifications. We exit the gate. Avoiding patrols.

Witcher 2 Manual + Guide

Vernon Roche and Ves interrupt our execution in the last moment. Venturing deeper into the cave we should reach the exit [6]. After 50 The Witcher 2. Now we wait for a patrol to enter the camp [5]. We hide behind the barrels. This way we reach the basement of the nearby abandoned tower.

This way we get out of the camp and continue towards the mist [8]. We head north and northeast. Triss Merigold was transformed into the item!

The Witcher 2 - Game Guide

The politician will leave. Ver- non helps us by distracting the guards. We can immobilize the guards with the Yrden Sign. We approach the tent to the left. Walking through the camp. The three of us must now face the Nilf- gaardian soldiers and the mage leading them. Then we sneak on. On the way. This way we should get near the second gate.

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