URDU - Tib e Nabvi Course (Based on Imam Ibn Al Qayyim Al Jawziyyah's book " At Healing with the Medicine of Prophet Ibn Al Qayyim Al Jawziyah English. Tibb E Nabvi(S.A.W) usaascvb.info bywww. usaascvb.info Topics usaascvb.info A collection of books on the subject of Tibb an-Nabawi (Prophetic Medicine) LanguageEnglish. A collection of PDF WITH TEXT. Uplevel.

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English name, Arabic name, family, habit and habitat, distribution, part used, medicinal uses . Tibe-Nabvi and Jadeed Science(Ravi: Ans Bin Malik (R.A) [2]. C. Read Tibb E Nabawi English 3 Vol book reviews & author details and more at usaascvb.info Free delivery on Tib e Nabvi (Urdu) · Ibn Qayyim out of 5 stars. Mar 10, Tib e Nabvi Book PDF Free Download - Download Free Peish goeiyan English Novels, English Book, Free Pdf Books, Urdu.

They will be posted for 03 months in Jarahat department and will record 20 cases. Similarly they will be posted for 03 months in the department of Amraz-e-Ain Uzn AnafHalaq and will record 20 cases. In the department ofllmul Qabala Niswan Atfal they will be posted for three months and will be record 20 cases. The academic session of the first Professional Course will start from 1 st day of July and end in December next year. The subsequent first Professional examination will be held every six months. Candidates shall be allowed 3 successive opportunities in order to pass the 1st Professional Examination. Those who remain failed in one or more subjects in the examination shall be eligible to appear in the subsequent Second Professional examination which may be held every six month.

Papilionaceae Habit and Habitat: References from Ahadith Al-Jozi Aljawziyya.

Surah Al Baqra [13]. Wound healer.. Africa and Asia. Native country uncertain. Hazrat Ayesha [2]. Zadul Maad [9]. Tibb-e-Nabvi Urdu Tans. References from Holy Quran Holy Quran. Afghanistan Part used: Leaves and juice Medicinal uses: Abu Hurrera. Abu Huraira Chap. Niazbo Arabic Name: Rehan Family: Lamiaceae Habit and Habitat: An annual plant cultivated for ornamental purposes Distribution: Grown in India. Salum Bin Abdullah [11].

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C Tirmizi. Leaves and seeds Medicinal uses: Surah Al Rahman [13]. Nigella sativa L. Black Seed Local Name: Clongy Arabic Name: Hubatul-sudda Family: Ranunculaceae Habit and Habitat: An annual erect herb. C Ibn-e-Maja. Sweet basil Local Name: Abu Musa Al Asharii [9]. C Trimzi Bab ul Tib [14]. References from Ahadith C Bukhri.

Ocimum basilicum L. Malay Archipelago.

Abu Hurrera [14]. Kitabu-Tib [11]. Surah Alnahal. Surah Abbus [13]. Found in Central Asian countries Part used: Fruit and oil Medicinal uses: Strengthen body muscles. Khalid Bin Sahad [9]. A [11]. Surah Alnnor.

Ibn-e Umer. C Bukhri.

Olive Local Name: Zaiytoon Arabic Name: Zaiytoon Family: Oleaceae Habit and Habitat: An erect branched cultivated tree. Surah Al Anam. References from Holy Quran C Verse. Surrah Al Israa. Surah Al Nahal. Surah Al Kahaf. India Rajistan. Surah Mariam. Surah Al Rahad. Surah Alanam. Zahid Bin Arkum [11]. Arecaceae Habit and Habitat: Cultivated tree. Surah Al Qamar. Phoenix dactylifera L.


C Trimzi. Surah Baqra. C Trimzi [14]. Olea europea L. Surah Taha. Abwab ul Tamah [14]. Surah Rahman. Date palm Local Name: Khajoor Arabic Name: Ravi — Ans Bin Malik [9]. Surah Yaseen. Surah Shurah. Surah Teen [13]. Ravi-Bussar R. Branches and roots Medicinal uses: Dental diseases. Costus Local Name: Kuth Arabic Name: Kustul Bahri Family: Annul wild herb Distribution: European countries. Pomegranate Local Name: Anar Arabic Name: Rumman Family: Punicaceae Habit and Habitat: References from Ahadith Tib e Nabvi and modern Science [2].

Found in desert parts of the world. Surah Rehman. Saussurea lappa L. Punica granatum L. Surah-Al Anam. Salvadora persica L. Jabbir Bin Abdullah Chap. Tooth brush tree Local Name: Peelu Arabic Name: Arak Family: Salvadoraceae Habit and Habitat: Shrub or small tree found in rocky slopes and sandy area. Pakistan and European countries Part used: Stomach cough.

Wild thyme Local Name: Sattar Ban. Fenugreek Local Name: Maithi Arabic Name: Helba Family: Annual cultivated leafy vegetable Distribution: Surah Israa. Ahmed Zahbi. Powerful tonic. Tibb-e-Nabvi [16] Qasim Bin Abdul Rehman [2]. Al Nahal. References from Ahadith Tib-e-Nabvi. Zatar Family: Wild annual herb Distribution: Thymus serpylum L.

Grapes Local Name: Munaqqa Arabic Name: Inab Family: Vitaceae Habit and Habitat: Perennial vine. Surah-An-Naba and verse. Trigonella foenum-graecum L. Pakistan and India Part used: Fruit juice Medicinal uses: Common cold. Throat infection.

Ethiopia Part used: Seeds and leaves. Vitis vinifera L. Iraq and Afghanistan Part used: Leaves Medicinal uses: Mohd Ahmed Zahbi. Ravi Abdullah Bin Jaffer R. Ravi-Abdullah Bin Jaffer R. Olea europea olive is another used certain herbs and recommended various medicinal plant that has many references in Holy Quran and plants for cure of common diseases. In ancient. Our Holy Prophet A [9].

And it is used for skin diseases baldness and Hordeum vulgare Barley for heart diseases. Ginger Local Name: Adrak or Sonth Arabic Name: Zanjabil Family: Zingiberaceae Habit and Habitat: Cultivated herb with underground perennial stem.

USA and UK. India and Byzantine.

In Islam diseases those have colorful crops of Phoenix dactylifera. He recommended Ahadith. Ibne-Abbas [9]. Zingiber officinale Roscoe.

This shows that the Holy Prophet was light through out the world including developed countries like for the entire world.

These could hardly reach the Up to Intestinal pain. The Holy Quran is one of the reference also. This plant is used for of modern medicines and health care reach only to small digestive problems. Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia used to have breakfast with dates History of Islamic medicine in its true context can and Khubus bread.

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A [12]. C Muslim. From this study it is found that China. Similarly in Phoenix dactylifera Date palm has highest number of developing countries like Pakistan and India. Hazrat Abu Haraira. Eat these fruit when ripen but keep the share of poor books describing the importance of plants used for relatives and needy and do not waste them Holy Quran: Olea are cured in two ways.

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