Clarity Book Two book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Helen Winters was living a lonely existence when the charming Dr. Book 2. Perception. by Kim Harrington. · 4, Ratings · Reviews · published · 10 editions. When you can see things others can't, what do you . Ships from and sold by Clarity Book Two MP3 CD – Audiobook, MP3 Audio, Unabridged. Loretta is the author of the Clarity series.

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Clarity Book 2

Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Website: Facebook: Clarity 2 - Kindle edition by Loretta Lost. Book 2 of 5 in Clarity (5 Book Series). Helen Winters was living a lonely existence when the charming Dr. Liam Larson coaxed her out of solitude with the promise of healing her sightless eyes. Clarity (Cursed Book 2) - Kindle edition by Claire Farrell. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks .

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Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Oct 02, Misty rated it liked it Shelves: Perception was one of my eagerly-awaited books of I read Clarity last year for HH , and was pleasantly surprised to find that all of the people that pushed it on me were right.

I loved Clare's voice and Harrington's breezy, engaging storytelling. I couldn't wait to get back into Clare's world. There were times when, I'm not going to lie, I was a little disappointe Perception was one of my eagerly-awaited books of There were times when, I'm not going to lie, I was a little disappointed. The book - and Clare - seemed somewhat lacking in spirit.

I missed Clarity. In the first book, she reminded me so much of Veronica Mars - as this sassy, really smart, no nonsense, strong girl - and I loved that. In Perception, she lost some of what made her stand out from the rest of the YA pack. Her sassiness peaked through and definitely became more pronounced as the story went on, but for awhile she became just a little more typical, a little more predictable, and that made me sad.

Her spark was missing. Now, she did reclaim it. And part of me even thinks that, given all she went through in book 1, it kind of made sense for her to be a little But still. Her voice was a big part of the reason I liked the series in the first place. Don't get me wrong, if ever there was an excuse for a love triangle in a book, this book gets it.

But seriously. There's only so much you can take before you want to yell "Let's get on with it already! So, there was that.

But as for all the rest, it was just as enjoyable as ever. I basically called it as soon as one specific character entered because there was no other reason for the character to be there, really ; but still The red herrings are just a-flyin' and at some point, you doubt just about every damn body. I have to give Harrington props for that. Another thing that got points was that there were good repercussions from book 1.

Some serious shiz went down, and there's bound to be fallout from that. And I don't just mean where Clare is concerned.

Everyone went through some majorcrazyscary, and they have to deal with that. And though, no, this is never going to be one of those books that wins awards for depicting How People Cope, Harrington fortunately isn't the type of writer that just throws the trauma away and lets the characters move blithely forward.

She not only didn't ignore the fallout and the trauma with the whole cast of characters, but she used it as a way to explore Clare and what she wants from life.

I so very much liked Clare's burgeoning sense of self and purpose as a result of what she went through. So all in all, there's a lot of good growth, though it is a kind of in an in-between book. They're inevitable in a series, I guess, but a little slumpy all the same.

Still, it's worth the read, and Clarity does come back into her own and makes a damn decision , and a lot of ground work is laid for the series to grow and for Clarity to become a really strong, kick-ass heroine. Plus, despite any faults, it's always quick and engaging. View all 4 comments. Aug 25, Kelly rated it really liked it. In the first novel, Clarity , Clare used her ability to help solve a murder mystery. She also has two boys vying for her heart, plus a rather creepy secret admirer.

Her brother is acting strangely too. Sierra, a fellow student, has gone missing.

Cultivate - Vol. II : The Clarity Winter Brings

Clare feels a responsibility to use her power to help people and becomes embroiled in the case. I once read a guide to mystery writing that said, to paraphrase, that when the culprit is exposed the reader should first be surprised and then a moment later think, of course, it had to be! This is exactly the experience I had with Perception. Another well-done aspect is the way Clare deals with her love triangle.

Rather than string either boy along, she takes a step back from both of them to sort out her own feelings. I totally knew it. That story was fishy all along. This made Perception slightly less satisfying. View all 10 comments. Oct 24, Mimi Valentine rated it really liked it Shelves: The kind of amazing that makes you stay up until 2 a.

I have to admit that I wasn't the biggest fan of the first book, Clarity , but Perception makes me remember why I love YA as much as I do!

Clare has to be my newest hero. Even as a psychic, she's the kind of realistic, down-to-earth, and easy-to-relate-to girl you see everywhere you go. When she received those anonymous notes and flowers, she reacted exactly as any sane girl would have: She was so well-written that I couldn't tell her thoughts from mine.

And yes, there's a love triangle, but it's one that I promise you won't mind it because of how real it is! I'll recommend it to you whether you liked Clarity or not — definitely a book you don't want to miss! If you have any money left in your wallet, you should go out and download this book instead. It's guaranteed to keep you up until you finish! View all 15 comments. View 2 comments. Oct 22, Krys rated it really liked it Shelves: I really do love reading the Clarity books by Kim Harrington.

They are quick, fun, and easygoing. I usually polish them off in about a day, to give you an idea of the brevity. They are just pure fun. In the second book, Perception, Clarity Clare Fern is starting school again and adjusting to a few new things. Number one is her new-found popularity with the cool kids. Second is that two attractive, available guys are trying to win her favour. Clare has always been on the outs because of her fami I really do love reading the Clarity books by Kim Harrington.

Clare has always been on the outs because of her family's psychic abilities but her abilities are the talk of the town now. Soon a high school girl goes missing and it's all Clare can do to not get involved with the investigation. I do adore these books. They are not perfect, but they are great in that they are solidly entertaining. My one gripe was that I found this one a bit predictable.

That said, I can typically call the baddie from mystery plots right away and, sure enough, it happened here too. However, it didn't decrease my enjoyment of the book.

Clare and Perry her brother make for a great team and it will be interesting to see who nabs Clare's heart, should more books arise. I already know which way the pendulum seems to have swung, however I can't give up any spoilers.

You'll just have to wait and see. I hope there are more books coming in this series. I appreciate the misadventures of the "sassy psychic girl detective" wannabe very much. Mar 03, Ferdy rated it it was ok Shelves: After using her psychic abilities to help solve a murder, Clare is now no longer the unpopular girl at school. Her once enemies, Kendra and Brooke are much to Clare's dismay taking an interest in her and her powers. However not everyone is impressed by Clare's new status, Cody the school bully and Tiffany the girl who slept with Clare's now e 2.

However not everyone is impressed by Clare's new status, Cody the school bully and Tiffany the girl who slept with Clare's now ex boyfriend are still giving her a hard time at school. When a girl goes missing from school, Clare is determined to use her abilities to help find the missing girl. On top of juggling school, her new found popularity and investigating the missing girl, Clare is dealing with boy troubles - Justin her ex-boyfriend wants her back, the new guy Gabriel wants to date her and she also has a secret admirer.

Clare soon finds out her secret admirer is more sinister than what she first thought. The main problem I had with this book was Clare, I don't remember her being so insufferable in Clarity. Clare goes around thinking she is better than all the other girls, she makes little effort to make any friends because she claims everyone judges her even though she happily goes around judging everyone too. Clare was so self rigteous and up herself that I couldn't enjoy the story.

The other problems: No other girl is potrayed well, even Mallory comes across as a pathethic loser. It's ridiculous that Clare is the only girl who's made out to be half decent. Why do most YA authors demonize girls who are sexually active or girls who like to date a lot?? Clare also spends the entire book pretty much stringing along both Justin and Gabriel. It was hinted at that Nick also liked Clare and I actually thought in the first book that Nick and Clare would make the best couple. She's not as bad as most YA heroines though to be fair.

Even though I didn't particularly enjoy this book, I did like the first one and if another book is released I would still to read it. There's definitely potential for more books and I would like certain things to be explored such as what happened to Gabriel's little sister, Nick's interest in Clare but most of all why Clare's father left and also the psychic community where Clare's mum and dad grew up.

Review originally posted here at The Book Vault! Clare's back! I definitely enjoyed reading the second installment of the Clarity series!

The writing was as good as the first book. Clare's voice was still pretty strong in this novel, and she's also matured from her experiences in Clarity. It did seem to me, however, that Clare's voice wasn't quite as strong, nor as spirited, as it was in the first novel.

Maybe it's because she's matured a bit? But I don't know, it just seemed to lack some of the Review originally posted here at The Book Vault! But I don't know, it just seemed to lack some of the spunk and brightness she had in the first novel.

It was almost as if she was a bit more subdued her voice at least in Perception, despite having a more personal mystery to solve. Another similarity to the first novel was the mystery part of the novel. I don't mean the actual mystery itself--Clare's on a completely new adventure this time! While it was slightly less predictable than the mystery in the first book, I guessed the perpetrator about half way through the novel.

The writing is good, however, and doesn't drag, so despite being predicable still, it was an enjoyable read! Thankfully, there's more character development for Gabriel so he's not just the cookie-cutter handsome, mysterious, good-looking hunk again!

I enjoyed learning more about Gabriel, Justin and the other characters in Perception. The writing is well-balanced; it doesn't focus so much on back story that the plot drags but it doesn't constantly throw you into the fray without letting you glimpse at the characters' pasts.

I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get to learn anything more about Clare's father but hopefully there will be more light shed on that subject if there's to be a third novel!

I don't want to give it away, but I for one think Clare made the right choice between the two love interests! The strong character she exhibited in the first book was obvious in Perception as well and I'm happy that this was on YA novel where the female lead truly knows and understands her leading men and chooses between them for their personalities and the way they treat her--not just because his eyes are sooo dreamy, and the kisses are simply world-shattering. Don't get me wrong, those are desirable qualities as well, but they shouldn't be the only factors when agreeing to be someone's girlfriend!

I could really feel the chemistry between the two and the development of the romance between them was realistic and believable, which is a breath of fresh air amongst all the 'star-crossed lovers' that have been dominating YA fiction lately!

All in all, it was enjoyable and I certainly appreciated the more realistic romance! I hope to learn more about Clare's family, especially her father, and her past if there's to be another novel!

May 31, Sharon rated it it was amazing Shelves: Not only is she worrying about this but she has also acquired a secret admirer, she is eager to work out who is behind the messages and gifts she is receiving because what started off innocently is becoming more threatening. I adore Clare as a character, she is so much fun - sassy, witty and switched on, and she also accepts her ability and wants to use it to help others rather than keep it hidden, so long as she is not in the spotlight.

I love how she stood up for herself; she grew as a character for me in Perception and I thought each of the decisions she made was thought out well. I am not a love triangle fan at all and the love interests are Justin and Gabriel who I both thought were great! Justin was in my bad books in Clarity but something was revealed in this book that made me feel really sorry for him.

I am relieved with who Clare eventually chose. Ya know, I've never considered myself much of a mystery fangirl. Sure, I like my paranormal and when I say like I actually mean love and recently I've started to enjoy a lot more contemporary then I use to. And I totally blame it on Harrington. I love the way this women writes! It's addicting and perfectly p Ya know, I've never considered myself much of a mystery fangirl. It's addicting and perfectly paced. It doesn't just focus on the whole 'whodunit' mystery.

It guides us through Clarity's life, what her family is going through, what life is like at school, new friends and lets not forget her tangled romantic happenings which were the highlight of the story for me. Wrap it all up with glimpses of her gift and hidden clues and you got yourself the makings of a great and fun story!

To say that I loved this book just as much as the first would be an understatement. I'm amazed how attached I felt towards these characters, that doesn't usual happen till the third or forth book, but I genuinely care about Clarity, Perry, their mom, Justin and Gabriel. Clarity is an awesome protag!

She's so leveled headed which is rare for a teenager.

She doesn't just jump into a decision but instead waits till her heart is actually ready. She's also quite clever and not afraid to stand up for herself. She's the kind of character I'd love to be friends with. Perry won me in the first book, so it was hard to see him going through this ordeal.

I wasn't use to seeing him look so defeated but I'm glad that we got the old Perry back in the end. Mallory is a new character and I liked what she brought into the story. I'll admit Harrington did a great job with having the reader guess whether she was friend or stalker.

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Nice touch. Now for the boys? Just when I was all prepared to wave the Team Justin flag again, Gabriel had to go all charming, sexy and supportive dame him. I've always had a soft spot for Justin and believe that he deserved a second chance and even more so now after reading this book. But it turns out that I liked both guys equally and I'm happy with the choice Clare made. Nope, I'm not gonna spoil it Muhaha All in all, I absolutely loved this one!

It's not predictable, in fact I was pretty shocked who the 'killer' was. It's filled with creepy-suspense but has a great mix of romance and friendship. This was my idea of a perfect escape and I'm only hoping we're getting more! I never want these books to end!!! View all 3 comments. Both featured a socially ostracized but witty teen solving mysteries in her small affluent town.

It had style, great pacing, a dishy mystery, and subtle supernatural elements to boot. All three mysteries are balanced well throughout the book, and Clare makes a few wrong conclusions while investigating that made her feel all the more real. I also appreciated that the ending was a big surprise on all fronts, but still fit perfectly will all the clues leading up to it. In fact, it could lift out entirely and barely affect the story. My other gripe was with the two love interests.

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They morphed into one character. They said the same suggestive things, flirted the same way, and basically acted the same way. It was a big disappointment on that front.

Veronica Mars fans especially should run, not walk, to the nearest bookstore. Sexual Content: References to sex Feb 16, Jenny rated it really liked it. Perception returns us to the life of Clare Fern, a young woman with an extrasensory gift who, despite having such, does not allow her life to revolve around or be dominated by the paranormal.

Instead, we get a very real and down-to-earth girl plagued by insecurities, family troubles, and boy drama who holds us as spellbound as any of her supernatural contemporaries. The mystery element in this installment a stalker is nothing new or overly surprising, with a couple red herrings appropriately p Perception returns us to the life of Clare Fern, a young woman with an extrasensory gift who, despite having such, does not allow her life to revolve around or be dominated by the paranormal.

Harrington writes with a fluid grace, characters and events combining and conflicting with an ease that most likely defies the amount of time spent carefully crafting each sentence, and we find ourselves laughing, sighing, and holding our breath as we sit back and thoroughly enjoy the telling of a good story.

Clare is a young woman who feels utterly genuine, her snark and humor prevalent enough to keep us snorting at her one-liners but not so overdone to the point where nothing sincere spills from her mouth, and whose mature handling of various situations turns us into adoring fans for sparing us copious amounts of teenage angst. Her romantic situation with Gabriel and Justin certainly could play out in melodramatic fashion, but both Clare and the boys deal with their love triangle in a way that makes it seem like such a thing may not be as far fetched as other scenarios have made us believe.

Jun 02, Allib rated it it was amazing. LOVED the ending! Once again Kim Harrington presents us with a fast-faced, fun novel full of romance and crime. This is a must-red for fans of Clarity if you need closure on which boy Clare ends up with! Nov 01, Irisheyz77 rated it it was amazing Shelves: This one hits all the right notes. Fans of Clarity will be very happy with how this one is laid out.

More to come closer to release. I actually finished this time! D And I liked it, Review to Come!

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View 1 comment. Jul 03, Jennifer Armentrout rated it it was amazing. That is all. I loved this book. Clary is such a fun character. Hoping for a 3rd, 4th and 5th book. Mar 09, Claire rated it it was ok Shelves: This book was going so well! Then I felt like things were just spiralling out of control. So this clearly takes place not too long after the events in Clarity , as she is back at school now.

That's fine. Someone is stalking her, also fine except for the fact that normally stalking isn't cool! She's making friends, stepping on Nate's heart, the usual stuff. It wasn't until I hit page when I wanted to throw the book across the room or at least try to reach into the book and smack Clare This book was going so well!

It wasn't until I hit page when I wanted to throw the book across the room or at least try to reach into the book and smack Clare upside the head.

Spoilers but I am not hiding them, I'm ranting here people! She has the nerve to push Gabriel about making a decision about whether he will stay in town or head back to New York. Girly, you refuse to choose between Justin and Gabriel, you can't be throwing stones. Justin is a total sleaze in this book. Plays dumb. Her reply "On me to what? It is the slow dance, he asked to dance with you, now is the perfect time to tell him that you choose him.

This kind of behaviour is what has pushed it down a whole star for me. Not cool. Best Line: What makes you different makes you beautiful Kim Harrington's simplistic writing style made this an easy and pretty enjoyable read, managing to captive my attention. This time we have a mystery, that is not so big of a mystery, and a creepy stalker, who is not that creepy.

The clues were all over the place, so by the time Clare discovers the identity of her secret admirer I had it all figured out. The love triangle that surfaced during the first book, much to my discontent, was actually bearable. I think Perception remains at the same level as Clarity, a nice light read, reminiscent of Veronica Mars, only with red hair.

Mar 29, Casey rated it it was ok Shelves: Too many things going on for any one of them to be developed. The mystery was kind of a joke and really not actually a big part of the book. Clare's talents seemed unnecessary in this book--she barely used them. The main plot lines were: One thing about the love triangle that really bugged me was that I thought o Too many things going on for any one of them to be developed.

One thing about the love triangle that really bugged me was that I thought one of Clare's main hang ups about Gabriel was that he didn't really believe in her powers. This is mentioned once in the beginning of the book then never brought up again. Could she really seriously consider being with someone who didn't believe in something that is fundamental to her being? I was annoyed it was never again addressed.

A couple of the others things going one were Perry has developed some sort of agoraphobia and Clare makes a true friend. I didn't particularly like Clare in this book and I don't think I'll be reading more.

Feb 17, Turquoise rated it did not like it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Before reading this review, please remember that this is my opinion on Perception by Kim Harrington and I respect any different thought. Upon solving the great mystery in the last summer, Clare had become a local celebrity in her high school and part of the popular crowd.

The one girl she wanted to be friends with, however, was a loner and a nobody called Mallory. She was nice, she was considerate, and she was a close friend to another girl, Sierra, who had recently gone missing. No one was close Before reading this review, please remember that this is my opinion on Perception by Kim Harrington and I respect any different thought. No one was close to Mallory before, so Clare could find nothing to help her with her investigation except for her gift to find out the past of something by touching it.

Meanwhile, she recieved cards, notes and gifts from a secret admirer, though neither Justin, her cheating ex-boyfriend, nor Gabriel, her partner in her last case, admitted to have done that, and then her secret admirer turned into a complete stalker and crept her out. Just when Clare thought she had everything figured out, everything went ballistic and seemed to link together, except that maybe this time she really was too late, and none of the boys could stop the tragedy.

Maybe it is my fault to read this book immediately after watching the suspense thriller Identity a movie adaption of Agatha Christie's And Then There Was None where the killer was so unpredictable I thought it was all a good joke and that Identity was actually a comedy, but that was what I called a mystery, not a simple story which I knew who the killer was as long as that he or she appeared.

For a mystery, there had to be some guessing involved and some proper hints given. The so-called investigation done by Clare was loosely done and was strictly unprofessional. I know she was not a professional, but you would have thought that a girl with her ability would have done thing more smoothly and more maturely, not like a 7-year-old player detective and run around with her halloween costume and magnifying glasses.

Nothing Clare did in her investigation was helful or informative, and Perry's discovery was revealed so late into the story it did almost nothing to readers that know nothing because of how little Kim Harrington revealed. And the hints were so vague and scarce it was almost impossible for readers to guess.

Well then, the question is, how did I guess correctly? There are three reasons. First, I learned something after reading this and Pandemonium this week, and that is, if one part of a book reminds me some much of a similar plot in another media, it will very likely adapted the rest of the story as well. For example, in Pandemonium, I think the love triangle reminded me of that in Chuck, the tv series, so I know Alex was alive like Bryce was. In Clarity, this reminded me of Mercy , where the killer was specialized in capturing gifted musicians.

I will give Clarity some credit for being a better mystery than Mercy because that was really badly done, but the plot matched so well I doubted why did no one informed Kim Harrington that she should avoid the clash and possibly being accused of plagiarizing.

One person found this helpful. I love to love some of the characters and I love to hate some others!!! This story is getting so good. It has a slow pace vibe to it but the story seems to move along quickly if that makes any sense.

Nothing seems to be left out of the story. I love how descriptive the storyline is. So far it has all the feels and I can't wait to find out what happens next. It's really picking up pace and it's making me anxious. The story line is great, however the author ends the book in the middle of something very important without providing a hint of what is to come. When I download a book, I like to finish it, but the way the book ends, I'm forced to make another download and I don't think that is right.

If the author learns to conclude a story accurately, I would be inclined to follow her. After date one with Liam, Winter's persona changed.

Cultivate - Volume II: The Clarity Winter Brings – Cageless Birds Store

She went from reserved to bold nearly overnight. I get that the first date was supposed to be life changing, but within the amount of two hours of a complete character overhaul is unlikely. The ending sucked being that it just ended, but at the same time, it was crafted so that without a doubt, I was going to download book three.

At the same time, I knew that it wasn't Liam lying lifeless, so it wasn't uber suspenseful. I will admit that throughout book one and two, there are many lighthearted laughs along the way. Brilliantly written and plotted. Follow the heart wrenching journey of Helen as she goes through the various trials and tribulations and joys in the story. You will feel toyed just as how Helen would feel. I really like her character, the author has done an immense job crafting a very believable, real and human character.

And you will hate Grayson. I shall not say more and let you enjoy the story. I really enjoyed the first one and I loved the second one. I'm interested to find out where this story is going to lead me.. Story line of a sexy blind women with a heart of gold and a trouble past that still haunts her, and then the past comes out and is now in her present!

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