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Can Jon Crimes' EBook Profit Academy show you how to step-by-step publish your Kindle books on site and make money on autopilot or is this a waste of . eBook Profit Academy will be available soon. Join my list and I'll email you when it's available. Jon Crimes has just knocked it out of the park with this. Fiction Profit Academy Summary. Here are the key aspects of this six-week program. Basics of publishing ebooks and navigating Kindle Store. Building strong.

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Profit Academy E Book Reviews

Important – Profit Academy is now closed, as an excellent and more affordable Profit Academy is the latest course by internet marketer Anik Singal (also the creator of . have any more questions about profit academy – read my in depth review here. This free E-Book will show you the exact steps needed to make money. being redirected to List Academy. It is meant to help people make money online with an e-book, comprehensive training, and tools. Anik has. Social Profit Academy: Making a Living Through Social Media Management Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month? Sold by: site Digital Services LLC; Language: English; ASIN: BPMQ2SC Top Reviews.

Jon Crimes has just knocked it out of the park with this excellent training course on eBook and Kindle writing and sales. He takes you through the whole thing in detail. This is a great course for beginners, but even experienced Kindle writers will get some valuable tips. He is providing the course in a number of formats so that just about anyone can learn in the way that is best for their own learning style. So many marketing products are all about the videos. The writer sits down in front of a computer and spews out a bunch of videos with a huge amount of slush. The resources are all current. Jon takes the time and the trouble to do it right. As fast as the internet space moves today, things get out of date quickly. There are a lot of steps in the Kindle publishing process. If you miss one it can make the difference between making thousands and nothing. Jon takes the guesswork out by describing the steps in detail. Since they have already worked for him many times, you can benefit not only from his successes, but you can also benefit from his mistakes.

In the meantime though, if you have any more questions about profit academy — read my in depth review here. Will this course help me figure out how to monetize that list? I have been playing around with niches and internet marketing for about a year now. I can easily build a site and the techie stuff is not new to me. As an affiliate where I need help is marketing, generating traffic and optins.

This is my current problem.

ebook profit academy

Hello Jeff how much time a day would you say you need to commit to profile academy to make money at it? Treat this as an education in university and plan on investing more time during the training in your first few months.

Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. A couple of years ago, there was a Kindle gold rush where people saw the easy money making potential of self-publishing and everyone, and their cousins jumped in. The amount of Kindle books on site went from K in to 4 Million by So, while the course gives you the basics of publishing your first book, it also takes the extra steps to show you exactly how you can build your author platform and create long-lasting success in self-publishing.

Ebook Profit Academy Review

Of these four courses, Your First 10K Readers was by far the most beneficial to me. Not because the other courses are of poor quality, but because it was designed to teach ADVANCED marketing tactics, which is better suited for someone like me.

This course is NOT for beginners and was not designed to teach you how to publish your first book like. Instead, it assumes you already have a book or books, and want to create a strong platform on which to build your publishing empire. This course starts with a great look at the industry at a whole and brings everything full circle, as he goes into incredible tactics to immediately improve your pre-existing sales.

However, what makes this course epic is that he then goes into detail for each particular tactic like Facebook advertisement, automated selling systems, networking prowess, traffic generation methods, and more.

Of course, there are subjects like platform building and email list creation. However, this course takes it a step further and shows you how to synchronize all your efforts so that they work together to truly grow your readership…to your first 10K readers…oh see what I did there?

In truth, all three courses are excellent and definitely deliver on their promises.

However, I strongly believe that each course is better for a specific type of person. If you want to learn from successful fiction authors or if you like to watch videos that show step-by-step details of all the critical steps, like how to upload books, format books, start a website, and use tools and services that will help grow your email list to sell more books, then you will love this course.

I believe Self-Publishing School is best for those who need help writing their first book and want a taste of some of the extra marketing methods out there.

I also believe this course is best if you need the accountability and support system to help guide you along each step of the way. Basically, this is for those at the very beginning of writing a book.

I believe that Authority Pub Academy is perfect for those who want to build an author platform and keep the momentum going as they create multiple books. While giving you the basic information on how to publish a book, it goes a step further and dives into strategies and more complex parts of the business.

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This is the best course for those who want to learn from successful nonfiction authors and want to know what to consider before, during, and after writing your book to grow your platform. And finally, I strongly believe that Your First 10K Readers is best for those who are advanced but want to step up their game to the next level. Truly meant for the advanced, this course will teach you all of the individual amazing tactics and how to bind them all together in order to have a perfectly in sync publishing campaign.

If you need any more guidance on this, be sure to hit me up on my contact page or just reply to any of my emails. Self Publishing Courses: Which one is best for you?

An In Depth Review of EBook Profit Academy

Tweet Pin Share How did I get through all those hours of video? A lot of this: In this article, you will learn: An unbiased review of the most popular self-publishing courses on the market Pros and Cons for each: Just send me an email with your receipt and we can set that up.

Send the Receipt Here! Check It Out! Check It Out.

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