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The (The Series series) by Kass Morgan. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Dark and riveting, Morgan's entry in the very popular dystopian, postapocalyptic YA subgenre blends science fiction, romance, . Read "The Book One" by Kass Morgan available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get £3 off your first download. The Hunger Games meets Lost in this .

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The 100 Kass Morgan Ebook

Read "The " by Kass Morgan available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. The first book in the New York Times bestselling. Kass Morgan received a BA from Brown, where she studied history and The The (Series). Book 1. Kass Morgan Author Phoebe Strole Narrator ( ). Join one hundred teens on an epic journey from outer space to a barely recognizable Earth in this high-profile commercial teen the future, humans live.

Shelves: ya , tstl , siblings , sci-fi , romance , boring-main-character , girly-guy , adventure , mental-illness , dystopian A terrifying plan began to take shape, and his chest tightened in fear as he realized what he would have to do. But Wells knew there was no other way. There is another way. You stop being a selfish motherfucker whose brain is located in your fucking penis. This book is not a dystopian novel of a spaceship society. It's not a post-apocalyptic tale of survival. It's not about the nitty gritty of life within a A terrifying plan began to take shape, and his chest tightened in fear as he realized what he would have to do. It's not about the nitty gritty of life within a group of the only humans left in the universe. It's a teenaged romance, where the characters' intelligence ranges anywhere from on the scale of idiocy. Whose life, whose society, whose spaceship colony has been endangered by a boy whose thought process first filters through his dick. The world building is piss poor and vague, and more of a scenic backdrop to the overwhelming romance-centric plot instead of being the focal point.

Its all because of your parents. My parents were executed for treason. Lahiri gave her a disapproving look. A year ago, it wouldve made Clarke shrink with shame, but now she kept her gaze steady. Dont ruin this, Clarke. You have a chance to do the right thing, to make up for your parents appalling crime. There was a dull crack as Clarkes fist made contact with the doctors face, followed by a thud as his head slammed against the wall.

Seconds later, the guard appeared and had Clarkes hands twisted behind her back. Are you all right, sir?

(ebook) Homecoming

Lahiri sat up slowly, rubbing his jaw as he surveyed Clarke with a mixture of anger and amusement. At least we know youll be able to hold your own with the other delinquents when you get there. Get where? Clarke grunted, trying to free herself from the guards grip. Were clearing out the detention center today. A hundred lucky criminals are getting the chance to make history.

The corners of his mouth twitched into a smirk. Youre going to Earth. Although itd been less than six weeks since Wells had seen his father, he looked years older. There were new streaks of gray by his temples, and the lines around his eyes had deepened.

Are you finally going to tell me why you did it? Wells shifted in his chair. He could feel the truth trying to claw its way out. Hed give almost anything to erase the disappointment on his fathers face, but he couldnt risk it not before he learned whether his reckless plan had actually worked. Wells avoided his fathers gaze by glancing around the 9 KASS MORGAN room, trying to memorize the relics he might be seeing for the last time: the eagle skeleton perched in a glass case, the few paintings that had survived the burning of the Louvre, and the photos of the beautiful dead cities whose names never ceased to send chills down Wellss spine.

Was it a dare? Were you trying to show off for your friends? The Chancellor spoke in the same low, steady tone he used during Council hearings, then raised an eyebrow to indicate that it was Wellss turn to talk. No, sir. Were you overcome by some temporary bout of insanity? Were you on drugs?

» The – read online free book usaascvb.infookSeries

There was a faint note of hopefulness in his voice that, in another situation, Wells mightve found amusing. But there was nothing humorous about the look in his fathers eyes, a combination of weariness and confusion that Wells hadnt seen since his mothers funeral.

Wells felt a fleeting urge to touch his fathers arm, but something other than the handcuffs shackling his wrists kept him from reaching across the desk. Even as they had gathered around the release portal, saying their final, silent good-byes to Wellss mother, theyd never bridged the six inches of space between their shoulders. It was as if Wells and his father were two magnets, the charge of their grief repelling them apart.

His father winced slightly, as though the thought hit him like a physical blow. Did someone from Walden or Arcadia put you up to it? No, sir, Wells said, biting back his indignation.

His father had apparently spent the past six weeks trying to recast Wells as some kind of rebel, reprogramming his memories to help him understand why his son, formerly a star student and now the highest-ranked cadet, had committed the most public infraction in history.

But even the truth would do little to mitigate his fathers confusion. For the Chancellor, nothing could justify setting fire to the Eden Tree, the sapling that had been carried onto Phoenix right before the Exodus. Yet for Wells, it hadnt been a choice. Once hed discovered that Clarke was one of the hundred being sent to Earth, hed had to do something to join them. And as the Chancellors son, only the most public of infractions would land him in Confinement.

Wells remembered moving through the crowd at the Remembrance Ceremony, feeling the weight of hundreds of eyes on him, his hand shaking as he removed the lighter from his pocket and produced a spark that glowed brightly in the gloom.

For a moment, everyone had stared in silence as the flames wrapped around the tree. And even as the guards rushed forward in sudden chaos, no one had been able to miss whom they were dragging away. You couldve burned down the whole hall and killed everyone in it. It would be better to lie. His father would have an easier time believing that Wells had been carrying out a dare.

Or perhaps he could try to pretend he had been on drugs. Either of those scenarios would be more palatable to the Chancellor than the truththat hed risked everything for a girl.

The hospital door closed behind him but Wellss smile stayed frozen in place, as if the force it had taken to lift the corners of his mouth had permanently damaged the muscles in his face. Through the haze of drugs, his mother had probably thought his grin looked real, which was all that mattered. Shed held Wellss hand as the lies poured out of him, bitter but harmless.

Yes, Dad and I are doing fine. She didnt need to know that theyd barely exchanged more than a few words in weeks. When youre better, well finish Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. They both knew that shed never make it to the final volume. Wells slipped out of the hospital and started walking across B deck, which was mercifully empty. At this hour, most people were either at tutorials, work, or at the Exchange. He was supposed to be at a history lecture, normally his favorite subject.

Hed always loved stories about ancient cities like Rome and New York, whose dazzling triumphs were matched only by the magnitude of their 12 THE downfalls. But he couldnt spend two hours surrounded by the same tutorial mates who had filled his message queue with vague, uncomfortable condolences. The only person he could talk to about his mother was Glass, but shed been strangely distant lately. Wells wasnt sure how long hed been standing outside the door before he realized hed arrived at the library.

He allowed the scanner to pass over his eyes, waited for the prompt, and then pressed his thumb against the pad.

The door slid open just long enough for Wells to slip inside and then closed behind him with a huffy thud, as if it had done Wells a great favor by admitting him in the first place. Wells exhaled as the stillness and shadows washed over him. The books that been evacuated onto Phoenix before the Cataclysm were kept in tall, oxygen-free cases that significantly slowed the deterioration process, which is why they had to be read in the library, and only then for a few hours at a time.

The enormous room was hidden away from the circadian lights, in a state of perpetual twilight. For as long as he could remember, Wells and his mother had spent Sunday evenings here, his mother reading aloud to him when he was little, then reading side by side as he got older. But as her illness progressed and her headaches grew worse, Wells had started reading to her. Theyd just started volume two of Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire the evening before she was admitted to the hospital.

The collection was smaller than it shouldve been. The first colonial government had arranged for digital text to be loaded onto Phoenix, but fewer than a hundred years later, a virus wiped out most of the digital archives, and the only books left were those in private collections heirlooms handed down from the original colonists to their descendants.

Over the past century, most of the relics had been donated to the library. Wells crouched down until he was eye level with the Gs. He pressed his thumb against the lock and the glass slid open with a hiss, breaking the vacuum seal. He reached inside to grab Decline and Fall but then paused. He wanted to read on so hed be able to tell his mother about it, but that would be tantamount to arriving in her hospital room with her memorial plaque and asking for her input on the wording.

Youre not supposed to leave the case open, a voice said from behind him. Yes, thank you, Wells said, more sharply than hed meant. He rose to his feet and turned to see a familiar-looking girl staring at him. It was the apprentice medic from the hospital. Wells felt a flash of anger at this blending of worlds.

The library was where he went to forget about the sickening smell of antiseptic, the beep of the heart monitor that, far from a sign of life, seemed like a countdown to death. Its you. Wells braced for the first swoon of recognition, and the rapid eye movements that meant she was already messaging her friends on her cornea slip.

But this girls eyes focused directly on him, as if she were looking straight into his brain, peeling back the layers to reveal all the thoughts Wells had purposefully hidden.

Didnt you want that book? She nodded toward the shelf where Decline and Fall was stored. Wells shook his head. Ill read it another time. She was silent for a moment. I think you should take it now. Wellss jaw tightened, but when he said nothing, she continued. I used to see you here with your mother. You should bring it to her. Just because my fathers in charge of the Council doesnt mean I get to break a three-hundred-year rule, he said, allowing just a shade of condescension to darken his tone.

The book will be fine for a few hours. They exaggerate the effects of the air. Wells raised an eyebrow. And do they exaggerate the power of the exit scanner? There were scanners over most public doors on Phoenix that could be programmed to any specifications. In the library, it monitored the molecular composition of every person who exited, to make sure no one left with a book in their hands or hidden under their clothes. I figured that out a long time ago.

She glanced over her shoulder down the shadowy aisle between the bookcases, reached into her pocket, and extracted a piece of gray cloth. It keeps the scanner from recognizing the cellulose in the paper. She held it out to him. Take it. Wells took a step back. The chances of this girl trying to embarrass him were far greater than the odds of her having a piece of magical fabric hidden in her pocket.

Why do you have this?

The 100 by Kass Morgan (SAMPLE)

She shrugged. I like reading other places. When he didnt say anything, she smiled and extended her other hand. Just give me the book. Ill sneak it out for you and bring it to the hospital.

Wells surprised himself by handing her the book. Whats your name? So you know to whom youll be eternally indebted? So I know who to blame when Im arrested.

The girl tucked the book under her arm and then extended her hand. Wells, he said, reaching forward to shake it. He smiled, and this time it didnt hurt. They barely managed to save the tree. The Chancellor stared at Wells, as if looking for a sign of remorse or glee anything to help him understand why his son had tried to set fire to the only tree evacuated from their ravaged planet.

Some of the council members wanted to execute you on the 16 THE spot, juvenile or not, you know.

I was only able to spare your life by getting them to agree to send you to Earth. Wells exhaled with relief. There were fewer than kids in Confinement, so he had assumed theyd take all the older teens, but until this moment he hadnt been sure he would be sent on the mission. His fathers eyes widened with surprise and understanding as he stared at Wells.

Thats what you wanted, isnt it? Wells nodded. The Chancellor grimaced. Had I known you were this desperate to see Earth, I could have easily arranged for you to join the second expedition. Once we determined it was safe. I didnt want to wait. I want to go with the first hundred. The Chancellor narrowed his eyes slightly as he assessed Wellss impassive face. You of all people know the risks. With all due respect, youre the one who convinced the Council that nuclear winter was over.

You said it was safe. Safe enough for the hundred convicted criminals who were going to die anyway, the Chancellor said, his voice a mix of condescension and disbelief. I didnt mean safe for my son. The anger Wells had been trying to smother flared up, reducing his guilt to ashes. I guess Im one of them now. Your mother wouldnt want you to do this, Wells. Just because she enjoyed dreaming about Earth doesnt mean shed want you to put yourself in harms way. Wells leaned forward, ignoring the bite of the metal digging into his flesh.

Shes not who Im doing this for, he said, looking his father straight in the eye for the first time since hed sat down. Though I do think shed be proud of me. It was partially true. Shed had a romantic streak and would have commended her sons desire to protect the girl he loved. But his stomach writhed at the thought of his mom knowing what hed really done to save Clarke. The truth would make setting the Eden Tree on fire seem like a harmless prank.

His father stared at him. Are you telling me this whole debacle is because of that girl? Wells nodded slowly. Its my fault shes being sent down there like some lab rat. Im going to make sure she has the best chance of making it out alive. The Chancellor was silent for a moment. But when he spoke again, his voice was calm. That wont be necessary. The Chancellor removed something from his desk drawer and placed it in front of Wells. It was a metal ring affixed with a chip about the size of Wellss thumb.

Every member of the expedition is currently being fitted with one of these bracelets, his father explained. Theyll send data back up to the 18 THE ship so we can track your location and monitor your vitals.

As soon as we have proof that the environment is hospitable, well begin recolonization. He forced a grim smile. If everything goes according to plan, it wont be long before the rest of us come down to join you, and all thishe gestured toward Wellss bound handswill be forgotten.

The door opened and a guard stepped over the threshold. Its time, sir. The Chancellor nodded, and the guard strode across the room to pull Wells to his feet. Good luck, son, Wellss father said, assuming his trademark brusqueness. If anyone can make this mission a success, its you. He extended his arm to shake Wellss hand, but then let it fall to his side when he realized his mistake.

His only childs arms were still shackled behind him. Bellamy tapped his foot impatiently, not caring about the echo that rang throughout the storeroom. No one came down here anymore; anything valuable had been snatched up years ago.

Every surface was covered with junkspare parts for machines whose functions had been long forgotten, paper currency, endless tangles of cords and wires, cracked screens and monitors. Bellamy felt a hand on his shoulder and spun around, raising his fists to block his face as he ducked to the side.

Relax, man, Coltons voice called out as he switched on his flashbeam, shining it right in Bellamys eyes. He surveyed Bellamy with an amused expression on his long, narrow face. He smirked. Looking for caveman porn on broken computers? No judgments. If I were stuck with what passes for a girl down on Walden, Id probably develop some sick habits myself. Bellamy ignored the jab. Despite his former friends new role as a guard, Colton didnt stand a chance with a girl no matter what ship he was on.

Just tell me whats going on, okay? Bellamy said, doing his best to keep his tone light. Colton leaned back against the wall and smiled. Dont let the uniform fool you, brother. I havent forgotten the first rule of business.

He held out his hand. Give it to me. Youre the one whos confused, Colt. You know I always come through. He patted the pocket that held the chip loaded with stolen ration points. Now tell me where she is. The guard smirked, and Bellamy felt something in his chest tighten. Hed been bribing Colton for information about Octavia since her arrest, and the idiot always seemed to find twisted pleasure in delivering bad news.

Theyre sending them off today. The words landed with a thud in Bellamys chest. They got one of the old dropships on G deck working. He held out his hand again. Amy Ewing. Chelsea Fine. Fragments Partials, Book 2. Dan Wells. Queen of Shadows. Sarah J. Requiem Delirium Trilogy 3.

Lauren Oliver. Raging Star.

Moira Young. The Elite The Selection, Book 2. A Court of Thorns and Roses. Carve the Mark Carve the Mark, Book 1.

Partials Partials, Book 1. Talon The Talon Saga, Book 1. Julie Kagawa. Snow Like Ashes. Sara Raasch. The Calling Endgame, Book 1. James Frey. Heir of Fire. Ann Aguirre. The Maze Runner series books Three Dark Crowns.

Kendare Blake. The Fall of Five. Sabaa Tahir. Forest of Ruin. Into The Still Blue. Veronica Rossi. Kristen Simmons. Mortality Doctrine: The Eye of Minds. James Dashner. The Iron Trial. Holly Black. Margaret Stohl. Crown of Midnight. Cress The Lunar Chronicles Book 3. The Queen The Selection. An Incomplete and Unreliable Guide. Rick Riordan. The Rule Of Thoughts. Maze Runner Series: The Fever Code.

Ally Condie. The Rule of Three: Fight for Power. Eric Walters.

The Lone City 2: The White Rose. King's Cage. A Court of Mist and Fury. Divergent Trilogy books The Son: A Divergent Story. Breaking Point.

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The Traitor: There was something referred to as "the burning of North America," and that's pretty much all you get on that. What radiation. There's an instance of a two-headed deer.

Let's just pretend that nuclear fallout is limited to one weird animal and everything is all safe again after a few centuries. Never mind radioactive traces in water and everything, which could last for thousands of years.

Fuck that shit. It's all about the romance. The Romance: Utterly ludicrous. There's kids on board the spaceship sent to earth. They're all kids. They're from years old.

Some are petty thieves, some aren't criminals at all, some are murderers. Instead of some fucked-up, panedemonic Lord of the Flies situation, we have a few hotheads among a bunch of largely calm kids who just let a rational guy whose father is the Chancellor take over. Am I supposed to believe that? And in the midst of romance, there's survival. Wait a minute, that sounds wrong. It's supposed to be, in the midst of survival, there's a romance?

I said it right the first time. The romance is so incredibly fucking overwhelming. There is a love triangle. He grabbed on to a branch for balance, gasping as he tried to force air into his lungs.

There are observations of "Oh, she's sooooooooo pretty. Fuck you! This is supposed to be a dystopian tale! But no! He cocked his head to the side and surveyed Clarke quizzically.

The skin under her eyes was bruised with exhaustion, but the purple shadows just made them look greener. Like, what the fuck? And screw the medicine. Survival is useless if you can't have the one you love! There was no drug strong enough to repair a broken heart. So you'd just let a poor girl die because you're too heartbroken, you selfish prick? There is so much idiocy in the name of love in this book From endangering the entire ship to potentially save a girl to potentially killing yourself so you can be with her to ignoring all common sense.

And the girl left on board the spaceship is no better. Her name is Glass lol wtf, Glass? Instead of running to her mother to say goodbye, Glass goes to see her ex-boyfriend. Glass claims to be "desperate to see her mother," but there's no proof of it because despite the fact that she might be recaptured at any fucking moment, she takes that ONE opportunity to see her ex. Glass is not as sharp as, well Glass is in fucking Confinement.

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