Roma King (Roma Royals Duet #1) - Callie KB. 2 Dose anyone have All In BLACKSTONE AFFAIR book2 by Raine Miller. 2. Like Show likes. Naked. The Blackstone Affair (Series). Book 1. Raine Miller Author Grace Grant Narrator (). cover image of All In · All In. The Blackstone Affair (Series). On the day I turned fifteen years old I knew I loved James Blakney. There was a look in his eye that told me he'd finally noticed I existed in a.

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Books all in the blackstone affair 2 raine miller We peruse the unimpeachable altering of this ebook in txt, DjVu, ePub,PDF, dr. activity. You navigational itemize . Raine Miller is the New York Times bestselling author of the Blackstone Affair and other sexy Books by Raine Miller All In: The Blackstone Affair, Book 2. Köp Blackstone Affair Collection av Raine Miller på Format: E-bok; Filformat: EPUB med Adobe-kryptering All In. Secrets have destroyed the passionate relationship between Brynne and Ethanbut Ethan is determined to do .

I reshaped my broken edges to resemble something just a little normal. Only now, my past is catching up with me. My demons have returned. The only protection I have is a Motorcycle Club. I helped them. He has a mission. A secret bigger than even mine.

Secrets have destroyed the passionate relationship between Brynne and Ethan—but Ethan is determined to do whatever it takes to win his girl back and protect her from the things that can keep them apart forever. Eyes Wide Open. Brynne and Ethan find their life together riddled with conflict.

A stalker is getting closer to Brynne, forcing the two lovers to fight even harder to hold onto their love and the new hope they share for a future.

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Filthy Rich

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Fefe Koko. Pls I need double down by alessandra torre. Fefe , here you go: Lubna Ebrahim-Reddy. It left me with a smile. View all 38 comments. Oct 05, Coco. V rated it it was amazing. An amazing, heart-warming start to the series!

The anxiously awaited first book of The Blackstone Dynasty did not only live up to my expectations, it exceeded them and then some. It was definitely worth the wait. My heart raced from the first page, every word in this exhilarating romance making me forget the world around me and immerse myself blissfully in yet another beautiful Raine Miller story that ARC generously provided to me by NetGalley and Montlake Romance in exchange for an honest review.

My heart raced from the first page, every word in this exhilarating romance making me forget the world around me and immerse myself blissfully in yet another beautiful Raine Miller story that I adored. Brooke Casterley is a young British Interior designer.

She left a painful past behind her, hopeful to start a new life in Boston as far away from her old home as possible. When Brooke left LA five months ago and came back to Boston her only goal was all about getting her life back. Brooke made a promise to herself not to let the bad parts of her past hurt her anymore. For the last height years, his life was all about working hard and living every aspect that came with the lifestyle of wealthy people.

Until her.

Your heart will let you know. He thinks that his path to finding her was set in motion a long time ago.

Caleb is intoxicated by her presence, wanting her with a primal desire and embracing that desire wholeheartedly even knowing that his mother would never approve of us together neither the New England high-society. But the heart wants what it wants, and his was irrevocably wrapped up in the package that was Brooke. It was just fate doing its thing. Brooke has brutally and savagely ripped right into his heart. I was going to marry that lovely, beautiful girl from England, and she would be mine.

He is simply a remarkable man and inside-out beautiful. I loved him, all his sweet gestures and every thoughtful part of him. Brooke is a woman in need of emotional healing and Caleb is the perfect man for her. His protectiveness makes Brooke feel safe for the first time in years, safe enough to show him all her fears. Their connection is all-consuming and passionate. Never known unconditional, fearless love. This is a genuinely romantic and beautifully written story about wanting more out of life and finding someone to be your true self with.

Filthy Rich is a story that will warm your heart and make it race all at the same time, every part of it done just right.

The supporting characters are all amazing and Raine Miller has also once again, successfully transmitted her passion for history and heritage. View all comments.

I was a little sad that Ethan Blackstone never makes an appearance in this one but I do believe that Caleb Blackstone will melt a few hearts out there. His personal life has been filled with one-night-stands and a few meaningless relationships that never outlived more than a few months. He ends up coming to the rescue when one of the guests gets a little too handsy with Brooke.

Caleb later learns that it really is a small world, when he finds out that she lives on Blackstone Island with her grandmother, who was the cook for the Blackstone family for over thirty years. Brooke Casterley is no stranger to heartbreak. She lost both of her parents when she was only fifteen and had to leave her home in England to go live with her Grandmother in Massachusetts. Her life on Blackstone Island turned out to be a good one but while she went off to college she became involved with a man who would turn out to be a master manipulator and abusive.

Once again, tragedy brings Brooke back to Blackstone Island. But sometimes the one thing you think you can do without, happens to be what you need the most!! There is no mistaking the insta-love factor in this story. Caleb has hearts and flowers coming out of his eyeballs the moment he sees Brooke and he vigorously pursues her.

Be sure to one-click!! I was in cover-lust the moment I saw it!! site US: View all 22 comments. Billionaire Caleb Blackstone is a player. He is successful, rich, and smoking hot. When he sets eyes on Brooke Casterley at a party he knows he will do anything and everything to have her. Brooke Casterley knows all too well what a powerful man can do.

She has the scars to prove it. Moving back home to help her Gram, she just wants to have a quiet life to heal her soul. That's until Caleb Blackstone comes to her rescue.

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Can Brooke resist the charm that is Caleb Blackstone? Does she even want to? What could a filthy rich player have in common with a broke British girl?

I really enjoyed this one. It was super sweet. Very insta-love. Low angst. A tiny bit predictable. But I loved the characters both main and secondary. Caleb was SO sweet and one look at Brooke was all it took for him to give up his player ways and fall madly in love. Brooke was a sweet heroine. She had been through so much for such a young woman, but she handled it all so well. There is a fabulous cast of secondary characters, from Brooke's Gram to Caleb's siblings and best friend James.

They all added an extra layer to the overall story. I can't wait to see what is in store for them. That said, it did drag a little for me through the middle and I felt like we were left hanging about the heroine's husbands family. The author kept alluding to them being dangerous or potentially coming after the heroine, but nothing ever came of it. I also as I mentioned above found it a bit predictable. I saw the big surprise at the end coming from a mile away.

Overall, though, this was a fabulous little read that kept me entertained. So it gets two thumbs up from yours truly. View all 70 comments. Sep 21, Alba and Her Secrets.. ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I fell in love with Raine Miller when she created and gave us Ethan Blackstone and his love story with Brynne Bennett. Now, you can imagine how excited I was when she announced she was writing a new series called Blackstone Dynasty! I haven't read anything by her for a long time and I was left completely satisfied when I finished reading her upcoming release.

Filthy Rich is the first installment of this seri 4. Filthy Rich is the first installment of this series and it's focused on a new generation of Blackstones that includes Caleb of course and his brothers and sisters.

But let's talk about this novel. Filthy Rich is the love story between Caleb Blackstone the sexy CEO of Blackstone Global Enterprises, a man focused on his work -especially after losing his father- who will become obsessed with certain British interior designer and Brooke Casterley a woman who comes with a difficult past but wants to move on and that seems to be the case when Caleb starts wooing her.

Brooke and I were inevitable. Ladies, if you have read anything by this woman you know she can create sexy and swoon worthy heroes.

Well, Caleb Blackstone is not an exception. The man is hot, smart, funny and completely intoxicated by Brooke's presence.

He falls in love instantly and he is determined to claim what he considers his. I mean, what is not to love? I fucked her like a madman, hard… deep… and wildly. It was beautiful and savage—it was filthy and precious. It makes me sigh with satisfaction when I read a well-written and well-developed love story. Raine Miller's writing is flawless and fluent. I mean, I devoured this book in such a short time!

I felt so connected with the story and the chemistry between the main characters that I could not stop reading. Damn, it has some hot scenes in there! And that's why I can assure Filthy Rich is a wonderful reading journey. I love him—every beautiful, generous, thoughtful part of him. The only thing I have to say stopped me from rating this book with 5 or even 6 stars is that the love story between these too almost seems surreal.

It happens in such a short period of time, especially for Caleb! Being loved by him was the best thing to ever happen to me. Therefore, my rating for Filthy Rich is 4. I am so excited to see all this Blackstones falling in love, I cannot wait for the next books! I highly recommend this, especially if you loved Ethan Blackstone and you want a new swoony hero!

View all 46 comments. Nov 26, Sabrina rated it really liked it Shelves: It's nothing new and has been done many times. Yet Raine Miller was able to take this trope and put her own unique spin on it, keeping the story interesting and enjoyable. I liked that Caleb wasn't your typical billionaire, and he could be really sweet at times. I loved him and Brooke together and thought they made a perfect couple. Brooke didn't let Caleb's money dissuade her from being with him and I liked that she was comfortable with their relationship.

There are also some secondary characters that I can't wait to read more about so I'm looking forward to getting more from this series. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long! View all 18 comments. Nov 15, Hulya Kara Yuksel rated it it was amazing.

I'm absolutely in love with this book!!! Caleb is my new book boyfriend now. He's smart, so sexy but he's also so kind and thoughtful too. My God, I just can't get enough of him and I can talk about him on and on Can't wait to read 2nd book too.

C R A F T - H O U S E

View all 29 comments. Nov 10, Vi Keeland rated it it was amazing. Raine Miller writes beautiful romance! Five rich-in-so-many-ways stars! Nov 15, Bibi rated it really liked it. Drum roll please Caleb Blackstone!!! Nov 10, Penelope Ward rated it it was amazing. Caleb and Brooke's story is the very definition of true romance. My heart is full. He's filthy rich. He loves his job. He loves uncomplicated one-night stands. Nothing is missing from his perfect bachelor-life.

Until he sees her Brooke Casterley. I knew it the first time I ever felt the heat of her eyes as they burned me from across the room. I knew it down to in my bones. He's instantly fascinated. She's beautiful, strong, smart, funny, sad He knew the moment he met her that she'll be the future Mrs. But of course it's not as easy as that.

Brooke's been hurt pretty badly in her past relationship. Both emotionally and physically. She doesn't really trust that Caleb is as great as he appears. And then there's the fact that Brooke's and Caleb's lives are connected in a small way. Brooke grew up on Blackstone Island. As the granddaughter of the lady who ran the Blackstone family household.

But Caleb hasn't been on the Island for years, and after his dad died recently, his mom wants to sell the house. The house that meant so much to his dad and him. Caleb doesn't want to seem too stalkerish. That's why he hires Brooke to redesign his Boston apartment. And of course all of her 'stay-strong' promises fly right out this million-dollar-view-window once she's in that apartment with him.

Will there be a HEA? Or will there be a horrible Cliffy? I loved it from the prologue all the way through to the end. The whole Boston and Blackstone Island atmosphere is so beautifully comfortable somehow.

I just loved everything about the story without even including the main characters.

I loved Brooke's place of work - her co-worker: Adorably hilarious. The ferry-ride into Boston and the talks with Herman. Caleb's brother Lucas. Caleb's best friend James and his sister - who is Caleb's PA - who will probably get her own story with Lucas one day. If this were a movie, I would say they had the most perfect casting director, script-writer and location-scout! And now Brooke and Caleb.

The perfect match. They just belong together. And we just want to fast-forward to their Happy End. I loved how 'I-will-never-get-serious-with-one-girl' bachelor Caleb is so insta in love with Brooke. Totally adorable. And Brooke. She's just as charmed. But of course she wants things to go slow, she has to be careful.

She doesn't want to get hurt again. Some problems are still left to overcome for the new couple - like sad pasts, family and exes, the paparazzi et cetera Can't wait for more in this great new series!!! If I had to name some things I didn't like.

Usually it's the guys who have to be convinced that they're in love, but here it's the other way around. And all this insta-loving makes Caleb appear a tiny little bit mushy. Too soft.

He doesn't come across as this mega, dominant, alpha male. Also the way he always asks her: Do you really like it? So unsure and unsexy: I still loved him A LOT!!!!

And then the writing. I didn't like some parts of it. Maybe Raine was trying too hard to make Brooke british. Sometimes it worked and sometimes really not. I hate that. It's totally okay to use it to underline what someone says, but just to make someone appear more british or no idea what View 1 comment. Now, I will also tell that this book does cliche so damn good that I ended up loving cliche.

Caleb is so damn sweet and cute! He is everything you need for a book boyfriend. The number one thing I love in my book boyfriends is their looks and he is sexy as hell. Now we can obviously throw in the fact that he is a billionaire. He is also loving, sensitive, open minded, generous and thoughtful. Brooke is healing from a pretty significant loss, bless her heart.

What do beautiful girls in romance books do when they need heal? They move back home with family and friends. I told ya, cliche. All the way down to gay male best friend. Not in a bad way, she was just the type of girl who blends in to me. Brooke is a crier, not your normal crier either, she just randomly starts crying for any reason. So, yes, crying makes me uncomfortable. Which in turn made me feel indifferent about Brooke. I needed to separate myself from all that.

When the crying really started to get on damn nerves my question were answered and the reason she cried all the time made sense.

Books by Raine Miller

I was so happy about that because the crying was starting to work my nerves. Caleb, like any man, wanted Brooke in his bed.

He was open about it but he never forced himself on her. He was patient with her and never forced the issue and I appreciated that in him. Brooke loved his honesty too. OMG, I really am the female version of a man. I can respect her feelings about Caleb telling her a little bit too soon that he loved her. I would have been running for the hills! All in all Caleb and Brooke worked well together and it makes you believe some people can experience love at first sight.

I'm recommending this one for our true romance readers who love simple, modern day novels.

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