Thanks! iv Legal Disclaimer The contents of this document are based upon my opinions of the Quantum Vision System, unless otherwise noted. This work is. Quantum Vision System PDF, Quantum Vision System eBook, Quantum Vision System Free Download, Quantum Vision System Book, quantum vision system. Quantum Vision System PDF, Quantum Vision System eBook, Quantum Vision System Free Download, Quantum Vision System Book, quantum.

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Quantum Vision System - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Quantum Vision System. Quantum Vision System - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Vision improvements for healthy eyes, clear eyesight and better lifestyles . Dr Kemp's Quantum Vision System Pdf is a comprehensive eye care and vision restoration program designed to.

A Growing Problem How Your Eyes Work Current Treatment Fraud Step 1: Do Daily Eye Exercises Visualize Healing Eye Exercises Quantum Vision Exercises Healing With Your Mind Quantum Vision System: All rights reserved. All literary work contained within this book belongs to and is the sole property of its respective authors and publishers. Reproduction, copy or any other form of use of the pieces contained within the book is strictly forbidden without express permission from the author. If plagiarism is discovered, the offenders will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Please respect our property.

This will not only help your eyes. Whenever possible eat organic! GMO and food chemicals like preservatives. Below is a list of medications that can cause vision side effects.

Remember to always check with your doctor if you experience any vision problems while on these or other medications. But did you know that some of those side effects are Dry Eye Syndrome and sensitivity to light.

Everything that you put on your skin. So why not switch to all-natural cleaning supplies.

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Maintain a Healthy Diet: Having a nutrient rich diet full of minerals and vitamins is an important part of eye care. These chemicals may make your kitchen or bathroom shine. But most of your cleaning supplies are full of harsh chemicals. If you can barely understand what you are reading. Your lungs. Natural cleaning supplies: Cleaning your house is a chore that needs to be done. Quit smoking: Besides the obvious reasons. The ingredients are usually well know and easy to pronounce such as.

Did you know that unlike food. Wait a couple weeks or even a month if you can and then talk to your doctor about your options for prescription drugs. Avoid prescription drugs: As stated above. From now on use only natural soap.

There are tons of all natural products out there. Cut back or quit completely. Natural body products: Have you ever really looked at the ingredients in your everyday lotion. Even if the chemicals in the bottles cause skin rash. Always try natural remedies first. Along with eating organic. To incorporate vitamin A into your diet. To incorporate vitamin E into your diet. A lack of vitamin A can lead to night blindness. Vitamin A: Vitamin A protects your eyes and allows them to function properly and efficiently.

If you are having trouble incorporating zinc in your diet. Foods to eat that are high in vitamin C are: Macular Degeneration and corneal ulcers. Zinc is a hard mineral to get. Zinc is an important mineral as it helps keep the retina of your eye in working condition. Vitamin C: Vitamin C is considered an important vitamin because it is an antioxidant. Antioxidants help protect cells against damage from aging. Vitamin E can help fight against Cataract and Macular Degeneration.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E works with Vitamin C to keep healthy tissue strong. Lutein and Zeaxanthin: Lutein and Zeaxanthin help protect against eye damage.

They help fight against damage from sunlight. To incorporate these nutrients into your diet. To incorporate beta carotene in your diet. The following are the foods you should incorporate into your diet to get the omega-3 fatty acids you need: Beta Carotene: Beta carotene is important because it converts into Vitamin A.

You can also get some of these nutrients through bright colored fruits such as. Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Omega-3 fatty acids not only keep your heart and brain healthy. By maintaining overall good health. Making eye health problems a thing in the past. Eating Poorly Change your diet. Aim for a diet rich is colorful fruit and vegetables and leafy greens. But did you know that you have bad eye habits you need to break also?

These bad eye habits could have created the eye condition that you have right now. Instead of fast food. Or you currently could be creating one as we speak. If you feel your eyes are becoming tired and you need to rub them. Rubbing Your Eyes Did you know the skin around your eyes is one of the most sensitive skin areas on your body? Below is a list of bad eye habits. Not to mention rubbing your eyes. Eating a well-balanced meal not only helps your body run smoothly.

Symptoms associated with dehydration in the eyes are redness. If you find it hard to get enough water throughout the day. If you become dehydrated. Smoking has been linked to several eye diseases such as Macular Degeneration. Not Drinking Enough Water Are you drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water a day? It may seem like a lot.

Best thing to do for your body is quit smoking. Smoking Not only is smoking bad for your lungs and overall health. Uveitis inflammation of the middle part of the eye and Diabetic Retinopathy. Although looking directly at the mid-day sun might be a no-no.

All while working out your long-distance vision and catching some Vitamin D. So go watch the sunset tonight!! Dry Eye Syndrome. Not drinking enough water and having a high-sodium diet. This is even more important with contact lens. Try to aim for 6 — 8 hours of sleep each night. Seeing through a prescription made for farsightedness. Always alternate between glasses and contacts. If you wear contacts daily.

Your eye needs oxygen to fight infection. This causes your vision to get worse. Causing you to become achy and tired throughout the day. Dark circles. As we mentioned early in this book.

Reading While Travelling One of the worst things you can do for your eyes. It may get boring sitting on that train or during a road trip.

Quantum Vision System PDF / Book Is This Exercises Free Download?

Dim light while reading can make it difficult for your eyes to focus. From now on. All the added strain is causing your vision to deteriorate. Always have a reading lamp on while reading.

Invest in a low watt reading light for your bed side table. Reading in Poor Light Everyone likes a good book in bed from time to time. Next road trip try playing a car game with your friends! But if you are reading in poor lighting you are hurting your eyes. This can cause headaches. The unstable movement of the vehicle causes your eyes to keep adjusting. It may not seem like something that hurts your eyes. If you find it hard to get away from your computer.

Using Your Laptop to Watch Movies We all know about the latest trend of watching movies or videos on your laptop or tablets. Try the trick. Simple tricks like the ones above can help you to break these bad eye habits. Every 20 minutes. Since you are watching the screen at such a close distance from your eyes. In the next chapter. In general staring at any computer screen for too long can cause headaches. Some of the exercises focus on improving your vision through sharpening your eyes ability to see detail.

Each exercise is useful in helping relief eye stress or strain and help stimulate the flow of nutrients in the eye. If you follow the Quantum Vision System and really do the exercises you can gradually improve any common vision problem.

These techniques act like a workout for your eyes — strengthening your eye naturally.

Pumping Pumping is used to increase the flow of nutrients while exercising the focusing mechanisms of the eye. Pen — tree — pen — billboard — pen. If preforming this exercise indoors. This object can be your finger. Make sure to focus on a new far object each time. Such as a lamp. Use a ruler to measure the distance of your near object if needed. This exercise can easily be done during TV commercial breaks or office breaks.

Keep changing your focus back and forth between the near object and the far object. Change focus every two seconds. Hold an object 6 inches away from your face. Also make sure your near object is 6 inches away and no farther.

Try to briefly focus on a specific detail on both the near and far object before switching. As you inhale. Make sure to time the movements with your breathing. When you bring the object close to your nose. Breathing slowly and deeply. Try to keep the object from going out of focus.

As you exhale. This object can be a finger or pen. Tromboning Like Pumping. Tromboning is also used to exercise the focusing mechanisms of the eye and increase the flow of nutrients. Now imagine that the object is in the center of clock. Then return to the center. Continue the exercise for as long as possible.

Quantum Vision System

Clock Rotations Clock Rotations stimulate the flow of nutrients and help control the extraocular muscles around the eye. Again this object can be a finger or pen.

Keep looking at the object for 2 -3 seconds. Keeping your shoulders and neck still. Take your time. Do not rush this exercise. If you notice a specific clock positon that feels strained. Eye Rolls also stimulate the flow of nutrients and help control the extraocular muscles around the eye. Try to keep the extraocular muscles fully stretched throughout the entire rotation. If you stretch the extraocular muscles to hard you will see flashes of light. Eye Rolls Like Clock Rotations. If you feel strain or stress in a First clockwise then.

Eventually it will become less strained. Make sure to stretch the extraocular muscles as far as it will go in each clock position. Slowly roll your eyes in a complete circle. We are working on coordination and control. Exhale slowly allowing your eyes time to rest. When you inhale from now on. Slow Blinking Slow Blinking is used to reduce visual stress or strain. If you are easily motion sick. Start by breathing deeply and slowly. Close your eyes only on exhaling — creating a slow blink.

Once you feel comfortable and relaxed. When you inhale try to completely fill your lungs. Try to isolate your eye muscles when you Squeeze Blink. Squeeze your eyelids shut again for 3 seconds. After a couple Squeeze Blinks your eyes will start to create an excess of tear fluid. Squeeze you eyelids closed tightly for 3 seconds.

When you exhale. Repeat this exercise until you feel free of all stress and strain on your body and eyes. Open your eyes wide and do a few normal blinks. Squeeze Blinking Squeeze Blinking is used to stimulate the production of tear fluid. Continue until your eyes feel moist and relaxed.

If you are nearsighted and are looking at a tree. Once you have found your Blur Zone. Your object can be a tree in the distance if you are nearsighted. Find your Blur Zone in your vision — the spot where you can no longer see an Hyperopia Farsighted image clear and crisp.

Then go around the object again. Go slowly around the object 3 times. Do this a couple more times around the object. Once you are finished the 3rd time around.

Then go around the object again 3 times. If you are farsighted. Try not to squint to see any of the details. Like Blur Zoning. Just stay calm and relaxed and try to visualize smaller and smaller details on the object.

Continue doing this until every dot has been shifted to. First start by shifting from one spot to a closer spot on the object. Now shift or move your focus from that one dot to the next closest dot. While focusing around the edges of the object. Now use this method and focus on a real life object.

Using the image on the right as a guideline. Do this 3 times on 3 From one corner to the other corner. Then start shifting from one random dot to another random dot on the image. Close your eyes and place your left hand over your left eye. Slowly breathing in and out for 30 seconds.

Once you are finished. Shift from spot to close spot. Rest the heal of your palms on your cheekbones and your elbows on a table.

Try to relax all your eye muscles. You may lay your right fingers on top of your left fingers over your forehead. You may want to put a pillow under your elbows for comfort. Rest your eyes and relax. Continue switching between hot and cold washcloths every 30 seconds for 3 — 5 mins. The cold water should be ice cold. Make sure the hot water is hot. Now dip another washcloth in the cold water.

Now dip a washcloth in the hot water. Grab three washcloths and two bowls of water. Once you are finished gently massage your closed eyes with the dry washcloth. Quantum Vision System as the name states its a new therapy program started by Dr.

And after i Jon Shen saw this program, I immediately grabbed a copy of this program to know more and review about this therapy. Below you can read the full Quantum Vision System Review to clear your doubts or anything you have in your mind.

Many News channels reviewed that it is probably the best program to improve vision without any laser surgeries. You may find many reviews about Quantum Vision system by searching for Quantum Vision System Reviews by many people in the world. But Dr. John Kemp proved them wrong with this program devoting only 10 minutes from all your daily work.

I think most of you out there can spare sometime to see the real results of Quantum Vision System Guide. Neither you have to invest any more money like other program wants you to invest more on Equipment and you will receive the positive results from this guide in the given time frame. Quantum Vision is an alternative way to take good care of your eyes. Quantum Reading report it will help you to increase your reading ability by showing you the results in maximum 15 days.

All these reports have roles to play in improving your eyesight helping the Quantum Vision Therapy for a better outcome. The shocking presentation presented by Dr. Every other alternative to restore eye sight has slight or even major risks that can cause further damage instead of recovering from the issue. The most common eye vision problems are not even that problematic that the therapists make them to be by getting it treated with surgeries and multiple lenses to be used.

It is very difficult to trust any therapy in case of eye as it is never wanted to get further damaged in any case. The therapy does not also require much time which further makes it worth trying. You must have seen many Websites, Blogs talking about this program some will say that this is the best program and some will say that this is a Scam program.

But according to me before talking about anything either it is something to eat or a PDF book like this program, You have to download that product to review it. Eyes are very tender part of a human body, People ignore such little pains in the eyes and do not care about this much needed part of the body. Always do some relaxation exercises after doing some stressful work. Quantum Vision System will tell you How to improve eyesight without surgery. Always do some periodic movements your eyes by looking to the left right up and down this will increase your eyes flexibility.

Skip to content Dr. Eat once and for all Vision Protecting your eyes starts while using food on your own plate. Quit Cigarettes Smoking makes you almost certainly going to get cataracts, optic neural damage, and macular deterioration.

Use Protection Eyewear If you talk with hazardous or airborne materials face to face or at residence, wear safety spectacles or protective goggles each and every time. Look Faraway from the Computer Display Staring at some type of computer screen for long can cause: There are 3 Reports Included in this Product: What kind of reports does Quantum Vision System have in this program? Quantum Memory which will help you to boost the memory in just 10 days. All these reports have roles to play in improving your eyesight helping the Quantum Vision Therapy for a better outcome The shocking presentation presented by Dr.

Post to Cancel. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. There are then thirteen pages providing clear step-by-step instructions for each of the eye exercises included in the book. These include blur zoning, squeeze blinking, clock rotations, tromboning and many others. The book finishes with a short chapter on 'Healing With Your Mind', explaining the benefits of a positive mental attitude in healing, and a conclusion of the three steps you should take to naturally restoring your vision.

Quantum Clear Vision is only available to download online, providing you with around-the-clock access almost immediately after your download. Included within the package are three eBooks completely free, each with a similar formula to Clear Vision: These are:. Lowest price and a day money back guarantee available when product is downloadd directly from Dr.

Kemp through the official website. Quantum Vision System: How you can order. Visit Official Website. How you can order Powered By. Kemp Quantum Vision System Reviews: Program Details. My Review.

Product Description and Review.

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Natural versus traditional: What can Quantum Vision System Achieve? Who has written the Quantum Vision System? Seeing Is Believing: Once the book has taught you which eyesight problem s are affecting you, and prescribed the exercises you need to strengthen your eyesight and combat the condition — the book then introduces its three-step cure: Cleansing and nourishing the eyes, through a healthy diet rich in the minerals and vitamins needed to detoxify your body and repair eye damage.

Carrying out eye-exercises. Visualise healing:

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