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What: Posted below is the Central Intelligence Agency's most popular publication -- The World Factbook -- in compressed,.Zip file format, for. Rank, Country, (SQ KM), Date of Information. 1, Russia, 17,, 2, Antarctica, 14,, 3, Canada, 9,, 4, United States, 9,, 5, China. Easily download this Updates The World Fact book jar fast. Free download of the world factbook demo app for java. Easily download this the world factbook.

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World Fact Book Jar

The World Factbook (government edition) cover. The World Factbook is prepared by the CIA for the use of U.S. government officials, and its style, format, . Download page for MS World usaascvb.info with full details and content available here on OkezieWAP. World Factbook Java App, download to your mobile for free.

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How often is The World Factbook updated?

Formerly our Web site and the published Factbook were only updated annually. Beginning in November we instituted a new system of more frequent online updates. The World Factbook is currently updated every two weeks.

The annual printed version of the Factbook is usually released about midyear.

The World Factbook Notes and Definitions: Date of information quote: In general, information available as of 1 January was used in the preparation of this edition.

The World Factbook—History, [3] quote: The first classified Factbook was published in August , and the first unclassified version was published in June CIA Download Page.

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The World Factbook downloading Information quote: Other users may obtain sales information about printed copies from the following: Superintendent of Documents National Technical Information Service.

This publication is also available in microfiche, magnetic tape, or computer diskettes. I am using the Factbook online and it is not working. What is wrong? The Factbook site at: Also included in the Factbook are entries on parts of the world whose status has not yet been resolved e.


Specific regions within a country or areas in dispute among countries are not covered. Why doesn't The World Factbook include information on states, departments, provinces, etc. The World Factbook provides national-level information on countries, territories, and dependencies, but not subnational administrative units within a country. The reason the four entities are no longer in The World Factbook is because their status has changed.

While they are overseas departments of France, they are also now recognized as French regions, having equal status to the 22 metropolitan regions that make up European France. The World Factbook , China map [7]. The World Factbook ] https: Why are Taiwan and the European Union listed out of alphabetical order at the end of the Factbook entries? Taiwan is listed after the regular entries because even though the mainland People's Republic of China claims Taiwan, elected Taiwanese authorities de facto administer the island and reject mainland sovereignty claims.

The World Factbook , Taiwan mirror.

MS World Factbook.jar

The World Factbook , Burma quote: The World Factbook , Macedonia mirror. BBC News , , quote: The World Factbook provides national-level information on countries, territories, and dependencies, but not on subnational administrative units within a country or supranational entities like the European Union. What's New.

Serbia and Montenegro mirror [10]. Serbia and Montenegro. On May 21, , the United States announced that it did not recognize the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which was composed of the Republics of Serbia and Montenegro, as a successor state of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

United States: Serbia and Montenegro have asserted the formation of a joint independent state, but this entity has not been formally recognized as a state by the US.


The entity of Serbia and Montenegro is now officially known as Yugoslavia. Serbia and Montenegro have signed an accord which will consign the name Yugoslavia to history and shelve any immediate plans for Montenegrin independence.

From now on it will be called just Serbia and Montenegro - the two remaining republics joined in a loose union. What's new mirror quote: Yugoslavia has been renamed Serbia and Montenegro as of 4 February The World Factbook , Kosovo.

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Kosovo's parliament declares independence. If you unzip files into these subfolders or subdirectories, parts or all of the publication may not work. Virus check: All files were checked with up-to-date commercial virus detection software prior to posting and, to the best of our ability to determine, were free of known viruses at the time they were posted. How to use the publication: The files named index. Navigate to the index file in the folder or directory you created using a file manager, such as Windows Explorer, then double-click it to open and begin using the publication.

The World Factbook search feature: Please note that the downloaded World Factbook functions as a stand-alone publication on your computer with the exception that clicking the Search link will cause your browser to attempt to connect to the CIA's Web site. The search software resides on our server and cannot be distributed with the World Factbook.

Zip files and about 2. Zip file for high-bandwidth users: factbook.

After unzipping this file, use a file manager to navigate to the folder or directory. To begin using The World Factbook, find and double-click the index file there are two index files--both work equally well. After unzipping this file, use a file manager to navigate to that folder or directory.

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