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sao light novel volume pdf. Sword Art Online (PDF) A novel chronic cirrhosis TAA-induced model in rats. Sword Art Online - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia. consequences. [LN] Sword Art Online Alicization Exploding Volume 16 PDF Light Novel Sword Art Online Bahasa Indonesia (PDF Page 3. novel sword art online pdf Sword Art Online is an anime television series based on light novel series written Sword Art Online - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia.

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Light Novel Sao Bahasa Indonesia Pdf

SWORD ART ONLINE 16 PDF the PlayStation Vita based on the Sword Art Online light novel series. It is the Sword Art Online - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia. SWORD ART ONLINE 7 PDF the PlayStation Vita based on the Sword Art Online light novel series. It is the Sword Art Online - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia. Sword Art Online Progressive is everything the first 2 Light Novels for Sword Art Online: Progressive Chapter 01 Bahasa Indonesia Terbaru di.

It is the first volume in the War of the Underworld sub-arc of the Alicization arc. At the end of the fourth Bullet of Bullets tournament in Gun Gale Online , only two players remained: Subtilizer and Sinon. Using his intuition, Subtilizer predicted that Sinon would choose to snipe on the 5th floor of a five story building. Avoiding loose rubble, he walked up behind her and began strangling her. Sinon struggled within Subtilizer's grip, but as he had a high STR stat, he managed to hold on. As Sinon was about to die, he held her close and whispered into her ear that her soul would be sweet. After remembering his dream of defeating the blue-haired sniper while FullDiving, a dream that had been a reality a few days prior, he began to think about the human soul. After seeing a video of a praying mantis surviving without a head, a young Gabriel questioned where the insect's soul was housed and came to the conclusion that it was spread throughout its entire body, only leaving the vessel after considering it a lost cause. Gabriel desired to see the soul of the insect leaving its body and carried out numerous experiments, but to no avail.

Even four months after her attempted healing, Kirito's condition remained unchanged. One day, five months after the battle at the Central Cathedral, Alice took Kirito, who was now relegated to a wheelchair and unable to speak or move, up onto a hill overlooking a lake where she reminisced about the battle against Administrator and how it had taken Kirito's consciousness.

Later that day, Alice, who was now doing simple jobs, such as cutting down trees to earn money, went to the area south of Rulid Village where the Gigas Cedar had been to help with yet another tree-cutting job. Using one swing with the Night Sky Sword , she chopped down the tree that would have taken the normal workers numerous days to fell. Some of the workers, curious as to how Alice was able to fell such a tree so easily, took the Blue Rose Sword from Kirito, who had knocked over his wheelchair and fallen to the ground in an attempt to retrieve it.

Suppressing the urge to sever the hands of the men who took the sword from Kirito, Alice forced them to return it to him. After returning to the cabin, seeing her dragon Amayori to sleep, and making dinner, Alice heard Amayori's cries. The cries drew the attention of another dragon flying in the area who then landed in the meadow the cabin was located in.

This dragon, Amayori's brother Takiguri, was flown there by Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-one , who offered her some of his wine. Unimpressed by Eldrie's flattery, Alice invited him inside if he had important business with her. Inside, Alice served Eldrie some stew as he had not brought any rations with him. During the meal, Alice discovered that Eldrie was sent to the region to investigate reports of goblins and orcs sneaking in the area and had coincidentally found her during his investigation.

Continuing the thought of fate guiding him to Alice, Eldrie requested her to return to the Order of Integrity Knights and fight alongside the Human Empire Defense Army. As Alice refused, the angered Eldrie blamed Kirito for this decision.

In response, Alice rejected Eldrie's notion that Kirito was responsible for her inaction and explained that she believed herself unable to properly wield her sword. She questioned what was there and whether it was worth attempting to reach, considering the option of ending everything by taking Kirito's life as well as her own.

Unsure of what to do, Alice began to weep. Alice spent the entirety of the following day writing letters to Selka and Garitta, apologizing and saying goodbye. Because Eldrie had learned of her cabin, she could no longer stay there as she feared that Bercouli, whom she could not refuse, would come in Eldrie's place to persuade her to help the Defense Army. After deciding to let Amayori choose their next destination, they went to sleep once more. Woken by Kirito's weak shaking, Alice pondered what was causing Kirito's unease, until she heard cries from Amayori.

Rushing outside to find flames rising in the west, she quickly deduced that Rulid Village was under attack by the Dark Territory. Unsure of whether she was strong enough to fight the Dark Territory and save the villagers, Alice stood petrified until she saw Kirito attempting to reach the three swords hanging on the wall.

Inspired by his action, Alice equipped her armor under an overcoat and pulled her Fragrant Olive Sword from the wall, after which, she leapt onto Amayori and headed for the village.

Upon reaching the village, Alice was shocked to see that there were countless people who had not fled. Without hesitation, she jumped down from her dragon, landed next to Village Chief Gasupht and the wealthy farmer Nigel Balbossa and ordered them to evacuate the remaining villagers. Upon learning that the men were under orders from the guard chief, Alice proclaimed that she was an Integrity Knight, as she tore her overcoat to reveal her armor, in order to revoke the guard chief's order and have the villagers flee.

While the villagers were escaping, Alice summoned Amayori and had her attack with a heat ray, killing more than twenty goblins before the dragon returned to the sky. Having resolved herself to fight for what she chooses to fight for instead of what she is told to, Alice ripped off the bandage over her right eye socket, now throbbing in pain, before her eye regrew.

One week after the attack by the Dark Territory, much of the burnt-down Rulid Village had been reconstructed. Alice and Kirito rode on Amayori's back, flying away from Rulid Village towards the east. Amidst the chaos on the Ocean Turtle, inside the sub-control room, Yuuki Asuna intimidated Lieutenant Colonel Seijirou Kikuoka to ensure that Kirigaya Kazuto Kirito recovered safely, engulfing the room in silence at Asuna's tenacity.

After Koujiro Rinko consoled Asuna, relieving the tension in the room, Lieutenant Nakanishi reported on the several injuries and the damage to the hull.

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When Seijirou concluded that sinking the Ocean Turtle was not the intention of the invaders, he prompted Higa Takeru for ideas on their identity. The invaders as they had no markings on their uniforms, thus Takeru could only state that they were not Asian. As the topic changed to their escort ship, the Nagato, Nakanishi reported that their command had judged that the personnel on the Ocean Turtle were taken as hostages, thus the Nagato was ordered to stand ground.

Thus, Seijirou deduced that the attackers had contacts within the high-ranking officials that outranked officers from the Self-Defence Forces. Meanwhile, inside the main control room beyond the pressure-resistant barrier doors sealing the Light Cube Cluster, Gabriel Miller halted a conflict between Vassago Casals and Critter , forcing the team to focus on ideas to reach the cluster.

As the team worked on resolving the issue, Gabriel reflected on his plan to steal the light cube of Alice, the first true bottom-up Artificial Intelligence , as well as the Soul Translator technology as commissioned, yet take possession of it for himself while abandoning his team. He would then feign a failure of the operation and secretly construct his own artificial world using the stolen technology. In addition to Alice, Gabriel intended to inhabit the new world with Fluctlights of people such as SAO Survivors, especially the Clearers, due to their exceptional compatibility with virtual worlds.


After a moment of such thoughts, Gabriel enquired on Critter's progress, only to learn that nothing could be done aside from taking a peek into the world. While gazing at a scene of goblins in a scuffle, Vassago proposed entering Underworld to find Alice with the help of the locals. To make the search easier, Critter looked for a usable high-ranking account, yet all the ones in the Human Empire were locked by password. Under Gabriel's proposal, Critter also searched for such accounts in the Dark Territory, thus finding two super accounts: Back in the sub-control room, Higa Takeru informed Asuna of Kazuto's dismal condition but immediately proposed stimulating his Fluctlight from within Underworld as a method of treatment.

As Asuna volunteered to log into the Underworld, Takeru and Seijirou explained that Underworld was in an unstable state due to an impending invasion of the Human Empire from the Dark Territory, while the capabilities of the human forces were at question due to the damage the Axiom Church had endured.

As Alice was likely still with Kirito, while Asuna had the most experience with virtual worlds of them, Takeru agreed that she would be the best person to send into Underworld. Alright, then let's talk about something that happened recently, Josa.

When you left for the Voltaire territory, you took His Majesty to an indecent place, did you not? Indecent, you say?

Sword Art Online Light Novel Volume 15

That's the bar where I work. That's right! But His Majesty seemed to have had a good time. When he was going back home, he said: The "girls" at the bar, were going absolutely crazy over him. Good grief! Even though Gwendal says so many nice things, the soldiers of Voltaire really do whatever they want.

I'm going to ask you to please not tell my boss about what they do at night. He trusts his subordinates a lot, more than the commander even, because they're loyal. I think so too. Because the people who live like you, obediently follow his orders, right? I don't care about your issues with Gwen, but you can't take His Majesty whenever you want and move him around at will. The main reason I did that was simple recreation. The one who moves him around at will is you, don't you think?

This guy is terrible! Are you not even aware? Nothing you can do? For example, huh? If you allow me to say this, all of you people are way too overprotective! Double checking every order, inspecting every aspect of everything.

Why do you put His Majesty in a box whenever he faces adversity? If His Majesty faces danger, he would be too defenseless. When you raise someone too, you have to make sure that the place is safe. That's even worse, when it comes to your wonderful king you don't even realize what you do. And that's why you worry and try to keep him safe putting him in that box.

In the end, no matter what other people say , you go ahead and do as you please without paying attention at all. You've always been like this.


While I was in the mission in a different country, those nights when I slept alone, I kept dreaming once and again about things of the past. And in those dreams you would fight desperately to death, picking up fights with troublesome men. Because of the way the commander was, we, your subordinates, talked to you till exhaustion, but despite your virtues you never listened to what people had to say. And then you went all by yourself, and grabbed the enemy's commander by the neck. At that time you almost, almost got yourself killed.

Of course. And on top of that, among all those guys in our unit we had no MAgic users. And even though I absolutely thought we were over our heads, right there, in the middle of the enemy's troops the commander was taking everyone down, moving his brethren to tears, and helping me keep a cool mind.

The fire in my gut ended up "coming out of my stomach", no, I mean I remembered that, before I took this trip I had a dream about us as kids. It was a dream about being pushed down from a super high cliff.

Yes, miraculously thanks to that! That day I promised myself in my heart: He just goes around smiling, but he doesn't care about other people's circumstances. If I continue to spend time with this guy and have any weaknesses, I will die.

Or rather: I'll get killed. So in order not to lose my life, I have to be stronger than anyone else. It's the truest of trues. And besides, that me that couldn't swim, ended up being the best of swimmers, and all of that is thanks to you. Yeah, I thought so too. I guessed that you must have forgotten about that experience, but it seems like I can never forget. Anyway, I've been wondering for some time.

What do you have in that huge piece of luggage you're carrying around? It's just that, in this luggage I have A little gift for His Excellency Gwendal.

You don't know it? This is a super popular character called "Ketty-chan" FX: Since it's not just for children, you can find special versions of Ketty from particular places usually called name-of-the-place-Ketty [6].

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