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THE DEMONWEB PITS? The Expedition to the Demonweb Pits campaign adventure is designed to begin with four to six 9th-level DUNGEONS &. DRAGONS®. penetrate the depths oi"the Demonweb Pits. Rttle-ofïlihree asks the characters to meet a bone naga ambassador ofÜrctis with inside information on the' Demon-. Expedition to the Demonweb Pits - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free.

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Expedition To The Demonweb Pits Pdf

D&D - Expedition to the Demonweb Pits Lvl 5 edition of the Dungeons Dragons fantasy Dd the needed ebook or handbook. As we did with past adventures, we're providing the some of the excerpts for Expedition to the Demonweb Pits in downloadable, zipped PDF. RPG Item Version. ADP Expedition to the Demonweb Pits PDF Version. Version Publisher Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.) Product Code.

Gender Re: Is the Expedition to the demonweb pits good? I've played through it with a 2-person party. It wasn't very challenging outside few changes our DM made in it. Spoilered analysis: Show Pros: - I absolutely love the setting. Planescape happens to be one of my favorite settings ever and it uses Sigil as the base of operations.

As he would This room contains a gate to Sigil. Drow Sign Language. Weakness light blindness Speed 30 ft. Lithara changes her focus to offensive Feats Augment Summoning.

Cha 10 or seen through. If the sound invisibility purge. Con Use this encounter as the sole encounter of the day. Penetration The two drow barbarians hide in the trees. Lithara can simply make more undead minions the next day.

Queen of the Demonweb Pits (WotC PDF Version ) | Wiki | BoardGameGeek

She fol. Lithara 2nd—cure moderate wounds. The hospice abilities. Dex Domain spell. Wis DC Combat Casting. Int She has no desire to storm the 4th—air walk. Abilities Str In addition. They view the zombies masterwork dagger. Senses darkvision ft. She casts her invisibility spell first. Spell spells such as confusion or contagion. In general. Light Blindness Ex Abrupt exposure to bright light such Left alone.

Senses darkvision 60 ft. Int —. Mounted characters make a DC 10 Ride check instead. Characters who fail this check stumble and must end their movement 5—10 feet later. Senses darkvision ft.. Con —.. Cha 12 round. Reach 10 ft. Steep Slope: Characters moving uphill must spend 2 squares of movement.

A steep slope increases the DC of Tumble checks by 2. Feats Power Attack. Tree Stumps: Several tree stumps are on the map. Dex 6. It is not subject to extra damage from critical adamantine arrows. The drow cleric Lithara L commands a force that includes four ogre zombies Z and a pair of drow vanguard barbarians V. AC Refer changed statistics: Undercommon AC These count as difficult terrain. Light Blindness Ex Abrupt exposure to bright light such as sunlight or a daylight spell blinds drow for 1 round.

Cha 1 Atk Options Power Attack. Characters who fail by 5 or more fall prone. Characters running or charging downhill must succeed on a DC 10 Balance check. Reach 5 ft. It is 40 feet deep. Mounted Combat. Exotic Weapon Proficiency spiked battle. Senses low-light vision. Cha 10 the vrock in the adjacent room A3 hears the sound of Feats Combat Reflexes. The drow lizard riders take up defensive positions when Undercommon the PCs appear at the west entrance.

The ground here split long ago. See page Cha 10 Feats Combat Reflexes. Atk Options Combat Reflexes. Weapon prepared for battle. Improved Initiative. It joins the fight 4 rounds after hearing noise. Int 2. Weapon Focus spiked chain. If foes Stunning Screech Su Once per hour. Feats Cleave. Power Attack. The vrock V perches in the northeast corner. Combat Reflexes. They then penetrate the skin and for battle. At the end of this time. The wall surface is rough. The spores ledge in the northeast corner.

This ability is the equivalent of a 3rd. Power Attack Archway: If the PCs defeated the vrock. Cha 16 check. Once the vrock is defeated. At will—mirror image. The vines are If first encountered in the room. A delay poison with the drow lizard riders and is prepared to meet the party.

The place has no sun or male human paladin While that might be an surface of an enormous ring. Not just physically—though Newcomers should hire a guide a tout. Sigil is located planetouched [aasimars. AL LN. See Entering and to be the true crossroads of the multiverse. Sigil claims exaggeration. Authority Figures: The Lady of Pain LN female. After all. Locals claim that you can get anywhere from of the Outer Planes and built on the inner Sigil if you know the right portal.

Sigil has its bad areas. Of all the planar cities. The tout can help travelers find fair-priced inns. The only way in or out of the Cage is through its interpla- tence is the city of Sigil.

Assets Exiting Sigil. They further explorations. Sigil is known just call it the Cage. Bircham he most famous planar metropolis in all exis. Sigil is the least inimi- bar divine beings from her realm. Domain of the Outlands. King of the Cross-Trade. Located at the center nar portals. This enigmatic being— and its architecture amply demonstrates that fact.

On the other hand. Sigil has no dominant style. The rest of If the DM allows it. Every piece of material in every building keeps deities and beings of similar power out of the Cage on every street is imported from another plane.

Ethereal Plane exists. How can a place where devils and demons rub the building materials available. No two despite its portals. Any Dwarves build sturdy stone structures next to graceful elf bounded space big enough for somebody to walk or wriggle villas. With a mere glance. But since nobody knows how to make or control portals.

In the early hours of the morning. With no summon creatures into or out of Sigil even with a gate spell. It has no walls or has no monsoons or tornadoes. Sigil enjoys days and nights minded.

The place has no trees to turn into wounds and bleed like a fountain. Portals need a portal key to activate them—usually a together from the parts of a dozen other constructions. The first is the Lady of Pain. After peak. It never gets very hot or very cold. Since city high above remember. Sigil has none In truth. Someone who manages to lumber. A faithful reproduction of an Abyssal palace stands through—from a sewer entrance to a wardrobe—might proudly overlooking the street.

Without the correct key. On top But a visitor to Sigil need not worry about opening his of that. The second factor keeping the city intact is the dabus see any who would listen. Sigil is divided into six regions. As the old saying goes. Water is expen- The stability proved short-lived. In some locales that might earn them a to make arrests or carry out sentences.

No one knows how Sigil came into being. Despite this shock to the system. The god while he dreamed in an extradimensional prison. Six more moved out of services rather than selling finished goods live and work town to other locations and kept preaching their beliefs to here as well. Prices are unrelated to Material local politics. The factions grew to believe they had a than metal.

Plane prices. A few years ago. Abandon it one can guess that the name owes a lot to tradition. Soon enough. The best place to groups that squabbled incessantly among themselves.

This is believing that its way was the right way. It gets its name from the large number of portals to faction known as the Transcendent Order. Going counterclockwise around the built ten thousand years ago by a deposed duke of Hell. Three of the factions during the day sleep here at night.

In some distant past. Even some locals The Lady decided to start over again. The other six remained in Sigil but page Merchants who hawk their wares in the Market Ward that. Whether These silent. As commandments claim that only tradition separates them. Inhabitants of the Ward has power. Lower Ward. Market Ward: In the Market Ward. In the heyday of the fac. Bits of rotting cloth. As a planar metropolis. DOORS tion. The city of Sigil is itself an obstacle for the PCs.

Demons are triple liars.

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England the lack of a ward. As the characters walk serving as the centerpiece of an artistic neighborhood that through one of the small avenues in Sigil on their way to brings travelers from across the multiverse. Scuttle very carefully through this sewer.

Before the Great Upheaval see History. Run by a group calling itself the Society of Sensation a faction. In Sigil. Ward busy. The quality might be questionable. We mean victory for you and defeat Sigil provides a grand opportunity for the PCs to research.

D&D 3.5 - Expedition to the Demonweb Pits Lvl 9-12

Some criminal organizations looking to improve their paved over. You duck into an alley littered with dirt and escorts to sellswords.

You take a shortcut to avoid a religious procession that is freely taverns and inns aplenty. Of the locations summarized on the accompanying table are course. Sigil shift frequently. The concern appears well founded. In effect. Behind the becomes inactive. The Gatehouse Night Market offers rubbish give the alley a pungent reek. If approached and made elves. The Styx Oarsman is a discreet extraordinary circumstances. This inn caters to a mostly humanoid crowd. If your campaign uses Planar Handbook.

A marilith simply known by the name Maril- multiracial planar metropolis. With a DC 30 Spot Gryfalcon the jaunter page 29 also drinks here. PH 72 either through diplo- of the clientele. The patrons run the gamut ith M is the bartender. A few drow. She mixes drinks three at a time from good to evil.

She starts of life. Go to encounter B1: Rats That Talk on page If party loser in to the local constabulary. The clientele tends toward those from or Cleaners: Rule-of- Three merely shrugs and makes a sweeping hand motion You have found your way to the Lower Ward.

Do spends time at the inn in one of his favorite disguises. I call myself. They call me. I like the cheap beer. Go to the Tower of the Prophet. Continue with the visit to the Tower of the Prophet on page I hope he was dead when you took it from him. Rule-of-Three asks to see it. Bring me three coppers. Rake male rogue 1. At their first meeting. Rule-of-Three claims lection of customers. They find plenty of profit and excitement with a wave of his hand.

Hakim male fighter 2. What brings you here? Oarsman is for private business: A circle of creatures eral years ago. The Styx Oarsman caters to these folk.

Those coming in letter. In stumbling out of the open archway that is the entranceway. Further investigation by the PCs determines that humans and the floating dabus. Cards are dealt.

A trio of humans works as the wait staff of the no Rule-of-Three answers. To soothe PC suspicions. He listens to your reply and says. Three Bring me three Bleakers. Within addition. Now the trio lives together as a romantically pulls back from the table.

Any of the demons. The inn is owned and run by a cambion. Then stop treating me like one of a githzerai scholar. Heavy curtains shield the conversations from eavesdroppers and rampant rumormongering. You even spot occasional dart. Attempts to determine his alignment or thoughts with The Oarsman is noisy. A mirror mephit see page named Gleam lurks in and yugoloths. The bartender has six arms. Rule-of-Three frequently The creature you approach seems offended. The thing we spoke of?

The weapon of legend? Go to the Hive Ward. Rule-of-Three excellent. I have uncovered a direct portal to your own kingdom and treasures in hand. Rule-of-Three speaks. You must find it. Once When the party returns from Yggdrasil and the Beast.

Please let me take a look and consider the alterna- tives. Are we agreed? I wish you good hunting. Well done. Rule-of-Three tells them that the portal to the same corner of the Oarsman. You have the prophecy. Though she is a drow. They might be able to gather some eyes scan the weapons you carry. If anyone understands that language. I think it will be safe for you to return to your home lands presumably with Thaas and perhaps other plane. Deschamps to the World Ash. After they feels.

Rule-of-Three first offers them cash up to do something dramatic such as killing the giant at the Black Rule-of-Three gives them a pass- after hearing about the Platinum Key from Lissondra and word Sanp will recognize: Anyone who meets Demonweb itself. Dawnat Sanp. There is no set timeline for events.

The PCs are much. At that point. Show that the threat proaches the party. The Queen of Spiders must hands remain clean while Lolth suffers the consequences. Groups with this type of approach rarely need addi. If asked why not send a say that there is a creature. The most magnificent of epic poems bribes might not be enough to keep the characters on the track must answer these questions. Rumors untrue. He strongly encourages them to play along with Rule. This thing serves the Prince of Undeath. Any good character should be part of a bigger plot.

A warden archon from the Tower of the Prophet ap. Though the PCs have Prompt: The PCs hear more reports of drow attacks or in- been warned not to trust celestials. As the DM. A collector of drow items offers to pay more than lords and a drow deity.

The archons lack the restraint and subtlety necessary to untangle Treasure: Even in the early encounters. At some point. What about that home. Continue with Chapter 4: After the be hunted in her own Web. Although he holds the key to their return how it ends. Expedition to the Demonweb Pits sends the char. If the PCs are mostly treasure-focused.

Perhaps a friendly bard listens avidly to their different planes. He waits for you in the city of Zelatar. The creature is well hold up his end of their bargain.

If asked why Rule-of-Three listens to you and then says. Use the approaches that most appeal to them to Story: The PCs likely started the adventure investigating the keep the plot moving. If the archons have already confronted the becomes more serious by having it include drow with the characters on unfriendly terms encounter B2. If the players like the continuity of fighting a common foe. Treasure is both good monetarily and creatures such as the bone naga ambassador of Orcus.

A strange ally. The epic scope of plot. City of Demons. Knowledge worshipers. Dawnat Sanp sends the modifier. Languages Abyssal.

Book of Flesh and Mirrors page Two sword archons S guard the entryway. This construct looks like a sphere forged in the SQ silent metal. Sense prayer beneath the gleaming sphere. Move Silently. The PCs need to acquire a magical bronze pyramid portal Continue with Chapter 5: The gate that Rule-of-Three offers the party to reach Zelatar which has a portal from Sigil in a neglected alley in the is a one-way portal found just outside the Oarsman.

This mission is very important for the adventure flow: The time of the Demon Council is fast about their connections.

The Celestial aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. Speed 40 ft. Weapon Focus longsword anvils of Mechanus. The PCs find but evading the heightened drow patrols will be worth it. Cha 20 center of the floor.

Combat Gear ring of shooting stars 13 charges Inside. He suggests the Spiral Desert see page Eye might offer a good or lawful party a prophecy to help Silent Metal Ex A cambion takes no armor penalty on defeat the drow. Climbing up to those windows is almost impossible of dissimilar temples of marble.

The from the roof overhang is possible with a DC 24 Climb check. Stairs lead down to a of certain celestial deities: Bahamut has a shrine here. The bell tower stairs 1. Spot check notices that the temple. Anyone who makes a DC 12 outside only. In daytime. Those of other align- rung four times a day at peak. Justus and Lucinor. PC is seen.

These foot-tall gilded doors open lead up to both the dome over the altar area and to the bells automatically whenever a lawful or good character approaches themselves. This is exceedingly unwise because the Tower is constantly watched by seven vigilant lawful good archons. Their shadows and bulk make it possible. The Celestial Eye. A single airshaft leads from here into the halls of the dabus. The Crypt of the Archpriest.

At night. When the party approaches the circular pillars are carved to resemble a stone curtain when Eye. The altar is a tripod holding a bowl of pure good three males are Humbart. The Clerestory Windows. The Dome and Bell Tower Stairs. The Altar. The front door is barred. The Curtain Pillars and Nave. The 5-foot-diameter 7.

Breaking In: Stealthy Entry Alternatively. The ments must make a DC 14 Strength check to pull them open tower is home to the two sword archons. The Golden Gates. The easier routes in are the clerestory windows and the bell tower see below. The language spoken is Celestial. The sound of a quill moving over paper stops. The world seems black. Evil or Kill the queen in her black pearl. Ability points are regained normally. The spider- a final clunk.

When they succeed in opening the Eye. One PC is either holding the paper prophecy if ceiling. With Lolth in her spider form spinning a great web. It points up at the afterward. You hear the clank If the PCs fail to acquire the prophecy of the Celestial of metal.

A piece The dream leaves the character with a sense of foreboding of paper in your hands shines with an echo of the vanished light. The the Dark Speech and the stone spider entryway to the warden archons wear dark smoked-glass goggles for just this Council Chamber requiring a golden pass. Chaotic evil ters C3—C5. Somewhere nearby. Voices echo The bow of beasts dissolves the taint of the corrupted.

Evil characters who The first stanza refers to the trip to the Beastlands encoun- fail lose 1d8 points of Wisdom per failed save. Those who hear the words of the Eye might be puzzled The brass segments of the Eye snap back one by one. Lawful good characters encounter D Once it is opened. The second stanza refers to the Black Gate are entitled to a DC 18 Fortitude save to avoid the effect.

It as flickering shadows. A pair of keys: You feel it as a source of warmth and inquisitiveness— living light that burrows into your body to your soul. Chaotic characters who fail the save lose 1d8 points of Charisma per failed save. When the party takes the slip of paper back to Rule-of- Read: Three at the Styx Oarsman. As each segment snaps away from the Eye. One of the in their minds. The eye that gives this place its name is a strange object. With a result of DC Meeting the Scholars The two jackal lords do not receive visitors at their home in B3: These yugoloths offer their hired-muscle his master and mistress that they have guests.

But even lawful good them to download this necessary booklet for 25 gp. Go to encounter B2: Guardians of the Tower on page Argent asks the characters to wait for a moment well want them dead.

Go to encounter B3: Mercenary Yugoloths on page Spellcraft does not reveal their presence to of Eclavdra. Kemet answers questions while Gbemisola wanders in The yugoloths wait until the PCs are on the streets during and out of the conversation she has to leave at least once to early or late twilight or near antipeak to attack. With a result of B2: Gbemisola can provide a lot of information about Yggdrasil and the Demonweb—for a price.

Kemet appears to be wearing page Creatures that might call for such of faith duration 8 minutes. These other sources in Sigil.

Expedition to the Demonweb Pits

In tive safety. They target obvious new arrivals and try to convince was unable to get a reading from the Eye. There is a If the characters archons have hotheads among their number. Since the effects of the other protective spells web page If they seek out sources of their own rather than taking his advice.

Kemet and streets and nip this problem early. Angry Jackals is a creature within a dream of the Lady of Pain. As a gesture is considered a charity. Copying books is permitted. The PCs might see through the hound archon disguises. Library of The Lady. The party members might notice that a fellow in a dark They insist the PCs leave immediately. If the characters violate the rules.

They admit that they take on this shape to get a wider range The Librarians on page The required cash depends on the of thanks. Kemet suggests that a dona. If 3 Violence. Attempted theft is punishable by charter page 1. These creatures and permanent expulsion from the library.

Demonweb itself gp The library has three rules: The use of nondestructive have maps of any kind for Yggdrasil. The Abyssal information divinations on books is permitted. This is true only if his partner Gbemisola refuge it provides from at least some dangers.

Their shadow for their hell hounds to make sure the party leaves. Those whose might look like archons. Altering a book in any way other than the Abyss wind up dead. Negotiating Information B5: If the PCs ask other patrons always met with violence. Silence of the scholars on the back. If they are suspicious Characters who do not obey these rules are confronted and just observe very carefully.

Pain herself. The for one year. If the PCs do mention it. If one or more of them insist on shaking hands or clapping one Silence or quiet speech is encouraged but not required.

If the party continues researching the Abyss. Goldfeather took over. The amount of the bonus depends on the type of ques- The librarian Goldfeather is one of these abusive sorts. It would The library is closed 12 hours a day.

Long decades past. He knows the party to stop. After 1 month. River Styx. Androcyn confronts anyone he information covers immunities and resistances. He fights only when attacked powders. If the researcher for valuable volumes. As a result. Until then. Visitors new to the library are watched they are birdlike demons.

After 2 ian in the city of Sigil is not someone any sane PC wants to months of research. He takes his duties seriously forward DC 11 to If specific information about the powers of the demon lords is he dies. For example. The librarian for this collection is a marrash scholar the suspicion of Abyssal powers which keep tabs on who who flies with strangely muffled wings. For more spots misbehaving.

He opens the room by open. Insert for page The introduction to her is set anywhere outside the Styx Oarsman. Gryfalcon has a silver sphere Demonweb teleporta- accessible only by Goldfeather. The Extradimen. LeShawn willingly teaches others the arts of or heading off in a wrong direction. Larger to infiltrate the Fane of Eclavdra. She requires no share of treasure Oarsman.

Gryfalcon can suggest DOORS main library collection increases the circumstance bonus those resources. Gryfalcon can be the guy to say. If the PCs have not yet gone to the Beastlands. Through his adventures. She is a friend to the warden This adventure features two other individuals who can pro. The place intense and driven. Security is even tighter here than elsewhere. LeShawn encourages them to go in pursuit of the legendary The introductory scenario is set in the Styx Oarsman. Direct Assistance: If the party is short-staffed.

Realizing the poor odds of a frontal assault on joy to the sage. Gryfalcon can provide information for the sional Reading Room has heavy magical warding against PCs for any facet of planar travel in the adventure. If the characters get into a hopeless situation. This NPC is meant to chaotic evil outsiders. Because the inn welcomes evil outsiders.

If the teleportation. Access to the Extradimensional Reading Room is next. She will not accompany the party on be a friend and an ally to the PCs. Introduce these NPCs the demonwrecker see the prestige class on page and at an appropriate time and place. LeShawn is eager to rid the multiverse of PCs stay at regularly. Spell Focus evocation. The windows both on the ground floor and 15 feet up are shuttered.

Special Actions distraction DC Anyone caught in this cone must succeed on a DC 23 Will save or be stunned for 3d4 rounds. Atk Options Blind-Fight While fighting. If the party attacks. The rats attack if the party kills as much as a single individual rat. Iron Will. The Rat Alley: The alley is 10 feet wide and feet long. The cranium rat swarm R is concentrated in the center of the alley. The walls are 20 feet high.

D&D 3.5 - Expedition to the Demonweb Pits Lvl 9-12

Lightning Reflexes. Greater Spell Focus evocation. Greater Spell PenetrationB. Log In with Facebook. Log In I am new here. Remember me. Password forgotten? Click here. Expedition to the Demonweb Pits 3. Selected Option: Watermarked PDF. Hardcover Color Book Standard. Average Rating 4 ratings. Visit the Abyss. Meet Demon Lords. Kill Everything. Customers Who Bought this Title also downloadd. Reviews 0. Please log in to add or reply to comments. Josip K June 03, 2: There's a lot of missing text in the sample, this isn't the case with the complete file is it?

Joshua G August 04, 5: Josip K September 07, 5: Sorry I didn't get back sooner. Must just be a glitch with the preview, the complete file is a-ok!

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