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Life Of CA Student #pdf. Submitted By: Abhimanyu on 23 July Scorecard: My Other Files. Downloaded: times. File size: 90 KB. Rating. Get Free Read & Download Files Life Of A Ca Student K Raj PDF. LIFE OF A CA STUDENT K RAJ. Download: Life Of A Ca Student K Raj. LIFE OF A CA. hundreds times for their chosen books like this life of a ca student k raj, but end . wolfe spring break, handbook of mathematics arihant pdf, john hagee books.

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Life Of A Ca Student Pdf

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Featuring a cynical protagonist and a host of familiar characters, the fast-paced plot is sure to keep you gripped until the last page. The ultimate how-to for people skills has aged well, still offering a lot of practical advice for improving colleague relationships in the modern world. Penned by one of the most renowned crime writers of modern times, Risk is a thrilling tale that brings to fore the advantages of having a meticulous accountant's mind, particularly in sticky situations. Quick and clever, it's a definite good choice for fans of horse racing, audits or thrillers. Aimed at high-flyers and particularly women in business, Thrive is an account of the author's own struggles as well as a compilation of research into habitual behaviour. Work It Out with a Pencil is an autobiographical collection of anecdotes and observations from more than 20 years in the business. Easy to read and delightfully amusing, this is one for every finance worker, no matter the stage of your career. What book would you recommend for CAs?

Remember you and you only are the best judge.

Life of a Chartered Accountancy (CA) Students

Poor presentation skills This thing is said by many Rank Holders. So work on your presentation skills from now onwards otherwise you will never realize what mistake you are committing in every attempt.

I suggest you that at least develop your own assessment and calibers. In other words understanding of prevailing examination pattern in a proper manner is also very important for a good start to your exam preparation. Understanding the structure of the exams, then its become possible to tackle the exam and be successful.

Based on the structure of exam planning should be made. Self analysis is also essential to figure out that everything is going as per your plan.

33 Motivational Story of CA Student | Test (Assessment) | Thought

A well defined study plan is not a guarantee of success unless executed in proper way. So you may test your preparation by attempting some previous exam paper under ultimate exam condition or environment. Not practicing by writing the proper format Rough work? Rough work is how a CA Student defines his practice. Blunder, a big blunder. Have you ever seen Sachin Master Blaster practicing roughly? Or practicing with a poor and old bat? He practices with the bat like he is playing the Final Match.

And dear CA Students you have to so the same. Trust me this habit if inculcated will reap in more benefits than any other tip being talked about here.. Students solve practical problems in the text book by ticking the posting. In exams we are not provided with answers which we have to verify.

We have to actually write the answers. So practice in note book and ensure that you complete full question. There is no point of listening of you are not converting those thoughts into actions. No analysis of mistakes Get very specific about the reasons of your failure. Failure is there not without a reason. I worked in agriculture for 1 month. Because of continuous hard work I got fever. Then I left my native place and went to Belgaum for study purpose, one of my classmate helped me to stay in his room free of cost.

I got 4 months for study because of CA exam was postponed for 1 month because of Elections. I studied well and attend the exam.

Institute postponed it to….. Again they postponed to Sunday at 12PM. I was pressing again and again F5 key in internet cafe. Again the institute announced results will be declared at 5 PM.

At 5 PM institute announced that results will be declared at 6 AM morning. I could not sleep at night because that was my last attempt as I told to my brother.

I was staying in first floor. Still 7. Then there was a power failure and went then I came down. At time other 2 roommates are sleeping. I went to balcony and cried.

I was very very very sad at that time and still I remember that time. Again I received a call from my Home- first my parents spoke with me and my brother was not ready to talk with me but after being forced from my mother, brother took the phone and started scolding me in Marathi and Kannada languages and told that do not call me and I will not call you and was not interested in speaking with you for at least 2. I did not go for work on Monday, next day morning I went directly to office and told that I needed 2 months of leave for studies.

Seven must-read books for chartered accountants

He approved my leave letter immediately but scolded saying you do not have common sense. Afterwards, I realised that I made mistake. Again I filled PE-2 application form immediately and started studying.

Finally I cleared PE-2 in 6th attempt. Then again we started talking each other. That happiness lasted for atleast 6 months from results. Hence, after all the battle with life, I came out successfully.

I want to give some important tips to face the battle. Please avoid mobile phone during study time i.

During study time I saw movies in film theatres with my CA friends. Though I cleared, please do not do this. Computer and TV- I was addicted to that. Avoid this strictly.

previous good preparation, he managed to give final exams. Result came and he

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