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Megan Scott has cast aside all thoughts of a happy-ever-after - there's only so much heartache a girl can take. But when a cocktail-fuelled hen-do goes wrong. Waking Up Married Waking Up 1 By Mira Lyn Kelly By Mira Lyn Kelly [PDF] [ EPUB] Although I started a bit late, I have been taking a lot of. Get Instant Access to PDF File: Read. D0wnl0ad Online Free Now eBook Waking Up. Married By Mira Lyn Kelly [KINDLE PDF. EBOOK EPUB]. Read D0wnl0ad.

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Waking Up Married Mira Lyn Kelly Pdf

Waking Up Married book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Her first thought: Who are you?It's the morning after her co. keep coming usaascvb.info you need a waking up married kindle edition mira lyn kelly, you can download them in pdf format from our usaascvb.info file format that can. Waking Up Married. Home · Waking Up Married Author: Kelly Mira Lyn. 30 downloads Views KB Size Report. DOWNLOAD EPUB.

With an OverDrive account, you can save your favorite libraries for at-a-glance information about availability. Find out more about OverDrive accounts. Megan Scott has cast aside all thoughts of a happy-ever-after - there's only so much heartache a girl can take. But when a cocktail-fuelled hen-do goes wrong and she's upgraded from bridesmaid to bride, her plans are forgotten Business tycoon Conner Reed is surprised by Megan's morning-after reaction. Last night, they'd both been on the same page - a marriage built on mutual needs and attraction, but definitely no L word. Megan can't remember their first kiss, but Conner will try every trick in the book to remind her of their scorching chemistry. And first on the list? Their wedding night! Fiction Romance Publication Details Publisher:

Mira Vaiman, for example, was a medical student in Voronezh. Mary Kelley has believed in the potential of this project from the very beginning. School in Lynn, Massachusetts opened by sexual reformer and fervent Up until now, finding even a boyfriend had seemed impossiblebeen there, got the broken heart, sworn off men for good. Waking Up Married. Book info. Waking Up Married Author. Mira Lyn Kelly. Not a chance, Nate. The women will sniff you out. Go find your own storage closet.

Between the gap of the door and frame, ice-blue eyes slid over her, bringing to both mind and body the heart-pounding effect that gaze once elicited.

Her breath caught as she stared in outraged indignation. I am not crying! Hiding, yes. Sulking, some. Crying, not a chance.

Every guy intent on snaring himself a top-floor job in Liss Industries moving in for his white-knight moment. And the talk… Her stomach seized. It was the talk that had driven her into hiding in the first place.

The Poor Payton talk.

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They were all wrong. But even if she bellowed out the truth, no one would believe her. And for nothing. In the end, no amount of perfect behavior could save her father from the weak heart that had plagued him the last fifteen years of his life. Pushing back the well of emotion that still rose at the thought of losing him the year before, she shook her head.

Nothing could upset him now. No defiant choice or willful stand for independence. He was at peace and, though his death broke her heart, it also set her free. Which was why this had to be the last society event.

She needed a life. One she could live on her own terms. To try and set the record straight before she escaped would leave her sounding petty—the perfect complement to preexisting pathetic. No, thank you— The bored sigh directed her way snapped Payton back to the present.

To Nate, quite literally sticking his head back into her life after walking out of it all those years ago. Last chance, babe, or I talk. Lot of hopefuls out there tonight waiting for a shot. Nearly every memory anyway. Nate knew no limits when it came to getting what he wanted.

And now—after a decade with little more than the most limited greetings passing between them, and only when absolutely necessary—he wanted to get into her hideout. Now, Payton. Fine, come in.

Just hurry up before someone sees you. Smart girl. He shouldered through the door, closing it with the sweep of one foot behind him. Fast and strong and skilled. Damp strands of sun-kissed gold whipping about his face as he drove toward a goal.

It was no good. The waves atop his head were a few shades darker and a bit shorter, but remained utterly tempting in their unruly disarray. He was broader in the shoulders and chest, still athletically lean and exuded a power and confidence that dwarfed the world around him. Particularly in his tailor-made tux with a bottle of champagne hanging loosely from his fingers. Megan ends up testing Connor with all her worst flaws to see if he can handle who she is.

Connor catches on to what she's doing and doesn't really care one way or the other.

He'll deal with bad food, facial scrub masks, pajama days when Megan's working all day, just as long as she stays with him. It's meant to be sweet and vulnerable for both of them, but when Connor's internal monologue says he can touch her butt because "he needed a reminder as to why he was going to choke down the coming atrocity.

An incentive of sorts. Strike three for the douchy-hero. I liked Connor's friend, Jeff. I almost wish he was the hero instead. It would have served Connor right to lose Megan to Jeff for being such a douche. But then again, Megan didn't show a lot of promise or backbone, so I probably wouldn't want to stick Jeff with her anyway. Jeff showed himself to really care about Connor, even though Connor really gave him no reason.

He kept Connor in line even when Connor was a jerk and the times that Jeff makes an appearance in the book are more lighthearted. The ending was satisfyingly emotional. Megan grew some backbone related to Connor but not to her "friends" , Connor groveled in a nice way, and I was glad to see them together.

But the journey to get there didn't feel worth it.

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Neither character seemed to grow personally, even if they did resolve some of their afraid-of-love issues. One person found this helpful.

Please allow me to be clearer on the type of romance I hate in books: There was actually a time in my life, many, many moons ago, when I devoured one paperback romance after the other With that in mind, here are my thoughts on this lovely gem from Harlequin.

Firstly, it does have a few raunchy scenes, but it was done tastefully and nothing too explicit. The actual hook for me, and the reason for picking up this book, was the gorgeous cover of course! I just had to know how the heck it was possible for two people to wake up married, with one of them not even recalling they got married in the wee hours of the morning. In all honesty, it sounded like it was going to be a fun, lighthearted read, which it was, but with a more serious undertone than I expected.

I loved both the main characters. Connor was the real surprise, though. Connor is motivated, dependable, level-headed, goal-driven and unafraid of confrontation or hard work. Due to his traumatized childhood, he has endured several failed relationships and thus has become a jilted man.

Sad, but true. Both Megan and Connor not wanting the commitments and strings that goes with loving someone, how will they ever make this quickie Vegas marriage work? That was the question that kept me reading right through to the end. The bigger focus was heavily placed on what these two were made of, and that on its own brought a certain depth to the story.

Waking Up Married, as you can imagine, has its fair share of sidesplitting moments.

Waking up married book download

Traditionally, people get to know each other more than half a day in advance before taking the proverbial plunge. Yep, lots of laughter ensued. I loved peeling back the layers on both these multifaceted characters to get a glimpse of what makes them tick. All in all, this was a terrific read.

Mira Lyn Kelly

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