The sickness struck everyone sixteen and older. First it twisted their minds; next it ravaged their bodies. Now the sickos roam the streets, crazed and hungry for. Download The Hunted by Charlie Higson Ebook, PDF, Epub. http://ebooksnova. com/the-hunted-by-charlie-higson/. enemy pdf. free download or read online the hunted pdf (epub) (the enemy series ) for the book by charlie higson the hunted (an enemy novel) in pdf form.

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charlie higson pdf 7 6 write a thesis statement after you finish taking notes turn your research question into a thesis free download ==>> the hunted an enemy. Bookshelf, Epub Download Sites, Ebook Download, Books, Pdf Free Books The Hunted is Charlie Higson s sixth terrifying installment in the. Get Free Read & Download Files The Hunted Enemy 6 Charlie Higson PDF. THE HUNTED ENEMY 6 CHARLIE HIGSON. Download: The Hunted Enemy 6.

A prologue introduces a new zombie called "The Collector", a massive father who collects "toys" kids plays with them until they break tortures them until they die and eats them. He finds two children and adds them to his "collection". The real story begins at the Tower, where Dognut is growing restless of his confinement and is annoyed that he has been kicked down from second in command by Ed. He plans on heading out to find Brooke and the others from the Tesco truck, whom they lost contact with during the fire of South London and The Battle of Lambeth Bridge. Although his intentions are to find everybody that went missing, he also wants to go because of the crush he has on Brooke. He discusses this with Ed as seen in "The Dead" and he agrees with him. Dognut assembles a team consisting of Courtney who wants to find Brooke, but also secretly has a crush on Dognut , best friends Marco and Felix who were with Dognut at the imperial war museum , Finn who is looking for old friends , Al who is looking for his sister Maria , youngster Olivia who is looking for her older brother Paul and Jessica who has recently broken up with her boyfriend Brendan. After a quick but difficult row upriver, they end up at the Houses of Parliament , where they find a girl named Nicola and her group.

He finds two children and adds them to his "collection". The real story begins at the Tower, where Dognut is growing restless of his confinement and is annoyed that he has been kicked down from second in command by Ed. He plans on heading out to find Brooke and the others from the Tesco truck, whom they lost contact with during the fire of South London and The Battle of Lambeth Bridge.

Although his intentions are to find everybody that went missing, he also wants to go because of the crush he has on Brooke. He discusses this with Ed as seen in "The Dead" and he agrees with him. Dognut assembles a team consisting of Courtney who wants to find Brooke, but also secretly has a crush on Dognut , best friends Marco and Felix who were with Dognut at the imperial war museum , Finn who is looking for old friends , Al who is looking for his sister Maria , youngster Olivia who is looking for her older brother Paul and Jessica who has recently broken up with her boyfriend Brendan.

After a quick but difficult row upriver, they end up at the Houses of Parliament , where they find a girl named Nicola and her group. Nicola tells them none of their friends are at the Houses of Parliament, but lets them know about David taking residence at Buckingham Palace.

The group decides to travel to the palace, thinking that their friends might be there. During the journey, the group is attacked by the 'gym bunnies', a group of zombies who, due to their good physical condition, are harder to kill; the gym bunnies corner Dognut's crew. About to go in for the kill, they are saved by a brutal group of hunters led by a boy named Ryan.

Ryan's group guides Dognut's crew to the palace, where Al is reunited with Maria. David claims that he does not know where their friends are, but the group later realize he isn't all that he seems; mainly, he's lying about their friends, who are staying at the Natural History Museum. They head to the museum at night, without Al, who stays with his sister and Jessica, who is too scared to continue.

As night draws closer, zombies come out in large numbers and chase the group to a house where they think kids are living. Instead, it turns out to be the Collector's lair, and the group encounter the large monster.

They make a run for it, unaware that they've left Olivia behind. She kills herself before the Collector can get her by jumping off a high balcony to her death. Paul asks for Olivia, but Courtney explains that Olivia was killed by the Collector.

Paul goes hysterical after learning about Olivia's death, and he becomes determined to kill the Collector. Dognut's group, Robbie, Jackson a friend of Robbie's , Ryan's hunters, and several others from the museum all join with Paul to kill the Collector. The large group coaxes the Collector out of his lair onto the road, where they savagely beat him to death.

Upon returning, Justin gives Dognut a tour of the place. He shows Dognut the experiments they've been carrying out to investigate the disease and to find a cure - which included taking samples from three zombies they've locked up in the Tesco lorry.

Justin tells Dognut about the large number of zombies residing in the museum's basement, where the group obtains their test subjects.

The Enemy (series)

They have found out so far that UV light sunlight rapidly increases the speed of the disease, causing a sicko to die if exposed to too much sunlight As shown with Nick in "The Enemy".

However, they've also found that sickos can build up a resistance to sunlight, through exposure to a fixed amount of sunlight each day until they are fully able to roam about in the daytime. Afterwards, Paul loses his mind and starts to threaten and blame everyone for Olivia's death. Brooke eventually calms him down, and Dognut decides to head back to the Tower first thing the following morning but is persuaded by Justin to stay longer, to write his and his group's story into a book which a bookworm named Chris is writing in the library.

During a chat where Dognut flirts with Brooke, she reveals that Courtney likes him much to his surprise. Dognut talks to Courtney about this, where she explains that she thinks Brooke still has a crush on Ed, and when they return to the Tower with them, Brooke will start a romance with him.

Dognut listens to Courtney and remembers what she says. At the Palace, David and Nicola meet in secret. David proposes that the two groups form an alliance - a step toward implementing his maniacal plan to take over the entirety of London.

Nicola is reluctant but ends up creating a deal that involves removing the 'squatters' at St James's Park, as they pose a threat to her group at the House of Parliament. Until then, she won't officially agree to the alliance. David accepts and immediately asks Jester to go and recruit children who can fight which reveals this to be Jester's actual mission when he is found by the Holloway kids in "The Enemy". David also has a crush on Nicola, which she teases him about until they are interrupted.

A loner named Shadowman who has been spying on the Squatters visits Jester in Buckingham Palace and is convinced to join the expedition to recruit fighters for the Palace. They are joined by a couple named Tom and Kate, and a boy named Alfie. The small group begin walking north until they encounter a group of zombies.

They flee the zombies and end up at King's Cross Station. They fight off some zombies before Jester accidentally hits Shadowman, leaving him with a slight concussion. Shadowman passes out and is taken away by a large group of zombies. Jester and Alfie find refuge in a flat, until a group of zombies find them and attempt to break in. In creating a plan of escape, Jester tricks Alfie and abandons him, escaping by himself.

Alfie is then killed by the zombies. Jester runs and discovers the Morrison's supermarket but is denied entry. He then finds the Waitrose supermarket, where he is rescued by Arran's group described in The Enemy and convinces them to come to the palace. He learns that St.

George is much smarter than the rest of the zombies, and he is creating an army in the stadium. Shadowman escapes the army of zombies when a fire lights up in the stands most likely as part of Small Sam's escape, as told in The Enemy.

Shadowman takes refuge in a nearby apartment building where he discovers boxes of weapons and food. He sees this as a sign to follow St. George's army, and to learn about them before returning to London city. While watching their movement, he sees Tom and Kate get killed by St.

George's army. Dozing off to sleep, Shadowman is suddenly awakened by a group of zombies that have found his hiding spot, including One-Armed Bandit. He manages to kill them all, and plans to slaughter every single one of St. George's remaining right-hand men, St. George himself, and Jester for leaving him behind. Meanwhile, Dognut, Courtney, Marco, and Felix are still at the museum, preparing to head back to the Tower. In a sudden surge of happiness, Dognut kisses Courtney.

Finn decides to stay at the museum, whilst Brooke joins the group and prepares to head back to the tower. Robbie and Jackson join the group, but only to escort them part of the way. They set off toward the Tower until they are ambushed by the 'gym bunnies' again.

She is taken to Buckingham Palace with the Holloway crew, and is revealed that she is the bandaged girl in the sick bay. Jester and David both fail to recognize her due to her injuries, and as in The Enemy, Brooke wakes up and tells Maxie and Blue that David is a liar.

Meanwhile, Paul, who is still crazed, secretly leaves the museum for Buckingham Palace. He meets with David and Jester, who take advantage of his mental state, and tell him a fake story that everyone at the museum was plotting against him. This causes Paul to take want to take revenge on everyone who he believes he killed Olivia,and David convinces him to return to the museum and release all the zombies who are in the basement. Paul agrees and returns to the museum.

Whilst Brooke and the Holloway children escape the palace As shown in "The enemy" , Paul kills a boy named Jamie and releases the zombies underneath the museum revealing that he has been infected by a zombie bite all along , and Shadowman watches as Saint George's army kills Callum, burns Waitrose to the ground and marches on to the heart of the city as seen in "The Enemy" , finally deciding to name them "The Fear".

He was separated from his sister Maria at the battle of Lambeth Bridge and stays with her when they find her at Buckingham Palace. He is a scary fighter who carries a mace. He has a fat nose and large front teeth.

Courtney - Part of the Tower crew. She has a love interest in Dognut and is killed in the final battle with the 'gym bunnies'. She goes on the expedition to get some time alone with Dognut and to find Brooke. She is insecure about her weight. Dognut - The captain of the Tower of London group which sets out to find Brooke. He is leaving because he wants to be a hero, as he feels he doesn't get enough respect at the Tower, and to find Brooke, whom he has a crush on.

He is killed in the final battle with the 'gym bunnies' by protecting Brooke to his final breath, ultimately becoming the respected and loved hero he originally wanted to be.

He is described by Dognut as Jordan Hordern's second-in-command. St George badly scarred Ed's face was in the previous book. He appears in Dognut's nightmare-memory and at the beginning to see off the expedition, but is mentioned many times throughout the book. Felix - Part of the Tower crew, and one of the boys who originally came from the Imperial War Museum.

He is best friends with Marco, though they often argue. He is stated to always put people down by speaking his mind. He, like Marco, goes on the expedition to support Dognut. He is killed in the final battle with the 'gym bunnies'. Finn - Part of the Tower crew. He is the only member of the expedition to not end up at the Tower via the boat at the end of The Dead. He is from Forest Hill school and ended up at the Tower after being separated from friends who traveled west.

He is going on the expedition to find his friends. He is large and good at fighting, but prior to the events of the book, he cut his arm and the wound became infected, putting it out of action and rendering him unable to fight. He stays at the Natural History Museum when the group goes on, as he wants to wait for his arm to heal and has yet to find his friends. Jessica - Part of the Tower crew. She goes on the expedition allegedly to find friends she was separated from at the end of The Dead, but really wants to get away from her ex-boyfriend Brendan, whom she just broke up with.

She stays at Buckingham Palace, as she is already away from him, safe, and scared to go further. Jordan Hordern - Leader of the group at the Tower of London. He appears at the beginning to see Dognut's crew off and tells Dognut his position is open. Kyle - Ed's right-hand man at the Tower, he appears in Dognut's nightmare-memory at the beginning, helping Ed save Dognut from sickos but fails to save Leo.

Leo - A determined but clumsy boy who died prior to the events of the book, but whom Dognut dreams about every night, as Dognut blames himself for Leo's death. Shortly after arriving at the Tower, Ed, Kyle, Dognut, and Leo had gone on a scavenging mission into a bank, where Leo and Dognut fell through the cracked floor into a pile of sickos, which tried to eat them.

Leo tried to climb out but fell off Dognut's shoulders and further into the mob, where his thrashing caused them to pull him deeper in. Ed and Kyle grabbed Dognut's arm, and Dognut Leo's shirt, but they couldn't pull both up, and Dognut had let Leo go to save himself. Marco - Part of the Tower crew, and one of the boys who originally came from the Imperial War Museum.

He is nice to everybody. He goes on the expedition to support Dognut. He wields a spear and a knife, though the knife is stolen by the 'gym bunnies' when the group first encounters them. Olivia Channing - Part of the Tower crew. She was separated from her older brother Paul during the battle on Lambeth Bridge at the end of The Dead, and is going on the expedition to find him.

She is 10 years old and scared. Meanwhile, Small Sam, a young boy who was kidnapped earlier by adults leading the rest of the Waitrose crew to believe he is dead , awakens in a zombie nesting ground at Emirates Stadium.

He escapes the stadium by setting it on fire, along the way encountering a father wearing a Saint George T-shirt, who is in control of the rest of the stadium zombies. Sam flees to Waitrose, where Callum explains that the other children left for Buckingham Palace. He is unable to catch up with them, eventually heading down into the subway tunnels where he is swarmed by a group of zombies.

He is saved by an apparently uninfected man named Nick, who takes him to the subway car which he and his also uninfected wife Rachel are using as a home.

Due to exhaustion, Sam eventually falls asleep. As they are making their way to the palace, the Waitrose and Morrisons children Now called the Holloway kids after the road both shops were on are met by a large army of zombies, led by the Saint George zombie Sam saw earlier.

In the resulting fight, Arran and Maxie discover they are attracted to each other, a secret they both kept for fear of the other person not feeling the same way.

The Sacrifice (Higson novel) - Wikipedia

The Holloway children eventually force the zombie army into a retreat, but Arran's bite causes him to go insane and chase after them. He is mistaken for a zombie by a girl named Sophie Leader of a group of archers and she shoots him in the chest with a bow and arrow. Despite her attempts to save him, Arran eventually dies in Maxie's arms much to her grief. Meanwhile, Sam wakes up inside a different train car, chained to the wall with a group of other children. Nick enters and reveals that although he believes he and Rachel are not infected, they are still cannibals, and intent on eating Sam.

When he leaves, another small child who simply refers to himself as " The Kid" enters the car via a window and helps Sam escape, along with another girl named Rhiannon although the rest believe Nick wants to help them, and stay behind to be devoured. They are chased by Nick through the subway tunnels during which Rhiannon is shot until they end up outside and Nick corners Sam underneath a car.

Just as he is about to kill Sam, the sun comes out, and Nick who is revealed to be infected along with Rachel rapidly accelerates in infection due to the amount of time he has spent underground. He eventually swells and bursts, which kills him instantly. Sam and the Kid escape into the streets, developing a friendship in the process.

Whilst the Holloway children continue on to the palace, Maxie develops a hatred for Sophie who has decided to join them along with her group , blaming her for Arran's death. She is now the new leader of the Waitrose children and struggles under the pressure of having responsibility for every kid in her group.

Blue attempts to help her before the group is ambushed by a pack of infected chimpanzees that have escaped a nearby zoo. They kill many small children, as well as Maxie's newly appointed right-hand man Josh, devastating her. They also encounter a small group of kids being attacked by extremely strong zombies, and fail to save all but one of them, an unnamed girl who is bandaged and taken along with them.

They eventually arrive at the palace, and are greeted by the leader of Jester's group, David. The bandaged girl is put in the sick bay, whilst the rest of the group are given a tour of the palace, where they are shown the infected royal family who are kept in the throne room, too weak to fight back.

A feast is held to celebrate their arrival, whilst Ollie goes off to search around the Palace by himself suspecting everything's not as it seems. He eventually discovers that the rich food and activities at the place are all just an act to get them to stay at the palace. He neglects to tell the rest of the group this, fearing it would just cause more trouble. David eventually informs them that they are having trouble with a group of crazed children over in St. James Park nicknamed "Squatters".

He explains that they have been trying to expand their garden and plant food in the park, only for the Squatters to either steal it or kick it up. He wants the Holloway children to go over and try to reason with the squatters leader, Just John, and try and make a peace agreement. The next day, the Holloway crew head over to the park to speak with John, whilst Freak stays behind out of depression.

In the park, they attempt to negotiate with the Squatters, but Achilleus ends up starting a large fight between the two groups instead. In the battle, Blue gets a shed collapsed on his head, whilst Maxie singlehandedly fights John. Just as John is about to kill her, Freak who heard the commotion and entered the park intervenes and is stabbed in the back in Maxie's place, killing him.

Out of fury, Maxie punches John in the face and knocks him unconscious, ending the battle. Back at the palace, David declares that due to the deaths in the battle, the ownership of the park will be decided in a fight to the death between Achilleus and John.

If Achilleus wins, the Palace kids will get control over the park and use it as farmland. If John wins, he will get to keep the park, as well as the freedom to take any resources needed from the palace.

Maxie and Blue begin to have second thoughts over David, and before the fight between Achilleus and John, Sophie tells Maxie that she is leaving the place due to the guilt of Arran's death. In the fight, John gets the upper hand and severely damages Achilleus's ear, before Achilleus wins and pins him in a death position. Instead of choosing to kill John, Achilleus humiliates him by kissing him on the lips implying to the reader that Achilleus is gay.

Amazed by Achilleus's fighting skills, a young Irish Squatter kid named Paddy asks him to take him on as an apprentice, which Achilleus agrees. The palace kids get control over the park, but David locks Maxie inside the medical bay with Blue, revealing he intends on taking over their groups to use as his army. Inside the Medical bay, Maxie talks with Blue, where he unintentionally reveals he has a crush on her. They are interrupted by the bandaged girl who is still in the medical bay , who tells them that David is a liar.

She explains that David locked her inside the medical bay in case she had met him before which she had and revealed to them what sort of a person he is. They are freed from the medical bay by Ollie, who has gathered up support to escape the palace. They free the royals, causing chaos, and fight their way through David's forces, eventually making it out of the palace with Paddy and a guard known as Big Nose coming along with them.

The bandaged girl reveals she comes from a group of children staying at the National History Museum , and that they would be happy to let the group stay.

Maxie and Blue agree with her, and they set off towards the museum. Meanwhile, Sam and the Kid have got lost in the streets, becoming exhausted and nearly passing out. They are met by a group of people led by a boy with a scarred face ,later known as Ed, who take them back to their home in the Tower of London.

Finally, Callum has become depressed from loneliness since his friends left for the palace. He has tried to keep himself entertained, but can do nothing to help himself. Eventually, the same army from before led by Saint George storm the Waitrose Supermarket, and Callum lets them kill him to end his suffering. They set the supermarket on fire and burn it to the ground, with Saint George leading his army into the centre of town.

In his mind, he says that he intends to kill and devour every single child in the city, stating that "He is Saint George. The city belongs to Him". Consequently, for this publisher's series, the cutoff age for infection was raised from 14 to 16, and some of the characters were aged up accordingly.

Additionally, some of the cultural references and terminology unique to the United Kingdom were changed to ones that American readers were more likely to understand. He can be aggressive, and has a sense of humour, but his fighting skills make him a valuable member of the group. He blames Freak for the incident at the swimming pool that cost Deke's life and Arran an injury. He fights a kid called John and once he beats him he kisses John implying he is gay.

He, too, makes it out of David's rule of the palace. Arran Harper — The charismatic and intelligent first leader of the Waitrose group, and the novel's false protagonist. He is bitten by a zombified woman whom he believes was his mother and, soon afterwards, is shot by an arrow from Sophie's bow.

He has feelings for Maxie, but, as he dies, he is unable to follow up on those feelings. Ben — One of the Waitrose group, an emo , and Bernie's best friend. Greatly interested in engineering, he and Bernie known as "the twins" set up the defense system around the Waitrose. When they arrive at Buckingham Palace, they try to make plans for heating and such, but David disregards them.

At the end of the novel, the twins are among those who escape David's rule of the Palace. Bernie — One of the Waitrose group, an emo who's responsible for lots of the group's engineering feats, and Ben's best friend see above.

Callum — A Waitrose boy who refuses to leave with the other Waitrose children. He survives on his own for a while, but eventually succumbs to bitter loneliness and allow the adults to kill him after they break into the store. His head is later placed on a pole carried by the adults who killed him. Curly Sam — A small, curly-haired kid in the Waitrose group, who acts like a know-it-all. He is left behind during the attack in Regent's Park. Deke — A boy in the Waitrose group.

He is Freak's best friend and, before the epidemic, always hung around with him. During the swimming pool episode, Deke dies after suffering a punctured lung from broken vending machine glass, and grown-ups take him away to eat him.

Ella — A young girl in the Waitrose group, who constantly misses her brother, Small Sam. Freak — A boy in the Waitrose group.

He is Deke's best friend and, before the epidemic, always hung around with him. Well liked by most of the kids, he becomes one of Maxie's closest friends, but he struggles to get on with Achilleus, who blames Freak for the deaths of Arran and Deke in the swimming pool episode.

His real name is David.

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Josh — A boy in the Waitrose group. After Achilleus, Josh is the second-best fighter of the group and claims he isn't scared of anything. He is killed by infected monkeys. Katey — A young girl in the Waitrose group. She is left behind during the attack in Regent's Park. Louise — A young girl in the Waitrose group. Maeve — A girl with medical knowledge, who is in the Waitrose group; she is friendly towards Maxie and is one of those who escapes David's rule.

Maxie — A feisty and independent girl in the Waitrose group; one of the novel's main characters. After Arran dies, Maxie, who had been his second in command, takes leadership of the Waitrose group, but her memory of Arran keeps her from staying mentally strong. She overcomes this and becomes a good leader after Ollie privately tells her he believes the Waitrose kids need a leader to look up to, to make hard decisions, and to ensure the Waitrose group does not become "second class citizens" to the Morrisons and Buckingham Palace groups.

He tells her that she can be perfect for this role. At the end of the novel, she is among those who escape David's rule of the Palace. Monkey Boy — A little kid nicknamed 'Monkey Boy' for his fondness for climbing things. Ollie — A boy in the Waitrose group and a central character in the novel. Ollie is red-haired, a skirmisher, sharp, and quick-witted; he is, generally, the brains of the group. He says that he lost his little brother during a riot and wants to stay alive as the last member of his family.

At the end of the novel, he is among those who escape David's rule of the Palace. Small Sam — A surprisingly brave nine-year-old boy in the Waitrose group, Ella's brother, and a main character in the novel. Early on, he becomes separated from the group after being kidnapped by adults. He escapes and discovers adults who do not seem too affected by the disease, but still eat children.

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