C programming Basic Question And answer Question 01 Approximately what is the line #include at the top of a C source file for? Answer: In the case of . C Programming questions and answers with explanation for interview, freshers can download C Programming quiz questions with answers as PDF files and. C Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers or Experienced Pdf. These C programming language was developed at Bell Laboratories in by Dennis.

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C Language Questions And Answers Pdf

The first chapter deals with the fundamental concepts of C language. The second chapter deals with the simple C questions and Answers. Sixth chapter deals. Top C Programming Interview Questions & Answers. last updated March 19, /13 . In C programming, source codes are saved with the file extension.C, while object codes are saved with the file .. Download PDF ยท Facebook Twitter. c Language Questions and Answers PDF - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Uploaded from Google Docs.

What will be output of the following program? What will be output of following program? Character pointer can keep the address one byte at time. What will be output when you will execute following c code? Size of an array can be equal excluding null character or greater than but never less than. What will be output of the following c program? Its binary value is written in 64 bit. Binary value of 0. So variable a will contain only 32 bit value i. So compiler will think: i if x-- printf "Star Wars" ; It is if statement without any else. It is ok. It is also ok iii else printf "The Shawshank Redemption" ; You cannot write else clause without any if clause. It is cause of compilation error. Hence compiler will show an error message: Misplaced else Explanation: As we know in c zero represents false and any non-zero number represents true.

Compilers and interpreters often deal with how program codes are executed. Interpreters execute program codes one line at a time, while compilers take the program as a whole and convert it into object code, before executing it.

The key difference here is that in the case of interpreters, a program may encounter syntax errors in the middle of execution, and will stop from there.

C programming Solved Programs/Examples with Solutions

On the other hand, compilers check the syntax of the entire program and will only proceed to execution when no syntax errors are found. The char keyword can only hold 1 character value at a time.

By creating an array of characters, you can store string values in it. While curly brackets are mainly used to group several lines of codes, it will still work without error if you used it for a single line.

Some programmers prefer this method as a way of organizing codes to make it look clearer, especially in conditional statements. Header files are also known as library files. They contain two essential things: the definitions and prototypes of functions being used in a program. Simply put, commands that you use in C programming are actually functions that are defined from within each header files.

Each header file contains a set of functions. For example: stdio.

Syntax errors are associated with mistakes in the use of a programming language. It maybe a command that was misspelled or a command that must was entered in lowercase mode but was instead entered with an upper case character. A misplaced symbol, or lack of symbol, somewhere within a line of code can also lead to syntax error.

Variables and constants may at first look similar in a sense that both are identifiers made up of one character or more characters letters, numbers and a few allowable symbols. Both will also hold a particular value. Constants are given values at one time only, placed at the beginning of a program. This value is not altered in the program.

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c Language Questions and Answers PDF

Every mock test is supplied with a mock test key to let you verify the final score and grade yourself. We use cookies to provide and improve our services. So, data and function mapping is difficult in C.

C language does not support user define data types. Exception handling is not present in C programming language. C language allows data to freely flow around the functions. C language is belonging to middle level language.

Top C Interview Questions & Answers

C language behaves as a bridge between machine level low level Languages and high level languages. C language is more user friendly than machine level languages.

And, C language support does not support all the concepts that high level languages offer.

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