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Compelet Astrology Horoscope Book in Urdu Free Download Read or Download This Book click this link Download or Read online PDF Urdu Books. Posts · Likes · Archive. Compelet Astrology Horoscope Book in Urdu. Free Astrology Books In Urdu Livermore Library Livermore Ca Condor Condor Angry Bids Adobe Sdk Pdf Convert. Free Astrology Books In Urdu. Download. Free download Completed Urdu Astrology book "Aap Ke Sitary" Sitaray kya Kehte Hain in Urdu PDF file size 21mb and book pages

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Astrology Books In Urdu Pdf

Compelet Astrology Horoscope Book in Urdu Free Download pdf. Free download Completed Urdu Astrology book “Aap Ke Sitary” Sitaray kya. Free Download or Read Online Burj or Sitaray Book in Urdu: Click Here to Download Or Click Here to Read Online. Labels: Astrology Books. Write about Urdu Islamic Books and Novel Rmantic Books and more.. Newer Article Burjoon Ka Encyclopedia Urdu PDF Astrology Book.

According to some believers Ravana is considered to be the original author of Lal Kitab. Some people believe it to be a part of Arabian and Islamic culture and believe it to be having Persian origins, many call it The Red Book of Persia [3] but most of acclaimed followers and researchers attribute it to be a book on branch of jyotisha , as the book follows the planetary positions and names of Navagraha used by vedic people to give predictions and remedies. The names of the five set of books authored by Pt. Roop Chand Joshi, together called as Lal Kitab with their years of publication, are as follows. A copy of first book published in is preserved in Lahore Museum. In other word the book is on astro-palmistry, that is, it has mixed the two different arts of Palmistry and Jyotisha a. Hindu astrology together. The books were published in red hard-cover. In Hindi and Urdu languages Lal means the color red and Kitab means a book. Further, in India traditionally, business ledger books are bound in red color. Also red color in Hindu religion is considered to be very auspicious and as symbol of Ganesha and Lakshmi. The red kum-kum is essential in all auspicious occasion and Hindu religious rites. In fact, Lal Kitab mandates in very clear terms, that any book dealing with this system must be bound in non-shining, red color. For the first time in the history of astrology, Lal Kitab introduced a new style of horoscope analysis with quick and affordable remedies, which were devoid of remedies like pooja and wearing of gemstones , generally recommended by other branches of Vedic astrology and Jyotisha.

For the first time in the history of astrology, Lal Kitab introduced a new style of horoscope analysis with quick and affordable remedies, which were devoid of remedies like pooja and wearing of gemstones , generally recommended by other branches of Vedic astrology and Jyotisha.

In present days, there are many followers of Lal Kitab. In India and abroad one can find many practitioners of Lal Kitab, prescribing remedies as per farmanns of these books.

There are many people, who claim to have benefited from the remedies of these books. The mass followers of Lal Kitab are increasing everyday and this science has become very popular in present days throughout different parts of world.

The book has been popular in both Indian and Pakistan, many of its astrological remedies upaya or farmans have become part of every day culture in the subcontinent, like throwing coins into a river while passing over it, feeding grass to cow, bread to a dog and offering meals to unmarried girls etc.

The more friendly user interface of same Lal Kitab website is also available here. Hindi started to become predominant and replaced Urdu after the late 30s as Indian freedom struggle gain momentum. Many a times. But this hypothesis seems to be based on imaginative thinking rather than factual evidences.

Free E Books — Compelet Astrology Horoscope Book in Urdu Free

This is true and can be testified by most of the Lal Kitab astrologers. Its increasing demand forced various companies to include LalKitab system in their astrological software.

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Rupchand Joshi wrote Lal Kitab in Urdu. If one goes with an open mind and learning attitude toward Lal Kitab. If it could ignite the desire to plunge into the vast ocean of the astrological wisdom called Lal Kitab. Profound study of Lal Kitab will help you understand the fundamental principles of this system and it would further enable you to comprehend Lal Kitab in its original format.

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Lal Kitab -legend behind the book.pdf

Search inside document. Lal Kitab: Documents Similar To Lal Kitab -legend behind the book. Syed Qadir.

Vidyarthi Lalkitab. Centre for Traditional Education. Nirmal Kumar Bhardwaj. Zahed Ul Karim. Elizabeth Jones. Jagmohan Mahajan. Ali Muhammad Khan. Aashish Gupta. Sukma Nata Permana. More From djkkj. At Tanwi. Vivek Kumar. Michael Erlewine. Krishna Ch. Buddhist Publication Society. Popular in Lal Kitab.

Subramanya Rao. Gurpreet Singh Sohal.

Tirtthankar Bhadra. He was blessed with an exceptionally good handwriting and it continued to excel in it till his very end, was very fond of good quality pens and had a remarkable collection of expensive pens of all brands.

Thereafter he studied in astronomy and astrology and studied all the astrological works in detail. He reached the conclusion that the planetary effects of planets on human destiny can be judged by both palmistry and astrology. He also had god gifted knowledge of reading signs, such as facial features, built etc.

He attempted to combine all these by inter-linking them and termed this combined knowledge as Samudrik knowledge i. This book was a little difficult to understand as it relied heavily on palmistry and had many mistakes maybe due to some printing error or negligence.

This book in its introductory note advised the reader to read this book along with the previous one and had a detailed line and page wise correction list for edition at its end.

It was followed by Lalkitab Teesra Hissa in , it was a book for ready reference, poetry was used in lalkitab for the first time to help the readers help in memorizing the concepts.

The next edition was titled Lalkitab Tarmeemshuda published in ,it is the most elaborate and detailed book on lalkitab ideology. It was followed by next edition after a span of 10 years in as Ilm-e Samudrik ki buniyad par ki lalkitab. After his retirement pt. Pt jis family had a good land holding and his son joined government service as a n officer in revenue department. He took up this practice purely out of his interest in the subject. Pt ji was a whimsical person. At times he looked out to be a simple villager but he was also found of latest suits and conversed fluently in flawless English.

Since he was in constant touch with Britishers during most o his service, these mannerism grooped in him. Although he had himself authored the books but he never gave his opinion on the kundali without reading from the book. He expired on 24th December As we all know that this whole universe is divided into nine planets and each and every planet represents its certain things in the universe and with the help of this book one learned astrologer comes to know that which thing represents which planet and how to place those things in accordance to the natal chart our house and in relevance to universe also.

In lal kitab houses are fixed, planets keep on moving them turn by turn as per the yearly horoscope and as per the grammar and conditions laid dowm in the lal kitab and give effect accordingly. Lal kitab has its unique grammar and remedial procedure which one has to follow thoroughly to understand it and then further apply it very carefully to get the desired results.

It has been divided into grah phal and rshi phal. If a person was granted to take advantage of grah phal also then it would have been a hinderence in the nature. It is written in the book itself that only certain persons in the world saintly figures or persons having sun in aries can alter it but that too they will be exchanging their energies with the other one.

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Similarly in this book very easy and nice methods are given to solve day to day problems of our life by applying the grammar of lal kitab and by making or reading the already prescribed remedies in it. By applying the theory of lal kitab one can find solutions to each and every problem ,the only and only utmost necessary thing is to understand its grammar very nicely and by applying and seeing those things rather I would say by observing those things practically one would understand the ideology of this great book.

This book in one way or anotherway is being applied by each and every person throughout the india as well as across the world. For example whenever there is marriage in india people sing songs of happiness and food is given. In north india the groom is made to sit on horse and applied kesar or haldi tilak and sisters feed the white horse with channa yellow channa dal dipped in milk and apply surma in the eyes of their brother. One should not go in the kitchen with shoes and sleepers which is in our tradition also and it is good for hyegine and health too.

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