The Street Lawyer by John Grisham v Initial release v Misc formatting ONE THE MAN with the rubber boots stepped. The Street Lawyer. "Puc chat gun down," said one of che lawyers at the table. His name was. Rafter. He was a hard man in a courtroom, maybe the hardest. i} PENGUIN ACTIVE READING l The Street Lawyer. John Grisham. {l: In» an '. ' PEARSON. LONGMAN. () 90 SAMPLE COPY.

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This books (Street Lawyer [PDF]) Made by John Grisham About Books none To Download Please Click. The Street Lawyer - Teacher's notes of 3. PENGUIN ACTIVE READING. Teacher Support Programme. Teacher's notes LEVEL 4. Summary. Michael Brock is a. c Pearson Education Limited The Street Lawyer - Answer keys of 4. PENGUIN ACTIVE READING. Teacher Support Programme. Answer keys LEVEL 4.

Plot[ edit ] A homeless man, identifying himself only as "Mister," enters the offices of the powerful Washington D. Although he is eventually shot and killed by a police sniper, one of the hostages, an antitrust lawyer named Michael Brock, is concerned by what he has learned and feels compelled to investigate further. Brock finds his way to the 14th Street Legal Clinic, where he meets Mordecai Green, an advocate for the homeless. Green, along with his abrasive but brilliant staff, work to provide legal help to the most downtrodden members of society. Brock takes a confidential file, intending to copy it, but is quickly suspected of its theft. This leads to the severing of his links to his previous white collar life, as his already-dying marriage officially ends in an amicable divorce. Brock later becomes emotionally involved in the case of a woman named Ruby, whose drug addiction led to her losing custody of her son.

The fast track derailed; the ladder collapsed.

Michael bolted the firm and took a top-secret file with him. He landed in the streets, an advocate for the homeless, a street lawyer. And a thief.

One step away from partnership, Michael has it all. Because to them, Michael Brock is the most dangerous man on the streets.


About The Street Lawyer Michael was in a hurry. About The Street Lawyer He gave up the money.

He gave up the power. Now all he has left is the law.

The book ends with Brock taking a short vacation with Megan and Ruby, and them reflecting on their lives. Mordecai Green - a street lawyer.

Claire Brock - wife of Michael Brock; aspiring neurosurgeon. Hector Palma - paralegal for Braden Chance, who helps Brock gain evidence for his case.

The Street Lawyer

They all die of carbon monoxide poisoning when snow blocks the exhaust pipe of their car. They were victims of the eviction, which indirectly resulted in their deaths. Tillman Gantry - former pimp, small-time hustler, and twice convicted felon, who owned the apartments where the illegal eviction took place.

Ruby - a homeless woman addicted to crack. Brock tries to help her get over her addiction so she can see her son again. Megan - Brock's later love interest who works at the women's homeless shelter.

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