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WEST SIDE STORY. Page 1. ACT ONE. SCENE ONE. (The neighborhood. A suggestion of city streets and alleyways; a workable brick wall. #1 - Prologue. West Side Story Full Script - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. West Side Story Full Script. WEST SIDE STORY. Based on a conception Rehearsal Script. As of October 21, .. failed, and each side is on its own side of the hall as mambo music starts).

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West Side Story Script Pdf

WEST SIDE STORY WEST SIDE STORY was first presented by Robert E. Griffith and Harold S. Prince, by arrangement with Roger L. Stevens, at the Winter. Page 30 – 33 THEATRE Behind the Scenes of West Side Story submitted his script Now Playing Tomorrow, a comedic fantasy about. Working on West Side Story has been an extraordinarily intense and Try the script extract at the back of this pack and see how these feelings can be.

Theu don't wear it and don't coEe with us to the dance. T Could we not dye it reo, at kneeling, least? I will be the oDly one there ir a white- 1!. ODe month have I been io this couotry-do We[??? I ever even touch excitement? I sew all day, I sit aU oight. DO Wheo I look at Chioo, nothiog happens. Aie you ready? Come in, 'Nardo. What happens when you look at Yes. It's when I don't look that it happeDs. As she Come in, Cbino. Do not be afraid.

The Our Iadies! Sharks, seeing lhis, druw lo ,heit sid. As Maria beSins lo turn and turn, going ofr- sropJ. Hd libs: "Oh, streame4 fly up again ,or the next scene. T gihget pcachy," erc. Now when the music stops, each boy dances with whichevei girl is opposite.

Two circles, kids.

Well, it wotr't hurt you 1O:oO P-!. The g! Aclually, o convertcd gtmnasium ol a seltlemant house, sN owB oY llimping lorwardl at the mornent being used as a dancehall, disguised lor lhe Oh, it hurts; it hurts; it- occasion with strcomers ond bunting, lKrupke steps lottl'ard. Snowboy straightens up and Both eangs are iiuerbugginE wildly with their bodies, but meekly rerurns to hir place.

Rifr steps lorward and lheir laccs, although they drc cnioying themselves, rcmain bcckons to his girl, Velma. She is terribly young, cool, almost detached. She slithers fotward to sharply defiaed by thc colors they weot: the Jels, girls as take her placc teith Rifr. The challenge is met by Ituep the balt roling.

All righti here we gol had to happen. Harrd, n'histlc to his ,rtouth, is in the My haDds are cold,. Ee blows the whistle and the moves her hands to his lace. Anita's hqrrd. The But of course. They are the saEe. This turns It's so rauch to believe-you're not loking me? I thiok oon, I -cheered cheercd.

The dance builds de y, innocently, her lips. Thc music bursts out, wilder and v'idcL unlil, ot the pcak, everybody is ,he liehts ffarc up, and Bernardo it upon them in art dancing and shouting, "Go, Mdmbof' b is at this icy rage. You're not thinkitrg Im eomeone else? You keep out, Chino. Now come otr-it won't The pleasure is mhe. RIFF Let's go outside. Tony is on the I would not leave the ladies bere alone. We will meet you orher with Rifl ond Diesel.

Light cmphasizes the in half an hour. I warned you. So tonight We're gonna have a get-together dance. Now, kids. Boys on the outside. When the music stops Two circles, kids. Well, it won't hurt you to try. Ooh, it hurts, it hurts. That's it, kids. Keep the ball rolling. Around she goes, and where she stops Here we go. Boys to my right, and girls to my left. You're not thinkin' l'm someone else? Or that we met before? My hands are cold. Yours too. So warm.

So beautiful. You're not makin' a joke. Get your hands off, American! There's only one thing they want from a Puerto Rican girl.

Don't listen to them. She will listen to her brother before she listens to you. Everything was going so well. We're all here to have a good time. Come here a second. Take her out of here. We're going home. Now, go. Come, Maria. Jets and Sharks. We will meet you at midnight. And no jazz before then. Doc's at midnight.

Spread the word. Right, Daddy-O. The most beautiful sound l ever heard Maria All the beautiful sounds of the world ln a single word l just met a girl named Maria And suddenly that name Will never be the same to me l just kissed a girl named Maria And suddenly l found How wonderful a sound can be Say it loud and there's music playing Say it soft And it's almost like praying l'll never stop saying Say it loud and there's music playing Say it soft And it's almost like praying l'll never stop saying The most beautiful sound l ever heard Now, l do not say these things to spoil your evening Someday when you are an old married woman with five children Now go to bed.

He's the old married woman. You know, she has a mother, also a father. They do not know this country any better than she does. You do not know it at all. Girls here are free to have fun. She is in America now. Puerto Rico is in America now. Sometimes l don't know which is thicker-- your skull or your accent.

Pepe, lndio. Never mind my stomach. Well, l mind your nose and your head broken. They use Maria for an excuse to start World War lll. More than what? She was only dancing. With an American who is really a Polack. Says the spic. You are not so cute. A delivery boy. And Chino makes half of what the Polack makes. Your mother's a Pole. Your father's a Swede. But you were born here. That's all that you need.

You are an American. But us? But it's true. When l think about how l thought it would be for us here. We came like children, believing, trusting. With our hearts open. With our arms open. You came with your mouth open. You did, spic, and you'll go back in handcuffs. Compatible color. Even if you didn't have all that here, why would you want to go back? We had nothing. Ah, we still have nothing, only more expensive.

Anita Josephina At least l-- Once an immigrant, always an immigrant. Hey, look, instead of a shampoo, she's been brainwashed.

Now she's queer for Uncle Sam. Oh, no. That's not true. Puerto Rico My heart's devotion Let it sink back ln the ocean Always the hurricanes blowing Always the population growing And the money owing And the sunlight streaming And the natives steaming l like the island Manhattan l know you do.

Smoke on your pipe And put that in l like to be in America Okay by me in America Everything free in America For a small fee in America downloading on credit is so nice One look at us and they charge twice l have my own washing machine What will you have though to keep clean Skyscrapers bloom in America Cadillacs zoom in America lndustry boom in America Twelve in a room in America Lots of new housing with more space Lots of doors slamming in our face l'll get a terrace apartment Better get rid of your accent Life can be bright in America lf you can fight in America Life is all right in America lf you're all white in America La-la-la, la-la, America Here you are free and you have pride Long as you stay on your own side Free to be anything you choose Free to wait tables and shine shoes Everywhere grime in America Organized crime in America Terrible time in America You forget l'm in America l think l go back to San Juan l know a boat you can get on Bye-bye!

Everyone there will give big cheer Everyone there will have moved here Come on! Hey, Chino. What are you doing? Well, will you? You have your big, important war council. The council or me? First one Back home, women know their place. Back home, little boys don't have war councils. But they do here. You want me to be an American, don't you? Good night, Maria. Good night. Come down.

My mother and father will wake up. Just for a minute. A minute is not enough. Then forever! Then l'm comin' up. Now see what you've done. But you are not one of us, and l am not one of you. His pet name for me. He is like Bernardo-- afraid. Oh, Maria, see only me. Only you You're the only thing l'll see forever ln my eyes, in my words and in everything l do Nothing else but you ever And there's nothing for me but Maria Every sight that l see is Maria Tony, Tony Always you Every thought l'll ever know Everywhere l go you'll be All the world is only you and me Tonight, tonight lt all began tonight l saw you and the world went away There's only you tonight What you are What you do What you say Today All day l had the feeling A miracle would happen l know now l was right For here you are And what was just a world ls a star tonight The world is full of light With suns and moons all over the place The world is wild and bright Going mad Shooting sparks into space Today the world was just an address A place for me to live in No better than all right But here you are And what was just a world ls a star tonight l cannot stay.

Go quickly. Yes, hurry. When you come, use the back door. What does "Tony" stand for? We got time, A-rab. Riff and lce ain't even here yet. Captain Marvel.

West Side Story Full Script

Gee, l love him. So marry him! Too noisy. You ain't never gonna get married. Too ugly. Down goes a teenage hoodlum. Gee, could a real zip gun make you do like that? You better wear diapers. Go walk the streets like your sister. Listen, jail bait. Come on, Anybodys, knock it off.

Ya done good at the dance.

West Side Story: Abridged

What do you think the Sharks are gonna ask for? Riff, in a tight spot, you gonna need every man you can get. An American tragedy. When the Sharks come, you chicks cut out. We might, and then again, we might not. This ain't kid stuff, Graziella.

And you can punctuate it. What are we poopin' around with dumb broads? The bulls! Top o' the evening, Officer Krupke. What are you standin' around here for? You see, sir, we're afraid to go home. Such a bad environment. Sergeant, come on.

We got a -. Now go on, get a move on, all of you. Don't let me catch none of you around here when l get back.

So what happened? A big fat nothin', right? Yeah, but suppose he comes back while us and the Sharks are havin' a war council? We'll snow him some more. Them cops believe everything they read in the papers about us cruddy J. Hey, you! Give me one good reason for not draggin' ya down to the station house, ya punk!

Dear kindly Sergeant Krupke Ya gotta understand lt's just our bringin' up-ke that gets out outta hand Our mothers all are junkies Our fathers all are drunks Golly Moses Naturally we're punks Gee, Officer Krupke We're very upset We never had the love that every child oughta get We ain't no delinquents We're misunderstood - Deep down inside us there is good - There is good There is good, there is good There is untapped good Like inside the worst of us is good - That's a touchin' good story!

Just tell it to the judge! Dear kindly Judge Your Honor My parents treat me rough With all their marijuana they won't give me a puff They didn't wanna have me But somehow l was had Leapin' lizards That's why l'm so bad Right! Officer Krupke you're really a square This boy don't need a judge He needs an analyst's care lt's just his neurosis that oughta be curbed - He's psychologically disturbed - l'm disturbed We're disturbed, we're disturbed We're the most disturbed Like we're psychologically disturbed Hear ye!

Hear ye! Hey, l'm depraved on account l'm deprived! So take him to a headshrinker.

Who, me? My daddy beats my mommy My mommy clobbers me My grandpa is a commie My grandma pushes tea My sister wears a mustache My brother wears a dress Goodness gracious That's why l'm a mess Yes! Officer Krupke he shouldn't be here This boy don't need a couch He needs a useful career Society's played him a terrible trick - And sociologically he's sick - l am sick We are sick, we are sick We are sick, sick, sick Like we're sociologically sick ln my opinion, this child does not need to have his head shrunk at all.

Juvenile delinquency is purely a social disease. Hey, l got a social disease! Take him to a social worker. Dear kindly social worker They tell me get a job Like be a soda-jerker Which means like be a slob lt's not l'm antisocial l'm only anti-work Gloryosky That's why l'm a jerk Officer Krupke you've done it again This boy don't need a job He needs a year in the pen lt ain't just a question of misunderstood - Deep down inside him he's no good - l'm no good We're no good, we're no good We're no earthly good Like the best of us is no damn good - The trouble is he's lazy - The trouble is he drinks - The trouble is he's crazy - The trouble is he stinks - The trouble is he's growing - The trouble is he's grown Krupke, we got troubles of our own Gee, Officer Krupke we're down on our knees 'Cause no one wants a fella with a social disease Gee, Officer Krupke what are we to do Gee, Officer Krupke Krup you Curfew, gentlemen, and ladies.

Aren't you up a little late, Baby John? Too many worries. He was supposed to clean up the store. So maybe he decided to clean up the P. You couldn't play basketball? Get with it, buster. You don't understand.

We got special business comin' here. For you, trouble is a relief. We gotta stand up to 'em. Fightin' over a little piece of street is so important?

When my old man was my age-- my brother was my age. You was never my age, none of ya. And the sooner you creeps get hip to that, the sooner you'll dig us! Dig, dig, dig. Okay, Doc, set 'em up. Cokes all around. Let's get down to business. Bernardo hasn't learned the procedures of gracious livin'.

We challenge you to a rumble. All out, once and for all. You crossed the line once too often. We accept. After dark. The river.

West Side Story Full Script | Leisure

Under the highway. Afraid to call? Big tough buddy boys gotta throw bricks, huh? Afraid to get in close? Afraid to slug it out? Best man from each gang to slug it out. Okay, fair fight. Wait a minute. The commanders say yes or no.

Fair fight. When l get through with you Your best man fights our best man Yes, l shook on it. Evening, Lieutenant. Well, now, this is more like it, fellas. Warms me all over to see you this way. And after only a couple of words from me at the playground this afternoon.

Oh, do you mind? Headquarters hears about this, l may even get a promotion. Good deal all around, huh, Bernardo? Use of the playground, use of the gym So what if they do turn this whole town into a stinkin' pigsty?

Don't stop him. He wants to get home What l mean is, clear out! Oh, yeah, sure, l know. But l got a badge.

What do you got? Things are tough all over. Okay, fellas. Where's the rumble gonna be? Come on, Baby John Now, where's it gonna be? The river? The park? Look, fellas, l'm for you. Now, where ya gonna rumble? The playground? Sweeney's lot? Why don't you get smart, you stupid hooligans? You and the tinhorn immigrant scum you come from! How's your old man's d. How's the action on your mother's side of the street, Action?

One of these days there won't be anybody to hold ya. Get him outta here! Come on! Don't worry, l'll find out where it's gonna be. So be sure to finish each other off, because if you don't, l will!

Oh, yeah, sure.

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