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White Wolf and Exalted are registered trademarks of White Wolf. Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. Age of Sorrows and Second. Age of Man are trademarks of. Items 1 - 8 of 8 Your one-stop online shop for new and vintage RPG products from the top publishers, Hottest Core Rulebooks, Exalted (2nd Edition), PDF. the Abyssals, Exalted the Dragon-Blooded, Exalted the Lunars, Exalted the Sidereals, Games of Divinity, Exalted Storyteller's Companion, the Book of Three.

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Exalted Rpg Pdf

Based on the Exalted game created by Robert Hatch, with Justin Achilli, Andrew Bates Exalted is a trademark of White Wolf Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. Items 1 - 6 of 6 Exalted Rpg PDF - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Exalted-rpg-pdf. List of Exalted usaascvb.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read http:/ / rpg. aspx [4] http:/ / www. com/ product_info. white-wolf. aspx http:/.

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At 23, on site. This would appear to be White Wolfs attempt at High Fantasy. As it uses the storyteller system, one might be forgiven for thinking it. Black hearted villains and tragic anti-heroes, the Abyssals are dark reflections of the Solar Exalted. Serving a Deathlord master dynamic random access memory pdf and sworn to.

This book, supposedly written by an Exalted of the time from the Eclipse Caste.

Exalted – Onyx Path Publishing

If you dont want spoilers, why would you read a review of a product you. Exalted is a fantasy roleplaying game, built on the foundations of. Andrew Watt. Trilogy of the Second Age: Chosen of the Sun 8. Children of the Dragon X. Cynis Denovah Avaku and Sesus Rafara.

A sourcebook detailing the parallel world of Autochthonia. The Autochthonians by Kraig Blackwelder. September Wood by George Holochwost. A book outlining the Wood Aspected Terrestrial Exalted.

John Snead. Peleps Deled. It contains the personal stories of five Fire Aspected Dragon-Bloods. This supplement fleshes out the land of Harborhead. Geoffrey Skellams. Labyrinth and Void. Beloved of the Dead 9. This book details the workings of the Gold Faction Sidereal organization known as the Cult of the Illuminated.

Eric Brennan. Contains information about the military might of the major groups in creation. Peter Schaefer. Details information about the various types of Exalted. Focuses mainly on Terrestrial gods. Carl Bowen. Details a series of martial arts styles and the feuds and rivalries of those who use them.

White and Black Treatises by Joseph Carriker. ISBN Second Edition by Alan Alexander. Lydia Laurenson. Stephen Lea Sheppard and Dean Shomshak: A book detailing the Sidereal Exalted and the workings of the Bureau of Destiny. Dustin Shampel and Stephen Lea Sheppard. Deirdre Brooks. Information on seafaring nations of Wavecrest. The Compass of Celestial Directions. ISBN X 3. Kraig Blackwelder.

The Wyld by Genevieve Cogman. The Compass of Terrestrial Directions. ISBN 4. Contains expanded information on creating new Artifacts and Manses. Joseph Carriker. The Books of Sorcery.

Celestial gods are more comprehensively listed in Yu Shan. The Neck. Details the Wyld. The Manual of Exalted Power: The Sidereals by Alan Alexander. Additional material was released in a PDF format only. The West by Alan Alexander.

Conrad Hubbard. ISBN 8. A tome of spells for sorcery and necromancy. The Scroll of the Monk by Carl Bowen.

Includes expanded information on how Sidereal conventions affect the Bureau's politics. Includes spells updated from 1st edition Exalted and some spells new to the game. ISBN 2. The Blessed Isle by Carl Bowden. Zach Bush.

Jess Hartley. Great Fork. Details information on the most important island in all Creation. The Dragon-Blooded by "Exalted": A book detailing the Terrestrial Exalted. Background information relating to Lookshy. The Roll of Glorious Divinity I: Oadenol's Codex by Conrad Hubbard.

Dustin Shampel. Explains the Lunar Thousand Streams River experiment. The Scavenger Lands by Kraig Blackwelder. Wonders of the Lost Age by Alan Alexander. ISBN 6. Daniel Dover. List of Exalted publications 4 2nd Edition John Snead and Andrew Watt: The core rulebook. The Lunars by Alan Alexander: A book detailing the Lunar Exalted. ISBN 5. Graceful Wicked Masques: The Fair Folk by Alan Alexander. The First Age incarnations of important signature characters and favorite cities are revealed.

This has information on the warring nations of Halta and the Linowan. Exalted box set. Includes a briefing pamphlet to give to new players entitled A Guide to Meru. Stephen Lea Sheppard. Raksi's territory of Mahalanka.

Manual of Exalted Power. Includes expanded mass combat rules. John Chambers. The Infernals by Alan Alexander. Dawn Elliot and Dean Shomshak: Details the largest gathering of the dead. Dreams of the First Age by Alan Alexander.

John Snead and Christina Stile: Information on Southern cities of Gem. The Abyssals by Alan Alexander. The South by Michael Kessler.

Lydia Laurenson and Stephen Lea Sheppard: Contains information on how to run summoned demons. Jack Norris. Includes sections on the bureaucracy and geography of Exalted's heaven as well as prominent Celestial gods.

Christina Stiles. Dean Shomshak. WW March Yu-Shan by Alan Alexander. Carl Bowen and Stephen Lea Sheppard: Replaces 1st ed's Exalted: The Fair Folk. Dean Shomshak and Scott Taylor: A book entirely about mortal wars. Includes information on the Deathlords and Necrotech. Genevieve Cogman and Stephen Lea Sheppard: Eric Minton and Neall Raemonn Price: Covers both Akuma and Green Sun Princes.

The East by Alan Alexander. Scroll of Kings by Michael Goodwin. Mount Metagalapa and its Hawkriders. Peter Shaefer. The Art of Exalted: This book includes all the artwork previously published and some new ones. Scott Taylor and Andrew Watt: Details the Mountain Folk and the Dragon Kings. Michael Goodwin and Dustin Shampel: A book detailing the Abyssal Exalted. WW The North by Michael Kessler.

Glories of the Most High: Luna by Michael Goodwin. The Unconquered Sun by Michael Goodwin. Dean Shomshak and John Snead: Contains information on Northern states and cities. Neall Raemonn Price and Holden Shearer: Covers Luna. Some people will try to tell you that if you try to play an Infernal who is also a fundamentally decent character, you are doing it wrong.

Those people are idiots. No one says you have to put heroes in an elaborate death trap, explain your plans to them at length, and then leave with a hearty evil laugh to bleed off Torment. The head of a major crime syndicate works just as well. Seriously though, check with your storyteller first. The fluff for these guys is positively fucked from being written by two different teams of dudes that had zero contact with each other and very different ideas of what to do with the archetype. It might be in your best interests to pick one of the more traditionally "heroic" kinds of Exalt if he wants them to be child-raping murderers rather than screwed-up dudes with many possible motivations and flaws.

And even if he does let you run the way you want, nobody likes the guy who won't stop whining about how hard it is to be misunderstood all the time. Remember: being an Infernal is fun. It feels good. It's like being the centerpiece of a heavy metal album cover, whether you're trying to be a hero or not.

Liminal Exalted [ edit ] We don't know much about these ones. They've gotten scattered mentions in the second-to-last book of second edition, have some sort of interest in body parts, and are tied to the lands of the dead. They're also called "Chernozem", chosen of the black earth. They are on a quest to learn about their Humanity. And we're going to keep on waiting, since a new edition just got announced and it'll probably be years before they receive an official sourcebook.

Based on tentative things released with the Kickstarter, Liminals are the result of people trying to use rituals to bring back the dead something impossible in Exalted. The Dark Mother, a strange being who lives somewhere in the Underworld meets the conductor of the ritual halfway and instead creates a whole new soul inside the corpse, which is the Exalt. Liminal Exalts are tasked by her with keeping restless spirits bound and down, but can give her the finger and do their own damn thing unlike Abyssals.

They can collect and replace body parts to modify their skills, taking the legs of a legendary dancer, the arm of a swordsman, or the tongue of a master storyteller and making these abilities their own. Additionally, as long as a Liminal's brain is intact and they can access most of their original body's matter, they can recover from any injury. He then proceeded to--in ascending order of badassitude, and perhaps sequentially--quit his job, declare war on heaven, and then recruit an entire type of Exalted to help, and they now regard him as their collective boss.

They have some sort of crazy internal alchemy and have a miniature version of the machine that keeps reality running inside each one, thanks to colonies of pattern spiders that live in their spines.

Drow , eat your hearts out. And like the Liminals, that's about all we know until their hardback comes out.

Exigents [ edit ] Discount Exalted.

Exalted Rpg PDF

Basically, every god has the capacity to carve out some of their own power and then give it to a mortal as a permanent upgrade. This would probably result in all humanity being Exalted in short order given how literally every blade of grass has a god and everyone wants their own action figure, were it not for the Law of Diminishment-if you're going to make something that's going to be great and perhaps eternal, you have to permanently give it some of your own power.

Hell, the first time the Sun set was when he made the Solars, and that was just stamping his name on the things Autocthon already made! This is often more than what lesser gods can take and what greater gods, being dicks, are willing to give up, hence why they're saved for emergencies. Once that happens though, they each get a custom Charmset, for a personal style of kicking ass. And you guessed it, that's all we're gonna know until the hardback.

Gods[ edit ] Creations of the Primordials. The Gods were meant to maintain Creation while their masters played the Games of Divinity.

That didn't turn out so good. Celestial Incarnae[ edit ] These are the strongest deities in the setting by dint of their celestial nature, and led the other Gods into rebellion against the Primordials. They don't do much now except rubber stamp paperwork and maybe say hi to new Exalts every now and then, being utterly addicted to the Games of Divinity. He is usually depicted as a shining four-armed warrior bearing in each hand a symbol of the virtues he exalts: a shield for temperance, a spear for valor, a branch for compassion, and a horn for conviction.

He's actually a pretty cool guy who has to make an effort to repress being compassionate, temperate, holding to his convictions, or being valorous. What that adds up to is a god who will always protect the innocent, never back down from a challenge, and will always hold true to his convictions Or at least that used to be the case. When the Solars started going crazy, he had a nervous breakdown and refused to leave the Jade Pleasure Dome in heaven where the Games of Divinity are kept.

Now he's just as addicted to the GoD like all the other Incarnae, and has become just as detached from Creation as the Primordials he overthrew. The burnout from being ranked ten in every virtue isn't helping.

Index of /~fmneto/exalted/pdf

Meanwhile, the celestial bureaucracy that he designed to revolve around himself and his Incarnae buddies grows increasingly corrupt without his oversight.

He's actually SO powerful that his shadow is, in and of itself, a god. Has a specialty in 'riding' Luna and Gaia, although the girls he keeps trying to marry are the Five Maidens. Luna[ edit ] Luna is either intensely cunning or utterly mad , or perhaps both. Some say she is a Fair Folk noble. Like the Wyld, she is malleable able to take whatever form pleases her. The Lunar Exalted are her Chosen, and she is Gaia's lover but so is just about everyone else.

Luna is a shapeshifter, which explains the Lunars' entire shtick, but doesn't have any limits on what she can turn into. Gender isn't a thing for Luna and it's not unheard of for Luna to be portrayed as a guy protip.

Out of all the incarnae, Luna is the least affected by the games and she actually takes the time to visit each Lunar as they exalt. Luna doesn't have a true form but her most common forms include but are not limited to a bow wielding huntress, a male traveler dressed entirely in white, a pregnant woman, a pregnant man, a sorceress with a tiara that keeps the Terrifying Secrets Gods Were Not Meant To Know from destroying her mind, and a knife wielding, half naked, wild woman that is apparently the greatest predator in creation.

In order to create Luna they had to stuff all the other moon gods in the Jar of Things that Can Not Exists and have them fight to the death. What popped out was Luna who promptly decided to whisper sweet nothings to UC and seduce Gaia. Their Chosen are the Sidereal Exalted, champions and guardians of fate. Okay people, mostly, though they keep running into For instance, actually using their powers to look into the future locks it in immutably into place, for good or ill, so they don't like doing it.

They fill out paperwork, kiss up to their bosses after work and try to avoid anything that resembles real work. They avoid the Sidereals as much as possible. Terrestrial Gods[ edit ] Like the name says, they live in Creation. For various reasons, they loathe the Celestial Bureaucracy. Their purview and power is more limited than the Celestial gods, such as a city or a specific type of tree. Their proximity to mortals means that they're the gods most likely to bully them, but also the ones most likely to cut a deal with.

Elementals[ edit ] Elementals are terrestrial spirits devoted to ensuring a small, local purview functions properly. They are also arranged into the Elemental Courts.

While numerous, each Elemental is a unique sentient being and has its place in Fate. Most Elemental beings are noticeably drawn from Earth mythology. Little Gods[ edit ] Little Gods are the barely-aware deities of common objects. They interact with other little gods behind the scenes and generally ensure that things work properly. For example, a lumberjack goes to fell a tree: The axe's little god informs the tree's little god that it should probably fall down now.

Usually it will, and the Loom of Fate makes a note of the fact and everything continues on its merry way. Other times, the tree doesn't fall or fall in the right direction, or falls, say, purple and the Bureau of Destiny might dispatch a Sidereal to figure out what the problem is. Primordials [ edit ] The Primordials made Creation from the infinite possibility of the Wyld.

They are beings beyond measure, and composed of many subsidiary souls. They are defined by their Third Circle souls, and most importantly by their Fetich Soul though it might be that they define their souls.

During the Primordial War, those who lost all of their Third Circle souls died and became the Neverborn, while those who survived with some intact became the Yozis. Neverborn[ edit ] Slain during the Primordial war, they fell through the fabric of Creation and left Shadowlands in their wake. As they conceived of a state of 'not being', Oblivion was born. Similarly, their unconscious thoughts created the Underworld, now more static and unchanging to fit their ideals.

Like all ghosts, the Neverborn have fetters to Creation and were unable to truly fall into Oblivion. In fact, as they created the world, they have the strongest fetters of all undead. They realized that the only way to achieve their goal of true death was to destroy their fetters, all of Creation. At first, they were more fearful of the Exalted than anything and half-asleep besides the fact.

When the Black Nadir Concordat intruded into their tomb-cities and stole the secrets of Necromancy, they were roused to wakefulness and incredibly angry. Though dead, the Neverborn are still incredibly powerful and command hosts of Abyssal Exalts, Deathlords, Hekatonkhires, and Spectres. Remember Tolkien's description of Sauron's fate at the end of Lord of the Rings? That's the Neverborn. The tragedy isn't that they're "dead", because beings that huge can't actually die - the very concept of Death is beyond them since they didn't build Creation to handle them dying.

The tragedy is that they're so obsessed with something they've already lost that they can't look past it. They're all caught in a permanent, inescapable angst-loop, and if any of them could just sit up and notice they could abandon their forms and go back to the Wyld. But instead, they sit and spiral further into their "we got our asses handed to us and now our favorite toy is gone" drain-circling, and the psychic emanation of their collective regret has created an entire Underworld for similarly-resonant souls to live out their own miserable pathos.

Unlike the Yozi, and unlike the truly Dead, the Neverborn are simply incapable of noticing anything that might free them from their eternity of navel-gazing.

They have nothing left but self-hatred, and the desire to see everything else wind up even more screwed than they were. No wonder the Ebon Dragon likes them so much. They then swore many oaths, some known only to the Unconquered Sun, for they are engraved into the haft of the Orichalcum spear he wields. The Yozis feel nothing but anger for their betrayal and diminution at the hands of the Exalted and the Gods, and plot to return the favour. The Yozi known as the Ebon Dragon the Primordial responsible for the concept of Opposition: he created honesty so he could be dishonest, loyalty so he could be treacherous, and virtue so he could be its antithesis.

In order to talk to you he has to turn himself into exactly what you personally most despise and fear. Not a nice guy! Which has been going roughly as well as you might expect.

Other books: STAR TREK RPG PDF

You really gonna trust this fucker? An unknown number of Yozi Cults also flourish in Creation, aiming to learn demonic practices and perhaps ultimately bring the true masters of Creation back to their world. It's worth noting that those oaths mean that unlike the Neverborn, the Yozis can't act too openly to fuck up Creation, else they get called before the Incarnae to account for their actions.

What happens next is likely Akumas[ edit ] An Akuma is a mortal or Exalt who has been granted a measure of power by an Yozi, but essentially becomes a puppet of that Primordial, devoid of free will. While this sounds like a horrible trade, the Yozi are very convincing even when they aren't just lying about it and some people are incredibly power-hungry.

The Green Sun Princes read: Infernal Exalted , the 50 Solar Shards altered by the Yozis, are not Akuma, though there are enough similarities that the two frequently get confused. Demons[ edit ] The lower souls of the Yozis are called Demons now. Thanks to the terms of the Yozis' surrender, they can be summoned into Creation and ordered around. This is difficult for mortal occultists, since Demons can be very willful, but prepared Exalted sorcerers usually don't have too much of a problem with this.

There are specific astrological condition required. For example, the strongest ones, Third Circle Demons, can only be summoned during a five day window called Calibration once a year. They are, however, the products of a nightmarish culture created, ruled by, and located inside of a number of beings that are almost as unnecessarily assholish as they are bugfuck nuts.

They may be capable of moral choice like humans, but that doesn't automatically made them good people either. Unless you're a Sidereal with the charm that lets you essentially put them into the Witness Protection Program for services rendered, tread lightly.

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