2018 USAASC Virtual Boards

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Nomination Submission Documents

All nominees must have one signed endorsement letter from their commander to be included with the submission packet.

Nomination submission forms must include a list of names and position titles of all the individuals contributing to the team.

The Implementing Instructions document provides detailed instructions on how to format your nomination packet. The Submission Form and Award Narrative should be uploaded as a Word document. View the Award Narrative Sample of last year's winner and the Guidelines and Tips for help with your nomination packet.

Defense Acquisition Workforce Achievement Award Nomination Form

The Defense Acquisition Workforce Individual Achievement Award has been established to encourage and recognize excellent performance by members of the Defense Acquisition Workforce in the acquisition of products and services for the DOD. This program recognizes individuals (military or civilian) who represent the best in the various acquisition workforce disciplines. The U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center (USAASC) is the official collection point for Army nominations. USAASC will compile the nominations and submit them to senior leadership, who will then submit the strongest applications to USD(AT&L) for consideration.

Unit Commander/Head of Organization


Include dashes (e.g., 703-555-5555 or International Prefix-Country Code-Area Code-xxx-xxxx)

Nomination Official Information

NOTE: This section SHOULD ONLY BE FILLED OUT out if there’s a Nomination Official other than the Unit Commander/Head of Organization.


Include dashes (e.g., 703-555-5555 or International Prefix-Country Code-Area Code-xxx-xxxx)

Nominating Point of Contact (POC)

The POC is the person who will be contacted if there are any questions regarding the nomination.


Include dashes (e.g., 703-555-5555 or International Prefix-Country Code-Area Code-xxx-xxxx)
Awards will be shipped to this address if the winner is unable to attend the official presentation)

Award Information

Nominee Information

An individual or team name is required.


Other team members' names can be included in the 2-page summary without counting towards the 2-page limit.

Upload Completed Documents

Photos must be 1024 px wide or larger.

For questions regarding your nomination submission, please contact the awards POC, Ms. Vicky Deguzman, at (703) 664-5633 or email victoria.l.deguzman.civ@mail.mil.

To visit the Awards General Information website, please go to: http://asc.army.mil/web/acquisition-awards/.